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  1. apart from the Solowheel Xtreme, I dig the KingSong KS16 in glossy black and Gotway Monster in dark purple. I don't like the Rockwheel GT16 in metallic red or blue for example as it looks like one of those plastic fantastic funfair prizes colorwise. the immotion line looks like an egg and does not emphasize the round wheel enough, also the pedal angle is too steep for people >185 cm -> ergonomic fail. I like the 1600Wh MSuper 3 in this black & white combo (in all black its just a boring box), however it's too wide and thus uncomfortable to ride. they just made it wider to fit the batteries without wasting a thought on ergonomics. ... and, obviously, you'd need to repaint the front light frame to black if you go for the combo look. (crap use of red) uuups I got carried away, but great topic!
  2. I would be interested to know if any distributor or anyone who bought directly from Gotway got a replacement board for a Monster wheel due to this fault? or is it established all Monster boards are fine? just to rule out my next wheels firmware might be affected too, as I usually buy from quitters.
  3. Security functions, like checking if the wheel is moving before applying changes to the motor parameters should always be implemented in the wheels firmware, if the mobil app has to check for such stuff all alone, there is no security whatsoever, it would be completely wrong from a devs point of view. once a 'hacker' overrides the app's security checks the firmware has to reject the new settings while the wheel is in motion. The KingSong app is pretty bad but gold compared to what my friend uses for his Gotway MSuper v2
  4. hey, thanks for pointing this out to me! I always thought if I press the bluetooth knob two times in a row its completely off, cuz my mobile couldn't connect anymore... glorious anyway, you can still reprogramm a connection pin or install a switch. On second thought the KingSong wheels might be at a higher risk, as they could potentially be bricked with an ota firmware update. However I agree that it's purely academic at this point, riding an EUC through dense city traffic feels way more threatening hmmm, I do believe there are way more EUC riders in Austria than you think. Generics count too
  5. Hey, I'm really glad to hear you got knowledgeable support on this! If I ever was about to order a wheel directly from China, I'd for sure use this Rockwheel store. To shorten the wait I'd suggest buying a used KS16, it really won't bankrupt you, and just works. Same goes for the MSuper v2.
  6. Unfortunately neither Gotway nor KingSong allow the user to even change the bluetooth password and visibility in the original app. but hey, you can turn bluetooth off with a dedicated button on a KingSong wheel. If you own a Gotway wheel you might be able to change the pin to a custom one via AT command AT+PIN**** in serial mode. you could use an arduino or something to connect to KEY,RXD,TXD of the bluetooth module. On most modules you need to apply some voltage (~3.3v) to the KEY pin to get into programming mode. An even better solution for security freaks might be a kill switch to just turn off the module, since Gotways dont play music anyway You could cut off the VCC pin on the module and solder a cable to the switch.
  7. @Hunka, MaxLinux wow, once snow conditions are good I'll definitely try this out! btw, these DIY protective hand gloves seem like a great idea. I did not think of this yet, makes perfect sense. My next investment will be a new cross tire for my KS16 and a little shell modification to fit it. I hope a second hand monster comes along soon.
  8. hmm, you might also want to check for loose bolts on the GT16. I'm not sure wether loose hall sensor cables would let the wheel behave and sound like this. a loose magnet that cannot physically leave its place due to its size can rattle like this, at least in those muuuch smaller electric motor versions for drones I worked with before. I hope you are still in warranty.
  9. hey Scatcat, can you turn off and lift the device in order to shake it? Does it sound like something lose is bouncing inside? It almost sounds as if one of the magnets has lost its bond to the body of the motor.
  10. ciao Emanuel, pin is 1234 on some android phones you need to enable the menu button to see the button 'connect to device' in the gotway app. on my elephone p9000 its under settings > Navigation bar > Turn On. or use the app ‘Menu Button (No root)’ by JetToast free on the Play store
  11. up until recently I was comparing voltage, motor power and top speed, dreaming about my next wheel. Then I got to ride a MSuper v2 on offroad trails and I knew my next wheel needs to be the monster... or bigger!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdPwRxrwh0w yes there was a difference switching fom V5F to KS16, but that was nothing compared to the 18.9" and 2.5 inch wide tire. You can follow paths you wouldn't dare to on a smaller wheel. Also, I get more enjoyment driving offroad then driving on paved streets, which feels kinda boring. upps, this should be moved to general , tx
  12. hey, thanks to everyone helping me out, both serious and fun stuff! Somehow I'm left with a laughing and a crying eye I guess we all know for which rider weight most of our beloved wheels are designed, so in a way this stupid sticker can be an eye opener uncalled for.
  13. ah too bad, no 40lbs wheel well, my friends Gotway Msuper v2 (40lbs) with 18.9" wheel and 2.5 tire width just kills my KS16 in offroad forest trails! you can get it quite cheap, about half the price of v3. the Rockwheel GT16 is a nice street racer but not really build for offroad usage, just look at the shell it might break from looking at it. the ACM and KS16(S) are both fantastic allround wheels, however they come with slim 16" tires and you want bigger wheels for offroad. the Gotway Monster (70lbs) would be my fav for going offroad, but it's quite expensive and even more heavy duty. And let's face it, offroad means your wheel is an expendable item, thus it's much more sane to buy a used MSuper v2 for maybe 500 bucks, then to beat up a shiny monster four times the price.
  14. yeah, while the translation is a funny mess one shouldn't underestimate the legal implications of this for any european distributor who sold this wheel with wrong specs 100 kg 120 kg it takes one, literally one, 90kg customer who does a faceplant (for whatever reason) to shut your entire business down based on this sticker.
  15. Meanwhile... I used this free OCR ocr result "Gotway electric car Ma Qi home in the former UZ multi-page wearing a good helmet, gloves, Ning knee, hand elbow and other security products; Speed is not allowed i afternoon more than 15km/h speed, speed newspaper Jing sound mouth when the i do not continue to force heavy; Do not allow the afternoon in the motor car road, and thousands of people on the road riding on the light; Not allowed in the afternoon of the cold winter L and the bumpy fog slippery road racing in the; Do not allow the body weight of more than 75kg crowd up and down more than 15 ramp; 15 years old L under the crowd yarn Z, to be in the custody of parents under the ride; In the real Mi Yun Maqi cooking in the process, may encounter a lot of unpredictable and Xiangfa furious, So at any time need / j ,, has been cautious soft in the o did not follow the instructions in the use of Sa. Resulting in damage to life or personal injury and property damage. The Company does not assume any responsibility." wow this is a first! this is the first time I've read that the Gotway MSuper v2 does not allow more than 75kg body weight and should not be used to climb more than 15 ° degrees.
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