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  1. Eman

    MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    I did the repair :-) At my work we made the metal plates bigger with welding and choose another nut to close it. See pictures. Right now I don't have any 'play' between back and forward.
  2. Eman

    18" tire for winter use. How to get one?

    Hey guys, I wanted to make this topic again active... I'm looking as well for a winter tire. Found following: http://powersports.kendatire.com/en-us/find-a-tire/motorcyclescooter/dual-sportadventure/k270-dual-sport/ 2.75-18 might be to big https://www.bmxguru.com/collections/tires-18/products/18-x-2-25-kenda-kontact-all-blue-bmx-tire Here I guess it's too less profile https://www.amazon.com/18x2-50-64-Inner-Tube-Electric/dp/B00SVA0YJI This one is somehow almost like original one, but as well the profile is not really big. @EUC Extreme which one did you use in the end?
  3. Eman

    MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    Hello community! Finally I got back my wheel from St. Petersburg... The paddle is replaced but it seems that the wheel is not fully repaired. It still has after repair a big "play" between forward and backwards. If I ride it, the problem is not so hard to feel but it feels really not safe. It feels like a hardware defect because the wheel everytime catches itself into balancing position after going through the "playroom". Sometimes after switching on it starts rattling from front to back until I catch it. Anyone maybe knows how to repair this fault? Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    I'll try it when I'm back to mother Russia ? and my wheel. And thanks for the Tipp with the XXL paddles - if available I guess I'll buy!
  5. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    ?????? Funny guy... And I don't know exactly of course because a unicycle can drive in every direction. But isn't the front where the switch on button is? If the front is the side with the battery indicator, then I was riding backwards 40. Hahaha
  6. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    Thanks, thats the solution. Everything is working!
  7. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    So second check... Acceleration after full battery is quite good but more again considering the safety issue. So the gas is not possible directly at the beginning even if I lean fully in. With breaking its the other way round - breaks fast and I leaned back about 30 degrees. Super stable but fast deceleration. But I have one concern more - the alarms are not working. Tilt back at 40 does not interrupt soft driving style but it's showing you to go slower right in the perfect way. I set all alarms to different settings but no alarms coming up. @Diana@szkingsong.comany comments about the alarms?
  8. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    Hi all! Accelerate and break is almost the same. From feeling I would say if you accelerate with a GW, it feels more scary because of the stability. And I did not try it with fully leaning inside with the Ks because battery was not fully charged. I'll try that today evening. When my GW is back from repair I need a friend with balls to try in parallel with him. But for that I recommend full protection and full battery again! Pedals are about 3 to 4 cm shorter and after riding 10 km one time step off and on relaxes the legs. I was also thinking about assembling the GW paddles. Then it would be perfect! If anyone knows how to, let us know ? Best would be that Kingsong would come up with new, longer paddles.
  9. Eman

    The new KS18S ?

    So Guys (and maybe some lost girls?), KS18-S is a Fucking hell great machine. My biggest concern was the big shell but now I love it. Unlocked for 40 with the generator immediately after purchase - worked without problems. It feels really safe and comfortable. In comparison with the power from Msuper V3 it feels like stepping pit from a small Fiat into a Porsche. Paddles could be bigger but that everybody knows. Music is super loud - Captain Monokoleso is back on the road! I bought the biggest battery ? Just one concern - if I any time really want it - how to set the tilt back to 50 km/h after 1000 km? Or any possibility available to give the horse already now the full power? Or I already did with the unlock procedure?
  10. Eman

    King Song new model KS-18S

    Unfortunately the KS18-S is not listed till now in the catalog of ecodrift.ru... I'll try to contact them!
  11. Eman

    MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    I'll try, thanks a lot. I heard today that gotway will send a new paddle to my supplier! Good news so far...
  12. Eman

    King Song new model KS-18S

    Is it possible to order one to Russia, Moscow? And how does it work exactly? What about warranty? Emanuel
  13. Eman

    MSuper defective after slow ride to work

    Till now I did not get any answer... Does anybody know how to walk any official way to contact gotway with replies? @Linnea Lin Gotway? Any hints for me? Thanks, Emanuel
  14. Eman

    KS16 downgrading firmware

    I just have 1.18 (first one) and with the new kingsong software on the phone everything is working good! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zz6trgkr369o257/AACl-tYiJGcwECA1k_Vk1L0ga?dl=0 Inside the Dropbox folder is full description how it's working with the downgrade plus the 1.18bin Emanuel