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  1. I was asking because in someone’s quoted post it stated he was leaning toward Nevada. Allen
  2. The KS18AY does have a max speed of 40km/hr.
  3. Does the update fix the temp in F reading.? As soon as I turn on my KS18AY+, the temp reading is +154F.
  4. Also, did you try to do a ‘return to home’ when it started acting strange? That may of helped by popping the Mavic up in the air higher and possibility away from something around there that was causing interference. (Just a thought.)
  5. When I had my typhoon H, I always calibrated the compass before the first flight of the day and made sure I wasn’t near metallic objects when doing it. As Rehab1 stated, being near a metallic object can create problems.
  6. I was wondering because the way you worded it, sounded like you got the Inspire one for $200.
  7. Where did you get an Inspire one for $200 ?
  8. As I pointed out earlier, the larger format of my iPhone 6s+ is probably why it displays differently.
  9. It’s possible it works on yours, but mine is the iPhone 6s+ and it doesn’t show up. Maybe has something to do with the larger format of the 6s+. If you notice my screenshot in my post on the first page of this thread, it doesn’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the version list as your’s shows. Mine appears to be at the top of the version list and I’m not able to scroll it down, where your screen shot is at the bottom of the version list where the ‘buttons’ are. (I’m running iOS 11.2.5 on my iPhone 6s+.)
  10. Totally different issue and that’s for Android.
  11. Before it was first suggested about “poke around bottom” I had tried that very thing with no results. Do you have an iOS device ?
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