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Brand new Msuper 3 from manufacturer.


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12 hours ago, lkopv21 said:

Hi Spikes2020. We already have a group of 4 people who are interested and we're all in NY I can add you to this group discussion. Are you interested? 

Yeah, add me thanks!

Not going against the 1640 but these are half the price and a few pounds lighter. You need to order 10 of them but $700 dollars for a 680wh or $800 for the 820wh


i found the link to it from http://www.kebye.com/ under "the store"

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i'm very interested.  I'm in southern indiana, close to Louisville KY. ( home of ups) not sure how you plan on shipping them, but if i can help distribute them let me know.  jeffzahnd@gmail.com

when do you need to put the order in? how much total? what battery size?

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21 minutes ago, Keith said:

Its been taken down - you can work out why for yourself ;-)

Lol.....why? I haven't been on here since I bought my Ninebot over a year ago. Something change? Or did they already place the order?

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1 hour ago, 9Bot1 said:

Why?! I combed through the forums can't find a reason

The option of procuring an euc by means described in that California thread will not be available through this forum. I suggest you look for other ways to get the wheel.

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On 10/10/2016 at 5:26 PM, lkopv21 said:

@9Bot1 I sent you PM couple of day ago but never got a reply. Yes we' re looking for 2 more people to join to get a discount. Let me know if you're interested. 

I am interested. Please pm me about the spec and price

On 8/4/2016 at 4:29 PM, lkopv21 said:

Is anyone interested in the brand new Msuper3 for less? If I can get  2 or more people we can get a dealer price. If interested PM me.




I am interested in it. Please PM me about the price and spec

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