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  1. I'm currently a captain on a lear jet, and have taken my airwheel everywhere! Just took my Segway mini pro on its first trip. Atlanta/Burlington Vermont/Indianapolis.... i have been hesitating taking a new job flying airline based on the fact I won't be able to take it with me anymore but when it comes to airline travel you are correct in the fact that even though the Segway is certified not to catch fire...the lack of responsibility of the hover board thermal runaways has done its damage.
  2. I checked that website steve..didn't get much info on battery replacement
  3. i think it boils down to the fact that the batteries are just really dam expensive.... I do know a guy that's going to be selling his wheel on ebay used every 2 years now
  4. do you all deal in selling of batteries for airhweel? i need a new one :/
  5. i'm very interested. I'm in southern indiana, close to Louisville KY. ( home of ups) not sure how you plan on shipping them, but if i can help distribute them let me know. jeffzahnd@gmail.com when do you need to put the order in? how much total? what battery size?
  6. I'm trying to find the best place to find a new battery for my airwheel q3. would like to get the 340wh again, but can't find one anywhere.... they did have one at airhweel for 350 bucks!!!! OH mg..that's a lot... Didn't know if anyone else has researched this a bit. only place I can find a new battery is from the alibabah website, ( ebay of asia). so yeah, any help would..well help. need a new battery that isn't going to go tits up in a year, or has a history of being a fire hazard... should i be looking for the 340? or could i buy 2 lower ones and splice them together..
  7. Found this ninebot 320 wh battery for sale on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/191925987539 didn't know if it would work as a replacement in my 340wh airwheel q3? the airwheel 340wh battery is 350 bucks from their website!!!! Eeek! Any body know of a good but low priced replacement?? im electrically challanged....but am dumb enough to learn if anyone can help.
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