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  1. Yes connectors indeed get really hot I had common accident on my v3+ a month ago, soldered wires but EUC failed again few days ago. I had used electrical wire last time after soldering and now after opening found electrical wire basically melted. So visual inspection won't help, you might open up V3+ insure wires are connected and even pull the wires and they might hold then on the next ride it will fail and it's all cause they get really really hot. Even now in still position after turning on EUC i can barely touch green/yellow wires coming out of PCB so hot they get. For now waiting on Gotway to send replacement PCB
  2. Hi Linnea, I was the one who initiated group buy and sent many inquiries to Jane and lin_gotway@kebye.com regarding 9Bot1 issue but got no reply from neither one of them. 9Bot1 might have thought that lin_gotway@kebye.com was you and so did I . Anyway 9Bot1 wired to the same address which i did and my wire was received by Jane but 9Bot1 wasn't. Please see 2 attached wires one from Chase which is mine and that's the one was fine the other one from Bank of America which is 9Bot1 which you guys said never received.
  3. @9Bot1 I sent you PM couple of day ago but never got a reply. Yes we' re looking for 2 more people to join to get a discount. Let me know if you're interested.
  4. We're putting order for Msuper 1640 wh in about a week time. I'll ask Gotway if they will be willing to take group discount payment from you and ship you directly.
  5. No word from vendor yet. First they said it would be ready for shipment Aug.20 but then pushed the date.
  6. Hi Bigwheel66. Gotwayis still testing v3 for next couple of weeks. I'll send you PM once Gotway confirms they are ready to ship a production version of v3 and go thru other details. Thanks.
  7. If you're interested can add you to the group discussion we're 4 people in NY. In the nut shell we're interested in Msuper 1640 wh it will run us $1500 including shipping. Interested?
  8. Hi Spikes2020. We already have a group of 4 people who are interested and we're all in NY I can add you to this group discussion. Are you interested?
  9. Is anyone interested in the brand new Msuper3 for less? If I can get 2 or more people we can get a dealer price. If interested PM me. Thanks.
  10. Gotway probably best to answer to your question. I'm curious to see if anyone else had same issues after a year of using Msuper. I'm lucky i was cruising at low speed, as normally i go at the max, and i was able to run off it safely. I loved my EUC but the fact it only lasted less then a year isn't good. To break it down the amount i paid for the wheel and how long it lasted i could have leased a brand new car.
  11. I have ridden my msuper18 MS for almost a year and started to get wobble effect like in the video above about a month ago and I kind of ignored it. So last week while riding EUC started to make noise and almost immediately sparks came out and wheel died. Once I popped EUC open I can see bolt to which wheel is attached to is cracked in half see attached. Folks do yourself a favor once your EUC starts wobble stop riding it and have it serviced by tightening screws or you’re risking falling off it.
  12. That's just great. Segway got what they deserved. They cut the branch they are sitting on from the wrong side. The question remains if euc can still be imported to US.
  13. Swegway actually is also affected by this rule. I know that Solowheel is American company but if their manufacturer is in China they might be banned too. They are making it harder and harder in NYC first they banned riding hover boards /EUC and I have to check all around me for cops cause I hear fine is like $500, now if I can’t buy new gear I’m in trouble. Government should be helping people not screw them.
  14. Thanks to 'Segway' on 3/16/16 US Officially Bans Hoverboard Imports. Some of the biggest hoverboard brands currently being imported from overseas are expected to be affected by this decision, including names like Swagway etc. Any infringing products will be seized at the border. My question is if it applies to the EUC and what will happen if I order one, or perhaps i won't even be able to order it altogether from manufacturer? I been enjoying my Msuper MS but wanted to upgrade to speed version summer time. I say all 'Segway' products should be banned.
  15. Vee or anyone else can tell me which unit is faster 820wh King Song or Msuper FS/V 850? Two other parameters which also important to me is distance and stability. If anyone has any feedback comparing the two would be much appreciated. I have Msuper MS 850 which I love for everything except speed which not to say its slow 17mph but comparing to Msuper V it's laughable(see Vee73 vid). Although MS advertised as 34km/21mph trying to reach that speed with real-time speedometer not the app made me best friends with concrete and it's not a relation I'm looking forward to. Basically looking for reviews on KS like John Eucist/Tom have written for Msuper. If there is such review and I somehow missed it please point me to it. Thanks.
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