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Where to buy IPS Zero in US?


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Hey folks,

So I've been a very happy owner of the KS 14C Mark 3. Absolutely no problems, rock solid performance, no firmware updates (Which I'm very happy with), amazing speed (30 kph which I never go at, but nice to know I have extra leeway), and amazing battery life (I get 35 miles with my weight - 59 kg). I'm looking to buy a IPS zero though because the weight difference between the KS 14C and the IPS zero are massive. I live in NYC and going up and down the stairs and long hallways is really burdening when you are carrying around 13.6 kg. I tried the IPS zero once from a nearby rider and the difference in weight was night and day. My arms were not getting tired at all (Not that I carried it for a long time but I have a crappy EU that's similar weight).

So I want to know, are there any distributors in the US that you guys recommend, what's the price range that the IPS zero is going for nowadays since it isn't the "latest" kid on the block, does it have shutdown issues like the Ninebot, and also how reliable are the fw upgrades? are you guys getting problems with those? Ideally I would not want a wheel that had the ability to be firmware upgradable. At this point in my EU "career" (lol), I'm not looking for a wheel that is the fastest or has the biggest battery (Even though I would want a wheel that goes at a cruising speed of 15 mph), and the battery is a big deal for me. I don't really want to think about my battery (Which I never have to do with My KS 14C .. I never use 35 miles in a day). I'm looking for a wheel that has the lowest or really low weight.

- Jonathan

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@fearedbliss been riding my Zero in the city since November, notes below.




  • $850 (340wH) shipped, I paid via Square back in November
  • transaction was smooth, shipping to me (NYC) was fast (4-6 days coming from Jersey, stock in hand).

IPS Direct (runrui.meng@iamips.com): 

  • $600 (340wH) + $150 ship (PayPal), quoted to me back in November 
  • shipping price/method from China might've changed since then due to lithium battery shipping restrictions.

@Jason McNeil

  • price unknown.
  • Jason of eWheels.com was on FB back in April saying he would be receiving a special edition of the IPS Zero.



  • no shutdowns or cutoffs here, but the Zero does not feel powerful enough to begin with that I would want to push it that hard (example: the Zero climbs slower going uphill than a 500W Ninebot One E+)


  • there are firmware updates, but the IamIPS app will not prompt you to upgrade, so you won't notice unless you are looking for it.
  • so far, there has been 1 FW upgrade, mainly to add the ability to turn off the LED light pattern while riding (red brake lights still light up).
  • of note: currently, the iOS IamIPS app has an annoying bug where it randomly resets total milage, which then restricts the Zero back to max 20kph setting. my workaround is to unlock it again via the unlocked Android IamIPS app. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

Max Speed 

  • in my and others' experiences, max speed tops out at 24kph app speed (beeping), with the lift test topping out at ~41kph app speed. Realistically though, comfortable max cruising speeding on the Zero for me @79kg is more like 20-22kph app speed.

Battery Life

  • as with all EUCs, this is rider weight dependent. @79kg, I get about 12miles range from my 340wH battery, around the same mileage I experienced on my previous Ninebot One E+, so I imagine your mileage on the Zero would be similar to your NB1E+ mileage.
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I'm in California and really want to buy the IPS zero 340wh in state, too.

Now is riding ninebot one e+, but want something lighter.


Like the A130 turbo, but I'm over 200lbs, maybe too heavy for that.

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We're also expecting the new Imotion V5F+ in the next 3-4 weeks. On paper it blows the socks off any 9B1, including the new S2. It may not be quite in the same class as the KS16", but it's going to be one hell of a great 14".  

  • 30kph, 25-27kph cruising speed
  • 460Wh battery pack
  • Under 12kg
  • Uprated motor, control-board & performance tire
  • Excellent ergonomics 
  • Special foldable travel handle 
  • Available in black & white
  • Introductory pricing will be around $1050, with cheaper 288Wh versions available 


Inmotion V5F.jpg


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