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  1. There is always a saying that "Speed kills". So please be safe and ride within the limits.
  2. Wow! I would imagine the person on the wheel suddenly flying like superman,
  3. @SuperSport carries a spare battery pack which allows him to ride along with other members during fun rides.
  4. Actually, the 20-25 km range is adequate for leisure riding in the parks.
  5. @Tinfish, how are you doing? Hope you have some progress. If you have somebody to hold on to and run with you while you learn how to balance, then it would be easier. Then let go if you have the confidence to do so.
  6. Personally, since I don't ride that fast, I prefer riding my Ninebot One.
  7. Wow! Nice! I see a lot of Ninebot One users. Aren't t they too slow for the race?
  8. Have look into the following thread and you will be riding effortlessly in no time.
  9. That is bad. They should settle it otherwise their reputation would be at stake @Linnea Lin Gotway
  10. Your dealer should sort it out if it is under warranty.
  11. contact @Jane Mo. But first contact your dealer.
  12. All Gotway units do the same. The proper way of charging is to power on the charger first before plugging it to the unit.
  13. For kids, the IPS Zero would be a very good choice.
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