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Veteran eating itself from inside. Scrapings

Finn Bjerke

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One would think you would feel/hear if the entire motor side cover scrapes. But what other explanation could there be?

How does the other side of the motor look? Also scraped (or whatever it is)? Get a picture of both motor sides in addition to the inside of the wheel well.

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I think it should probably be pretty obvious before or while you're taking it apart. There are only so many things in there that could rub - and you'd definitely hear it while riding! Did you encounter anything on the inside of the shell (accumulated mud etc.)? Could the pedal hanger be bent enough to cause a rub on the inside of the shell? You'd feel that though...


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New bearings - problem solved ... Rather surprising. Took for bloody ever.  Pedalhanger was very OK   --- this is still a mystery but Sherman works well - new bearing from SKF - very nice indeed. 

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Did you forget to discharge the capacitors, or what caused the damage to the Motherboard?

Did you originally change only one bearing, or both? Or could there possibly be any issue with the axle causing premature failure of the bearings?

Apropos environmental conditions - are you riding on sand, or gravel tracks, or where debris could have got caught between the shell and the casing? How does the inner side of the shell look on the side where the damage has been occurring?

Sorry for the interrogation, just trying to understand and disseminate the ‘flight crash investigation notes’ :)

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