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  1. How about a practical approach? I guess Inmotions video is the most relevant / best for my project: 1. Dry my eyes and grow up 2. Solve the problem at hand. 3. Swap motors and Go to point 1. Time investment 6 hours me being clumsy? Thats very OK. Money investment leave it to a local tech guy.... I live in a remote Island. Narh Techies here on Bonrholm are Aspergers ..... (sarcasm fro me so here comes INTERNET POLICE) So til here Im OK - But this looks like communist brain surgery to me I dont like it one bit: I have to take the hat and the brain off (on the
  2. What Inmotion should do? Take the wheel back send me a new one, fix my old wheel using OK bearings and sell it for a fair price. 2000 USD is a lot of money. What I should do? never bloody ever be first mover on new tech from China, but suspension is not a new idea. Bearings? Someone adviced me to just pour oil into it, I was warned strongly against that. Its not that easy. Some of you ppl are very well informed I thank you for that, also I wonder where you get your info? just curious... Paraphrasing Mr Elwood from a different video: I love the thing so much its double frustratin
  3. I use that one pretty often, no explosions or lithium fires yet.
  4. Mr SF Fox. a 4 hour projct is very OK. Thats learning - A 12 hour projct would drive me and my veasel nuts. If only there was a video of bearing change - As always Marty have great info. Inmotion does not?
  5. Rubber band 1 to hole 1, Rubber band 2 to hole 2 Rubber band 3 to hole 3. Better is: Rubber band 1 to hole 1, Rubber band 2 to hole 3 Rubber band 3 to hole 2. cross over calf muscle for more stability Dont tell I have sexy legs I know that... Also I have a pink tutu but thats a secret.
  6. IN 2 days you will LOVE this wheel I promis. THIS BLOODY THREAD IS TOO BLOODY LONG ppl.
  7. No your not I can cope with 25 sarcastic words pr day. My wife just told me that. Im lying I dont have a wife.....
  8. Have anyone changed motor on Inmotion V11 ? Im forced to do it and Im not happy. In fact Im angry. My V11 sounds like shit, the bearings are producing too much friction. I took the wheel for a ride in the rain, since that day the sound is terrible. I love my V11 I use it for commuting on a daily basis, Im clumsy and not technical. I really believev Inmotion should take back bad wheels and give us new ones. This bloody project is gonna take me at least 12 hours Im told. As always Marty is very helpfull, there is a youtube video on how to do this. Also Inmotion have one and mr Wrongway ha
  9. Thxc Zopper I have small foam pieces on top of my foot double tape under and tape over... dead easy and ,it prevents the Hsiang accident Im not booted off the pedals when jumping . But dragging the wheel with me up as I jump is a bit more advanced (no dogs were hurt during this photo shoot)
  10. Pls debate my text. Dont put words in my mouth, be so kind.
  11. A lot of V11 wheels needs some fixing its up to the retailers to do just that. For the time being there are no spareparts since all spareparts are used for producing new wheels. So some retailers have to buy entier wheels in order to get spareparts. The price of succes? It not OK. Inmotion V11 have problems with Sliders, bearings, and saddle piece errors . Source: The Danish EUC group quoting myewheels.
  12. I dont have hidden commercial interests here, I speak my mind.
  13. Clearly you are not only well informed and clever you are also very respectfull. If you relate to the text I wrote in near future pls let me know. This generalization is difficult to understand. Clearly you are not only well informed and clever you are also very respectfull. This generalization is difficult to understand, I got 4 wheels from Speedyfeet. Maybe Speedyfeet moved to Hongkong? Clearly you are not only well informed and clever you are also very respectfull.
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