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  1. I cant stop EUC world. Its annoys me big time. 1. I use the programme. 2. I want to have the programmed stopped it does not its still bloody there beeping... Not good. 3. I press back hardware button twice on smartphone programme says "Goodbye" and is still there - it bloody beeps me. Searching for the EUC. I use android om samsung phone (or rather its using me for spying he he) I dont want the programme to eat my phone battery I want it to bloody stop. Hopw do I do that ? thx for good product apart from this annoyance.
  2. No tilt in the Gotway MSX style...... I like the tilt.
  3. We know Kuji Rolls will test it some more very soon. Acceleration is in sane.
  4. Great artcile man, tus a very goiod read. thx
  5. This looks great --- The summer of Corona was also the summer of many new wheels so lets be optimists and ride a lot where and when we can. I want this for off roading I love the specs and find 22" or even 24" a tad too much. I want an off road machine - I have Gotway MSX, Mten3 and MCM5..... We need more testing from Kuji, Marty and others.
  6. Are these ppl trying to invent something new and safer? Kingsong uses setscrews, not runners spikes. We have the same problem that downhill skiers have: We want close contact (with the ski/EUC) but not when we fall.
  7. Best flat shoes are MOLS, but the get smelly after a while.... "FAUX" leather but the smell is real. https://www.miinto.dk/p-18812996-mols-javanes-vinterstovle?gclid=CjwKCAjw5vz2BRAtEiwAbcVIL0qPfk6hcY2BMHzbSiG0oU58asAYAh5NbqeWCIvp2dLC-JOP_Ai3iRoCQZ4QAvD_BwE Hear this too:
  8. Greetings fellow EUC fans. This video from Vee really inspired me: Its a bout spiked foot pedals for better grip, and boy do I need go get a grip. I want to buy these and I know rehab1 makes em, maybe other producers? Anyways where can I get these pedals for my MSX and soon for my Monster too. Maybe even the suspension wheel Ill get in a year or so? Sorry is "studded" er better word for this? Looks like the kind of things they use in Norway for EUC and MTB etc. (YES they do have studded EUCs in Norway they are used to snow and Ice and you really cant hold Norwegians back.)
  9. Wonderfull program, but when It can not find the EUC it starts BEEPing - its irritating, cant I bloody stop that ? Also how do I stop the programme? Thx for making a quality product.
  10. Price is a laff, but finally they god the shape right. However why not expand 1. Make leg tunnel deepr and walls bigger. your local foam sales man can copy the shape and make you a better product. 2. Is the wall is the rear of the pad as parking support like I do https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001110842385.html
  11. your local foamhouse could make something similer for half the price DIY would be 20 USD tops.
  12. 90 USD https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001110842385.html
  13. Can I glue velcro to the plastic sheel of EUC and get it off again using boiled water or something? I dont think the double sided tape is strong enough, also its expensive. Id like too attach my homemade sidepads to the Gotway MSX. 1. I have velcro with no glue on 2. I have an oversized clumsy sidepads for speed, jumking and parking (!) prototype def.
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