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  1. Frankly I have not tried it. I just believed pedals are the controlling force.
  2. That was an eye opener mate. Im a little nervous here: 0 pedal sensitivity while I sit is OK, Ill test that.. however: Id like to alternate between sitting and standing is that an option then ? Is 0 pedal sensitivity dangerous when you stand in normal riding pose ?
  3. Confession: Im a political animal Im good at it. I thinks it good fun. To me its like a chess game. Questions: If you want the change politics in Europe should work on a national level or EU level or both? UK and Germany have banned EUCs In Denmark and Norway we are allowed to go 20 kmh on 20kg vehicles (goodbye Sherman) Legal status EU is seen here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xgCTmNf7e2NzRWzMMsX19YQW9pGEMtPJM3KXfz19DZg/edit#gid=0
  4. Mr Rawnei of Stockholm (Wonderfull place btw) Ill try your solution May I ask: What is "correct foot position?" I have no heel pressure when I ride seated, All my pressure is on the front of the foot. Why is that? I have very long (sexy, but not shaved?) legs. So seated braking is not an option? Or alternatively is it possible fort you (long legged blokes) to brake seated by tilting the wheel using your hips? The inmotion stud pedals = Better riding and more fun. Run and buy. I LOVE EM! The Seat: Too low, but "Alligator DUF" of Florida tried to make em even higher which was n
  5. I use the V11 seat for better and more aggressive turning and I love it. Now Im trying to actually sit on it. Its made for dwarfs it seems but man I like sitting. I find braking while sitting very difficult tho. Would sidepads help ?
  6. I respectfully disagree: We need safety and faster riding in one package. A wheel without suspension feels freer than the wheel with suspension but without back aches and compression of knee/hips ancle joints. Do you need it? Yes its safer if the road is bad (In life roads are bad some times, never marry... I digress) ) . Do you want it? Yes if you have tried it you want suspension on all your wheels (Quoting Mr Kuji Rolls here) . Dear Leaperkim show us how its done: The much beloved and respected tyre eating Veteran Sherman is a fastmoving tank what else have you got up your sleeve you
  7. Suspension wheels ll put less pressure on your feet, knees and back(bone) Youll be able to ride in a more relaxed way since small potholes, roots and other obstacles will not throw you off the wheel. Suspension wheels is progress in my book. Still: The Mten3 is a loads of fun.
  8. Long thread many interesting ideas and facts - to me the important thing is: Are the new V. Sherman EUCs better or do you still have a risc of wasting your money? Is the problem related to tire / Wheel misfit ? Have they tried to solve it ?
  9. To me the ride feel of V11 is superior, but I thought it was the suspension doing that - the advantages of hollow motor what are they exactly ? They were prob not meant to annoy us with oversized and vunlurable bearings ? So what the big idea here?
  10. Sorry I dont understand that could you pls explain?
  11. Totally agree on all 3 points - Regarding headlights I always have a strong helmet light and a handheld light since I like to see where Im going. If you go uphill the V11 headlight will point to the ground.
  12. https://file.io/QIV4GKFTbJuy Can you modify the silly trolley handle for the never Begode wheels, price considereded Gotway is making fools of themselves, but I still like suspension wheels. So is the above pix an idea? Add better handle to the tail of the wheel. (Sorry I cant show pix used my quota it seems)
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