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  1. Yo Yoo: YOU make more sense than I do: BUT...... Tis a laff to sell 6 A Chargers when the wheel can use 2 10A chargers... Standard factory chargers from say Inmotion V11 is stoopid, they are useless alone you nedd 2 of em and they dont work on any other bloody wheel.
  2. Soon ill have 84V and 100V and 127V wheels .......One universal charger would be nice and better: bujild in.
  3. I dont want new chargers for every new wheel also they are expensive I dont believe increase in weight, size and complexity will be substantial
  4. I have many chargers since I have many wheels. Would it be possible to build a EUC that could just be plugged into the 220V socket directly (110V in USA/UK I Guess?) Is that technically possible to do? https://www.tvh.com/blog/when-do-you-opt-for-a-built-in-or-stand-alone-traction-battery-charger
  5. Kingsong S20. 18 Inch lotsa suspension good range fast charging. Sherman is extremelyg nice but gives me back pain so I guess I need the suspension for longer travel dont forget the 2x 10A charging ports. It has range. Brilliant new deisgn, I dont really trust Gotway anymore.... https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ewheels.com%2Fproduct%2Fking-song-s20-eagle-100-deposit%2F&psig=AOvVaw0PC7kXZfnnvpNqUjVMMINs&ust=1630318559061000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAsQjRxqFwoTCKiCpYmA1vICFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD
  6. upload log file ... Dont panic... I believe the wheel is OK but there is some moist in the power botton? IT s fully functional but I still get the diagnosis warning from Inmotion Software... Is this another firmware fukc up ? Seba (Wonderfull man...) wrote this My firmware is not upgrading and my error file is not uploading .... INMOTION get needed server capacity pls?
  7. Dead car, Dead Sherman --- I NEED MY V11 and after trying to upgrade firmware and charging (and a trip with very little rain) I get the Please repair red light on front Diagnosis says battery problem Firmware is 1.2.22 I have not succeeded in firmware upgrading is that it ? This is desperat I need the wheel badly right now. Any helpfull tech relevant advice greatly appreciated It starts ok it shuts down ok
  8. The app wont talk to me and we are not even married. EUC world used to speak to me over BT on android phone even while I was hearing music. Now its silens anmd pretty darnd useless. Any advice
  9. finetuning it: There should be no pogo stick effect
  10. latest firmware is1.2.22 ? or is it ??
  11. https://easyupload.io/m/zmc58r Hope this helps
  12. I found it some dodgy palce but it worx upgrade doez not .... Can I upload the APK for you somewhere? v 7.8.3 works it seems the earlier version does not I have 7 days uplapod
  13. I cant anything usefull anywhere... I need to install from scratch. Dear Inmotion I need app... Help. Inmotion honepage link is not working.. Pls fix
  14. This is an upgrade I cant install ... I need basic app first I guess?
  15. thx mate ... Its and update Icant install --- I need the basic programme first ..
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