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  1. Thx for tht comment should I add some brass somewhere In the sideplate?
  2. Women "invented" how you explain programming code to others a type of documentation that made cooperative efforts easier.
  3. More here: Monster double lights Who need more watt hours really ? But SANYO NCR18650GA is Oldschool batteries .... PS: Notice switch in the handle
  4. I want a Gotway monster Badly but Ill wait until its upgraded, so Im excited about the new Double lights monster. But what about the MSX to MSP upgrade featuring new motor and other fancy stuff? Will that motor and the stronger batteries be part of a new MONSTER V4 ? Just asking. The tail lights are a laff, dear Gotway we still loves you.
  5. Mten3 is too much fun but you need a big wheel too. Ideally: Mten3 MCM5 MSX Monster More more more more
  6. Bigger Batteries - bigger b.s. outsourced job but no Gotway quality control. Very Chinese low quality? On the other hand is it USA fake news? I dont know what to believe. What if Volvo or Toyota made EUCs this nonsense wouldnt happen? ....
  7. My wonderfull new MCM5 was not screwed properly there are screwholes in the middle of the wheel under the GOTWAY logo. They just threw glue into the hole and not the sideplate is destroyed. Its easier if you watch the pix to understand what I mean: I waqs forced to buy new sideplates the screwholder in the sideplated were torn off after only 3 weeks of riding the wonderfull wheel. I think the guarantee should cover this, whats you opinion? Here is a video showing some mkore .. Im trying to be funny and musical about it, I do apologize:
  8. EUC GUY bloody well rules. Very relevant techie videos:
  9. Monster is civilised, I wonder why I didnt think of that, put some fun between your legs and act civil guys and dolls. regarding acceleration: you should buy the 100V v3 with 21700 batteries to get the best accelaration right ?
  10. Thx for very good info, If this Huge wheel gives knee pain I must consider the fact that I have a fracture on the left knee, good Norwegian surgeons have operated on it but maybe I should rethink. I now live in flatland Denmark ... Seated riding sounds interesting ... Lots to think about ...
  11. thx for that I was under the impression that the Monster was much stronger in off road conditions.
  12. In know of Speedyfeet and Ewheels in Oslo apart from that very few Gotway (and others) sellers in the EU.
  13. Who has the best offer on the Gotway Monster v3 in the EU? Speedyfeed or someone else? I know of a shop in Oslo, Speedyfeet and a shop in Poland that does not sell Gotways. (and have bad rep)
  14. I use the search function and 1. Its not searching 2. It stops the site completely I try to find info on say Gotway Monster v3 - Nothing happens except stupid idea of asking me to rephrase the search using Gotway Monster v3 as search word.... the site dies ....
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