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  1. Not so much money changing hands in India. The home medication pack may cost US $ 2.65, each ivermectin tablet costs less than one-third of one US cent to produce…. BTW EU are paying up US $20 per Pfizer shot..
  2. This will be great for countries such as the likes of Tanzania (population 58 million), who have one of the lowest rates of vaccination worldwide, at roughly 0,6% (ie 99.4% + are unvaccinated there). They’ve so far had to make do with the medicine doctors’ prescription of er, ivermectin, which is in widespread use throughout the country to prevent parasitic-borne illnesses. To date they’ve suffered 1367 cases of Covid, and an alarming 50 deaths. God speed the vaccines.
  3. Thanks for this ir-fuel (sorry I can’t find the underscore character); for avoidance of any doubt, I am absolutely NOT advocating either therapeutic to anyone, merely stating my case and my own choice of material whereby my own decision was and has been made. Much of it is made on the precautionary principle, I’m happier in the ivermectin camp than the vaccine camp, but tend toward the inclination that given my own personal circumstances and risk profile, I place greater confidence in the absolute safety of ivermectin rather than the vaccine. It’s a personal choice matter, and like all EUC rid
  4. Thank you for your reminder/advice. Would you perchance have heard of a Dr Thomas Borody, gastroenterologist of Australian origin? The above are but a couple of interviews with him, I’m more interested in the information and knowledge he has accumulated rather than the voxpop aspects of these pieces, but where he is permitted to speak, I found his input to be nonetheless of interest. Others may well disagree, but we of course may agree to differ.
  5. You may find that, at least in Europe and the Uk these vaccine shots are not in fact approved, but are EUA, emergency use authorisations, whereas in fact ivermectin is an FDA approved medicine. I hear what you say concerning the sales aspect of Dr Landrito’s business activities, but that is as he may, and does not change any aspect of the efficacy of ivermectin as portrayed in the embedded video. Interestingly, in Delhi, India, home origin of the renamed Indian delta variant, a 97% drop in rate of daily cases of Covid were recorded just after the use of ivermectin was approved, a
  6. See embedded video concerning ivermectin: https://drlandrito.com
  7. I’ve been taking ivermectin since January 2021, and can confirm that for me, my neighbours on three sides, my postman and others I know is that it is indeed safe to take. To date, none of us has succumbed to the virus, though my partner’s brother and wife (taking ivermectin) shared their house with their son (who was not taking ivermectin) when he recently caught the (highly infectious) delta variant from his workplace colleague. This is how ivermectin works (modes of function) against SARS COV 2 (begins in earnest around 07:30): Apropos India:
  8. Caution, military enthusiasts - don’t google ‘big Bertha’
  9. Just took delivery of my metallic (in my case non-)racing green shell for MSP this morning - total class, beauty and practicality: If you take a look on his Instagram page (I actually opened an account just for this purpose) I think you’ll find that he does, yes. No hesitation on recommending, also came with a handle attaching cover, to secure shell to the stock casing. I preferred to go for one without the trolley handle opening, as I can ride out from home here without need to use the trolley handle, and it seems to be a bit of a design flaw in terms of admitting rain in
  10. Sounds like the answer to many a Sherman owner’s prayer! Will be watching for updates with interest, it certainly seems like you’ve already taken the idea beyond proof of concept, and it’s hard to see what’s not to like about the idea, assuming the reputedly ‘fragile’ rim gets protected.
  11. I’d like to think that is should be simple enough to rig a leash with Velcro type tabs at both ends, permitting quick release from your shell and belt loop, either intentionally or otherwise, but with sufficient grip on the end attaching to either to permit a more controlled diffusion (should that be de-fusing?) of the ‘bouncing bomb’ effect as often seen on, e.g. the tumbling-to-death/doom spills down the hill that Jack ‘Electric Dreams’ ‘tests’ out the wheels on, etc. If the initial energy bounce can be ameliorated, thereafter the potential for damage to one’s wheel and that of other pe
  12. Possible Chinese bug? Random selection of victims, causes widespread anxiety, causing lockdowns (in NYC), no apparent reason, multiple victims of several variants? 🤔😷
  13. Glad to hear you are okay, the hard stuff can be fixed or junked, but is a secondary consideration. On a scale of visibility would you describe your attire and colour scheme as being (notionally) readily seen, and were you running daylight lighting? Just trying to learn from the incident, and I fully understand if it was a case of the driver not concentrating fully on the driving, there’s a lot of it about. Suburban setting, by the sound of things?
  14. Guessing this is part of the Covid dividend, as there has been much made of the bottleneck being over at the Chinese end, which would otherwise have resulted in a clearing and waiting at the US ports? Over here, the knock-on from the Suez canal blockage was considerable, leading to lengthy delays, but the bigger picture suggested container shortages, and concerning our wheels more specifically, the oft-mentioned components and cells shortages.
  15. How about that perennial hazard of stepping barefoot on the untidied-away upturned charging plug? Particularly apt/painful in the case of UK residents, lolno!
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