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  1. 205lbs geared up - 16x - 28psi with stock tire, but recently switched to h666 and it feels better 22-24.5psi. I miss the stock tire characteristics. H666 wants to stay upright (easier for seated tho, for me)
  2. I've asked before and had no response so I continued riding alone, learning more. Hard for me to do the downtown meets but if guys are up for rides outisde of Toronto, I'll try to make it I might be DreygunzDecalz on the telegram
  3. Cool, I'm down. Haven't met with anybody who wheels yet lol. I'm open for any saturday or sunday if the weather is nice 👌, just message
  4. Told wife to measure my pedals at home before I order lol. Too impatient to wait until I get home from work
  5. Was tax off at Royal Distributing locally (Canada). Still tax off today for cyber monday. I want the insta360 one x2 but no sales on that lol. Veteran sherman is 500$ cheaper :/.
  6. I'm seeing the ones on amazon.ca. 11"x10" sqaures. 4 pack. Thanks!
  7. Anybody change the grip tape out on their pedals that can recommend?
  8. So who bought what during Black Friday sales? I grabbed a Fox Raptor chest protector for 40$ off, and some ankle compression sleeves. Wheels were huge discount off, but I'm waiting till spring for a second larger wheel. What did everybody get?
  9. I'm guessing it was you that I met at the trails yesterday? Was a pleasant shock seeing another rider. First time taking wheel there
  10. Practise mounting where it's more of a slow one legged crawl, so you're not so rushed to bring up second foot
  11. Is there any changes between this batch you guys are receiving now and the next batch?
  12. This^ Relaxed, loose stance and let the bent legs soak up all the micro wiggles/ bumps. Like driving with a loose grip, much more enjoyable with less muscle adjustments
  13. If I have toes hanging off too far forward I get wobbles. For me (16x), toes out, heels in, left foot toe hangs over about 2 inch, right foot hangs off only about one inch and zero wobbles. Used to grip wheel tightly, but now it's a loose stance with heels touching only where it's almost like tossing the wheel back and forth when carving.
  14. I just changed my stock cst on ks16x after 1320km. 98% on road. Probably could've squeezed another 400 to 500 out of it, but it would be close to being bald at that point
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