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  1. Drag an old damp towel back and forth above the tire. Haven't tried it, but that's my plan lol
  2. They do fit together perfectly, i even have leather motorcycle gloves under the flexmeters and it all meshes together nicely
  3. The bodyprox was my first pair. ^^^. Great shorts but puffy under joggers (too bulky for under jeans) and like mentioned above, the breathability
  4. I have the 3df 6.0 long version and they're great. The hip protection on side in thin enough that it isn't bulky but enough for protection. I have two sets of Trilobite MC panta with level 2 knee/ hip i use most often but if I want to just go for a cruise with joggers on, ill throw the 6.0 leatt pants underneath. Definitely recommend them, short version is probably just as nice. I prefer the long version ao they are underneath the leatt shin pads
  5. We don't have too many long stretches in town, so it's up and down side streets/ stop and go at lights so 16x is perfect. S18 definitely helped my knees on 100km+ weekend riding (multiple charges) tho. If s18 had 16x torque/ acceleration, it would be my perfect in town wheel
  6. By not knowing what I'm doing lol. Changed the tire on 16x and I guess I just lucked out 😀
  7. Bought 4th batch s18. Zero issues and rode like a dream. Stupid me pinched two tubes installing a pirelli angel tire tho, so it's down until new tubes show. Ordered 3 just incase lol. But on the same note as you, I'm back on the 16x and loving the torque
  8. Ill sell my black Large super DH with neon 100% goggles included as well as the gopro mount for spot on top of helmet. In Milton.
  9. Working at Waterloo Memorial arena this week and when I left at 330pm, I saw a guy on a black s18. Close to skate park. You?
  10. I set safety margin alarm to 15% on eucworldapp. Pretty certain it has saved my ass from plenty of overlean accidents. I also set my 3 speed alarms/ tiltback 2km/h apart from eachother giving it more time and accuracy when hearing the beep 1, 2 and 3. I'm brittle, so rather be safe than sorry
  11. @ShanesPlanet looking at your pic, it looks like your pirelli is mounted oppostie way from all the pics I see of the tire alone. Which is correct way?? I got the tire in for my s18. Wheel is so new I'm tempted to hold off the swap until stock tire is worn tho, but I'll still need to know correct orientation to run the tread.
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