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  1. Front headlight looks like the Porsche headlights. Really hope they get rid of the chrome in it and black out the housing
  2. Used to use a BT speaker, but made the jump to the helmet BT Cardo Packtalk Black edition. Hear everything so clearly now. Don't have to have loud and you can still hear your surroundings because the helmet speakers aren't right up against or plugging your ears. I was weary before purchasing, but beeps and music are so clear now and you can use voice commands to change songs, radio stations, answer/ ignore calls
  3. Appreciated the free design upload
  4. That's the print i paid somebody to make for me. Works great.
  5. I isntalled a 3d printed one before I sold my s18. Was decent on flat surface.
  6. What size socket do I need to grind a slot into for axle nut/ wires (when the time comes)? Torque stock nut to 100lbs? Thanks in advance
  7. Dreygun


    That's a cool bridge, but hell no lol. My legs would jello being that high up for sure
  8. Lock the wheel in eucworldapp?
  9. Take a pic of the screws and where they go cos there is a few similar small ones that you don't want to mix up
  10. You're the one I tried to thank in telegram chat great work on the english version. I wouldn't have even bother updating without your version. Cheers
  11. No clue why, but most of mine are floating ones. Low to ground, on back, feet first, looking forward, floating through hallways and long corridors. Never getting anywhere
  12. I just watched a video the other day of a guy on one of those lol. On the 4th or 5th bounce he went splat! And faceplanted hard ugh
  13. Can't remwmber. Turn all the way to one side and push down on wheel. If it is super slow rebounding, go all the qay to opposite end and then go back 7 to 10 clicks and you should be good.
  14. Did you adjust the shock rebound rate using the dial at top of shock? Seems decent about 7 to 10 clicks from fully open/ fast for me. Spin all the way to one end and push wheel down to see the speed it bounces back up, then you know which way to start counting from
  15. Ride, ride, ride. The more comfortable you get, the less your brain tells your muscles to micro manage the adjustments and you'll be able to fully relax. Like mentioned above, keep trying little challenges. Dodging litle markings on path or something, figure eights (to get comfy steering both ways, slow tight turns. Focus on relaxing body while doing stuff so your moves are less twitchy/ managed. The more you ride, the better you'll get, but rest is also a great mental reset.
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