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  1. Sweet! That fast charger is the same price as a second regular charger (canada). Thanks for link!
  2. Hope this works. Thoughts? Would you sport something like this on your vehicle? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0kwabpzm1bjwaoj/IMG_20200916_182009_995.jpg?dl=0
  3. I like it! I just want it made from somebody's actual own pic so that they can be that mystery person behind it, just like that nba logo being an actual persons image.
  4. In my head, I'm seeing something like the NBA silhouette logo, but an euc rider. An aggressive carving stance with the wheel noticeably an electric unicycle
  5. Create an image from one of your own pics of you riding. It's your chance to be the mystery rider behind the logo.
  6. This is open for everybody, no matter where in the world. I want to make a decal for my vehicle of an euc rider sihouette. Something that would be easily recognized by riders. Goal is to have a universal euc decal available for riders to rep. Looking for the shape of a rider at outside of a carve so they're on a slight angle, arms slightly up. Need to make sure the wheel looks like a wheel. Image can't be already somebody else's. I'm thinking of making them about 5 or 6 inch tall, easily spotted in traffic. If i choose your design to use for decals, I'll send out a couple for your work, no matter where you are, but the image would be mine for use after that. Post up and thanks ahead! *moderators, sorry if this is wrong area or not allowed.
  7. Got those ones. Was curious what others have tried and if anything else has worked out
  8. Milton here. Still waiting for my batch 2 v11 so ill be a while before group riding but definitely looking forward to it. Deleted my fb, is there any other method of knowing when the group rides are?
  9. Anybody have pics of their saddle "fix"? Holding up?
  10. Went to check out the Burlington store yesterday. Little shop, lots of scooters and euc demo wheels. They also had a Pint and an Xr demo. No demos trials due to covid tho. Went to see what they had in stock to maybe put my v11 deposit on a different wheel just cos im so anxious to start learning to ride but kept my preorder. They did have lots in stock tho, a msp, v10f, 18xl, one of the 16" ones, etc. About 2 minites after i showed up, 3 other groups showed. One for scooter not charging, another picking up msp that wasn't charging and another picking up brand new onewheel. He mentioned batch 2 orders probably arrive mid Oct+
  11. I can vouch for the life after 40 as well. Everything seemed to settle in and fall into place <3
  12. @Tryptych Ordered the v11 from smartwheel.ca burlington in Aug. Looks like you'll receive yours before me so I'll keep an eye on your posts.
  13. How's your back after a career like that? My hips and lower back are already toast after 23 years doing flooring. Only half way to retirement :'(
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