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Veteran to use ‘stronger alloy’ for sherman rims

Denny Paul

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Given that ewheels got a hold of this batch of stronger rims, i don't see a reason why they'd go back to the more fragile rims for future Shermans, including the Sherman Max. This is somewhat speculative of course, but I'd say it's a pretty reasonable guess. Rejoice!

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Can anyone substantiate the 'claim' that the chinesium being used, is actually stronger? Is it more compliant (flex) or harder (brittle)? I really hope it is a more durable alloy. Only time will tell. Is it safe to say that the cast itself, has gone unchanged from v2? Is this technically a V3 rim now, or perhaps a V2.1?

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Ewheels confirmed that the sherman max also has a stronger improved rim.   It did not clarify if its the same rim, but both this v2.1 rim and sherman max rim are supposed to be improved.

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40 minutes ago, ShanesPlanet said:

is actually stronger?

the right side looks stronger... but there again, the left side looks less stronger. how's that for an in-depth technical appraisal? :rolleyes: 

(I am not a metallurgist and not a gear head so I know nothing)

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48 minutes ago, Planemo said:

I'd also like to see Veteran offering these at cost price to existing customers (yeah I know, funny one)

Dreaming!!! :D

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