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  1. @Planemo I believe that Veteran left the tracks viable to the original 5v connection, when they moved to the current 5v position, as shown in this image of a very early version of the Sherman control board. I found this image that someone had kindly uploaded, when I was researching a safe point to tap into the 12v supply when I added a Dual USB Charge Port to mine, but decided against soldering directly to the board during my well documented "control board" warranty dramas, in case it affected my 2 claims! Anyway, hope it is of some help to you with your L.E.D. mod and looking
  2. Unfortunately, faster never equals better! Let King Song take their own time to get this one right I say - Yes, we All want it yesterday but what's the point of pressuring to ultimately get an unfinished/unpolished product! My 2 cents, for what it's worth.
  3. I can Fully agree with this, as my S18 is also extremely close to the GPS speed as reported by EUC World. I also own the Z10, so cannot agree that the Z10 reported speed feels faster!
  4. @Jason McNeil, I think you have a typo in your description of the 3 tire options where you state "the Kenda 272 (same as Sherman)"! Should be Kenda 262, as many people seem to now be confusing the 2 during voting especially on Facebook! I would guess that many actually voting for the Kenda 272, have no real knowledge of it or it's real world performance. I personally, have not even come across this tire, although it looks vaguely similar to the Monster V3 offering!
  5. Judging from the feedback I have gathered since fitting the CST 6004 myself and from others that have tried it too, I consider the CST 6004 to surpass the renowned H666 in All areas! @supercurio can most probably chime in here and back up my claims having experienced a range of tires in his recent quest, but it most certainly does offer the best middle ground for stock fitment! Pure street guys are gonna swap it out for a Conti, Pirelli, Michelin etc. and pure off road guys will want to go with a knobby - can't please everyone so the Best compromise/All round tire is the Only solutio
  6. I can most probably save you some time and heartache here, having tried the exact same thing with an extension cable I already had for my own Z10! Unfortunately, the Grin Satiator does not play nicely with the Z10 and will not charge due to how the Grin works/does Not work with some smart BMS. What occurs during the charge phase with the Grin, is that every 30mins the charge parameters are assessed (if the Grin finds everything in order, the process continues and repeats every 30mins) but it is at this point the Grin will fault/give an error code and stop charging when it gets a signal b
  7. Thanks @supercurio for the very concise bullet points describing what your personal account of the CST 6004 has been like fitted to the Sherman (could not have put it better myself!). This will be of great help to riders who, due to the tire being challenging to come by, get a real incite into just how good it is, especially as it does work really well across multiple wheel brands/models/rim widths to my knowledge (4,000kms S18, 40mm wide rim in my case). I feel sure that it could satisfy a broad cross section of potential S20 owners, on road and also to a certain degree off road!
  8. I would Not call it a minor detail seeing as the one wheel we have to steer, grip, accelerate and brake is dependant on a high performing tire, but take your point that it can be changed by the end user. However, you do have to remember that Not everyone is able to get hands on to change tires if they are not mechanically minded and would prefer a good choice of rubber has already been made for them!
  9. I totally agree and is part of the reason I recently suggested the CST 6004 as an option to @Jack King Song (at which point they had already sourced one to test), based on my own experience and also my recommendation to other riders to try the tire. It has stellar performance on road and is also quite capable (although not to knobby standards obviously) off road where it tracks/grips very precisely due to the extra profile along the tires edge (in stark contrast to the similar looking, but much poorer performing Kenda K340A)! It is not going to be easy to please everyone, as can alre
  10. @Jack King Song thanks for putting this to public opinion, although you already know what my choice is from our recent conversations - the CST 6004 is my clear favourite tire by a huge margin!
  11. Looks awesome, thanks for the feedback - mine are on the way so should be here either this week or next!
  12. There is absolutely nothing here Not To Love IMHO, can't wait to see the real deal! @Jack King Song did promise something special with the S20 and has definitely delivered on his promise!
  13. Not just pedal height, but it also looks like the pedals can be adjusted forward/backwords judging by the 2 sets of lugs! Another very nice touch.
  14. King Song International Facebook Stories posting, just now!
  15. Please don't confuse my comments above with me having the least bit of interest in buying it either, but for me it is for a multitude of reasons (in fact, if I had it given to me for Free, I'd hand it straight back! ) The S20 is the ONLY New wheel option on my radar and will No Doubt be my next wheel purchase, at some point in the future!
  16. I'd personally be waiting for the thoroughly in depth strip down by EcoDrift to find out if that is "real steel" or the usual cheap ass, porous castings we have become All Too familiar with! My bet is the later, GotWay/Begode/Extreme Bull et al, definitely Does Not do "rather expensive to produce" but still hiking up the price anyway in this instance, unfortunately! EcoDrift really Do Not hold back on their thoughts regarding poorly engineered components, No matter what the brand so will likely point out and document All the failings.
  17. That really is a huge understatement, by any stretch of the imagination! The S20 will totally eclipse anything GotWay/Begode/Extreme Bull or whatever they are calling themselves lately (or any of the other EUC brands for that matter), in the design department. GW/BG/EB just can't get away from their boxy suitcase mentality, even down to enclosing the display panel in yet another square shaped box and at a rumoured price point of $4,100 USD they must be smoking some really strong sh*t!
  18. fbhb

    MSP to V12

    If you are unable to find a good knobby for your V12, the next best thing is the H666 (although more dual purpose) it's light years ahead of the standard tire & still available in 16x3"!
  19. No sorry, the 18XL tire size is Only 18x2.5" so in a narrower fitment than the 18x3" fitted as standard to the S18.
  20. King Song has very likely learnt a Hard lesson from the "Bitter Pill to Swallow" 16x and S18 rollouts, evidenced by them keeping the S20 under wraps as long as they have in order to avoid some of those previous mistakes! All things being equal, that in itself and the hints we have had that this will be something special, should translate into the S20 being ABOVE par with the other $3500 wheels IMHO (but I'll knock on wood too, just for good measure! )
  21. @RockyTop They are also now available at these 2 Ali sellers: https://tinyurl.com/KS-S18-S18-Leg-Pads https://tinyurl.com/Kingsong-S18-Unicycle-Leg-Pads I will most likely be putting my order in with the extremely reliable (from my own experience) Wheel Riders Store.
  22. It's just a cosmetic reference to S18, as in an "S" with 18 ribs inside!
  23. King Song just posted this on Facebook: Home | King Song S20 Launch ONLY 14 DAYS TO GO (for launch info at the current time)
  24. The rumour mill made that out to be the case, but Leaperkim themselves dispelled the rumour on their Facebook page last week:
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