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  1. Yeah man, £30 is a snip as I probably paid at least that much just for shipping alone! I can tell you that the Kenda does have a stiffer carcass, especially as it is a genuine 2.75-14 M/C tire, but unfortunately I'm unable to compare it side by side to a 5102 sorry!
  2. @Planemo, there was a post earlier this year about fitting the Kenda K262 to the MSX and even that tire appears to fit without issue. Therefore, the Kenda K340A street tire you are interested in should definitely fit for sure being both narrower and having a smaller overall diameter than the K262. I have a Kenda K340A that I purchased in anticipation of my Sherman arriving (although I am confident that I will stick with the K262), so if you need any further measurements of the tire, bearing in mind it's still not fitted to a wheel yet, I'd be happy to help? I had to source mine direct from China, but I know that ERides in the UK has them available! https://www.erides.co.uk/product-page/veteran-sherman-street-tire
  3. I definitely Do Not think bushings have been used here personally! Note that spring washers have been put back under the heads of the bolts in at least 3 (6 total) of the visible pivot points. My guess is that the original bearings are still in situ, and then flat washers/spacers have been used between the bearings and the spring/lock washer/head of the bolt! I really would Not have expected to see spring lock washers being re-used in a suspension upgrade, but if they are indeed locking against a flat washer that is much more likely/safer than directly up against a bushing!
  4. @ShanesPlanet EUC World changed the option to convert CSV to Tours several updates ago and @Seba stated that it was only a workaround whilst he implemented Offline Tour Tracking. If you are still on an Older version of the EUC World app, then you would need to update to the latest, but the website was also updated so CSV to Tour conversion will No longer work online as before whatever version your app is! The link to his original post in July is quoted here below for your reference:
  5. Yes, I totally agree with your statement/sentiments after trying desperately to track one down online! Only been able to find 16x3 for sale still, but absolutely No Chance of finding an 18x3 for love nor money!!!
  6. Great news on the decision to get the Sherman! I know exactly how you feel about the long wait, I'm in the very same boat too!
  7. If you refer to the "S18 Suspension Overhaul" thread, I have copied & pasted several in depth write ups from the EcoDrift EUC sellers/distributors in Russia! To date, they have stated systematically overhauling over a dozen of the S18's they have had in stock. This undertaking is before they even ship their wheels out to customers, knowing that the batch 1(and some batch 2) S18's in it's "out of the box" state are Not Fit for purpose! Now that is customer service at the very highest level, when a distributor Will Not knowingly allow faulty products to reach it's customers in the first place!
  8. Hopefully when you open up the wheel they are already fitted on each side of the battery compartment! Failing that, if you have to try and source the fuses, I believe @Marty Backe Did Not fit the 2 fuses to the demo Sherman when they were supplied to him by Veteran, so he may be able to send them on to you if you are OK to wait for shipping from California?
  9. OK, I fully appreciate what you are saying and that you quite rightly want to get some experience on the wheel at this stage. Just be aware that the "split spring washers" are not so much an area of concern regarding friction (although they can add to the issue dependant on how much torque was applied during assembly), but are very likely to destroy the bearings under load at some point. They can at the very least destroy the rubber bearing seals or worst case scenario, break the bearing/crack races into pieces! Split spring washers Should Never Ever be used up against the race of a bearing, as some kind of damage is inevitable. King Song are aware and supposed to have addressed this Now for current batches, but there are a hell of a lot of owners with S18's out there that are Not aware that this is a real area of concern!
  10. @dsd317 have you checked the linkage point where it attaches to the aluminium top housing? Your hi-res photo looks to show that you may well have the notorious "split spring washers" under the heads of those two bolts? If that is the case, you will no doubt find several more "split spring washers" both here and where the linkage arm attaches to the slider pivot point, which should definitely be removed and discarded to prevent damage to the bearings! Unfortunately, accessing those bolts/pivot points does require a Full Strip Down, but in the long run well worth the effort.
  11. An image was posted in the other V11 thread, although I'm not sure of it's origins but believe it to be from someone's more recently acquired V11 from the factory! Very Low Tech and does not appear to be a very solid long term solution, so hopefully re-tooling the molds once all the current saddles have been used up may see a properly implemented metal insert, instead of plastic!
  12. From what I have heard, plugging the charger in for the first time does indeed unlock the Sherman from it's "transport mode" I'm sure that has been confirmed here in the forums! Very glad to hear you are enjoying the New wheel, especially after All your dramas with the S18!
  13. I asked @Jack King Song directly and he said: "What I can say is that, we've looked at the suspension issue from all angles, whether it is the pedal base, or the spacers we've made the necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible suspension experience.", but this does not offer any actual detail as to what exactly they have changed. The change to the pedal bracket only came to our knowledge via the first owners noticing the change when some 2nd batch wheels arrived. I heard that there is supposed to be a King Song video coming showing how to implement the changes for owners or their dealers to retrofit replacement parts. To my knowledge, I don't think the full extent of All the changes have been made to the 2nd batch wheels that have been recently received and 3rd batch is more likely where any real differences will be noticed. But it would be a real help if King Song (@Jack King Song) would actually publish exactly what they have done/when they have done it, to help put owners/prospective owners minds at ease!
  14. Nice one, thanks for the reply.
  15. @redfoxdude just also wanted to check that the Chao Yang H-666 fitted to your S18 is in fact 18x3"?
  16. @redfoxdude Thanks a lot for the confirmation, I have inadvertantly become a tire collector in preparation for, hopefully 2 New wheels, so It was easy to spot the tread pattern of the H-666! Now that you have confirmed there were No fitment issues/tire rubbing, (and I know you have done some overhaul work as well, which may have helped in this area too!) I will have to try and track one down somewhere online myself to add to the collection!
  17. @Purplecycle at this stage, as I mentioned in my original post, I only have the CST-803 tire and I'm still waiting for the S18 (most likely Not going to see it in NZ until the later batch ships with All King Song's fixes done!) @redfoxdude could be a good resource on fitting a different tire than the standard H-5102, as I'm sure I spied a glimpse of the Chao Yang H-666 fitted to his S18 in the "Suspension Vs Non Suspension YouTube video he posted recently! If I am correct in spotting the Chao Yang on @redfoxdude's S18 and he has No issues with clearance, then that would be a fantastic/the best dual purpose option provided you can get a hold of one - as it's Now out of production!
  18. If you own an android phone and install the Latest version of WheelLog, @palachzzz has added a screen (swipe through to the last screen) similar to 9 Battery where you can check all 14 cells of both Battery 1 and Battery 2!
  19. It could also offer a little more clearance above the fender, where owners have complained of the shock sometimes touching causing the tire to rub! (too hard to tell in the video I posted though)
  20. One of the Russian S18 suspension overhaul jobs, showing just how easily/smoothly the set up works if built/re-built correctly even with just One Hand! One other important thing to notice, is that he has re-installed the shock upside down and I assume this is done purposely to achieve much simpler access to the fill valves (can't see any reason why it would affect performance) a very simple Genius solution IMHO! Please note: My apologies for the grainy video, not mine of course! A little hard to see in the grainy video, but here you can see that he has also chamfered the battery/pedal frames for better ground clearance!
  21. Yes, there is definitely a misunderstanding here! What they meant about removing the paint "because the bearing can't move if there is paint" is that when King Song left paint inside the pockets of some linkages, it would have decreased the internal diameter of the bearing pockets. Subsequently any bearings pressed into a pocket that is basically "Too Tight" a fit will in turn be forced to close up on it's own tolerances and therefore unable to rotate freely!
  22. fbhb

    INMOTION V11 (2020)

    He meant to type "less snafus" meaning: "less issues" "problems" "cock ups" etc.!!!
  23. EcoDrift were only removing the paint that they found in the bearing pockets of some of their S18's, whilst overhauling their entire stock of the wheel (at least a dozen S18's apparently!)
  24. I've got one on order, just have to patiently wait for the very, very Long Slow shipping process before it arrives! I'll just have to keep checking back here for now, to hear your comments on the latest production version in order to keep myself sane!
  25. Yeah man, I also think that with the amount of work you are putting into your personal S18, it would just be a nice touch for it to Not Outwardly Look like Standard!
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