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New Pedals for the Sherman (Begode adjustable)


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Short overview over the new adjustable Begode pedals with spikes.

I bought my pedals from myeuc and received them directly from Begode.

They are very chunky and make a rock solid impression. 

The angle adjustment is done with 2 set screws that need some blue locktide or teflon tape to stay in place.

I like the shape with the little wider front, works fine with my regular stance (heels in, toes out). With a bit of upward angle i didnt feel the turning radius suffers. But you could also switch left/right and have the narrower side to the front.

The Pins are also adjustable/changable.

They fit to the sherman out of the box with maybe 0.5mm of play max. The magnet on one pedal needs to be flipped, super easy - just remove the logo batch and you can loose a screw and flip it. So these pedals can be run on the sherman without any issues.

First ride with 5ten MTB boots was great. Zero sliding on the pedal even on bouncy terrain. I also walked with the boots in some mud and jumped on the euc without any issues.


Overall i think these are a nice alternative to the Nylonove pedals, especially for us heavier riders.







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8 hours ago, DangerDan said:

At 250$ they are still overpriced (like everything from begode lately?!?)

Totally agree. Stock pedals are fine. I am not going to pay a premium for a first generation technology that may or may not last the duration of the wheel that they are mounted on. That is my personal opinion and I hold no judgement for those moving forward with this product (which I would buy at a reasonable price).

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Little Update after 100km on the Pedals.

Overall great upgrade together with the powerpads these add a hughe amount of controll. I can realy throw the weight of the sherman around without any fear of slipping/sliding. Improves carving and thight turning stability by a lot.
Switching the orginial Screws/Pins for the MTB Spiked Pins made the Pedals even stickier, allthough the stock pins allready felt great.

Important note tho, as with MTB Flat Pedals you realy need shoes with a soft sole. I noticed 5tens realy stick much better than my rugged boots that did fine on my stock pedals before. Until now best shoes for riding for me have been thin soled barefoot shoes, those doesnt work with spiked pedals at all...

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7 hours ago, CaptainPT said:

Are you in the U.S.? I can’t find a company in the U.S. that sells these. Not sure if UK companies will deliver to the U.S

eRides will be your best bet in the UK. @Afeez Kay seems to be able to get hold of everything EUC related 1st!!!

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