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  1. "Paris during the early hours (05:30) of a Sunday morning in August (when much of Paris is on vacation or asleep" today (44 years later) a film crew whould just ask for permition and have security standards in play... people learn
  2. Well being harassed from a angry mob sucks, getting related people involved in the mess even more so. That the race and the actions recorded in the video are not adressed with a single word speaks for it self too. Overall a shit show from start to end.
  3. The 10mm lift from Veteran raised only the pedals. For a cage+pedals lift you would need the 20mm/30mm eucyou pedal hangers.
  4. Na, the stock sherman pedals are not adjustable. I agree adjusting pedals just by screws pressing in the hangers without a additional protection is a flaw. Unfortunatly only nylonove pedals are made right. Gotway, Clark pedals etc. lack the feature. Regarding the cracked chickway pic, it would be interesting to know how long the pedal rod used in this case was.
  5. These are the old stock hangers of my sherman, they also have thin spots i wouldnt call bulletproof. You can also see how the angle adjustment screws of my pedals started to work into the hanger material after just ~3-400km casual riding.
  6. I can only imagine pedals break under super heavy load while jumping or on a crash where the wheel tumbles and the pedals knock into something. However you forget that your pedal hangers are also just poor pott metal and even if you have pedals build like a tank the hangers will likely be the next weak link in the chain.
  7. I see how softmode lets you accelerate and break on "flat" ground easier. I had the same feeling with the diffrent modes of my wheel. However, i ride a lot paved forest tracks around here and specially fast downhill turns and s curves feel super sketchy in softmode. You allready have the slope of the road and your body weight shiftet towards the front of your foot and now the tilt of the pedal in softmode basicly makes you stand on your toes at 25-30+mph. I guess not every mode performes the same under the different conditions.
  8. I had business with Alex_AO (side pads & jump pads) & eucyou (lift pedal hangers). I received my goods from both sources in a acceptable time (shipping took around ~3 weeks from both). Both speak english, both are best contacted by instagram or telegram. Paypal was no problem with Alex_AO, eucyou was abit more complicated i used transferwise.com at the end.
  9. I bet 95% of all wheels are only used recreational so yea they are toys for the most people. And i dont see how this will change in the near future. If you compare them to its strongest competition (bicycles) the possibilities to transport stuff is very limited, they are the more dangerous, harder to ride and less capable on and offroad. There isnt really much benefit beside the formfactor.
  10. a euc controller on the basis of vesc would be dope
  11. i think u get a lot things mixed up. you want a 100v high powered ebike for 1k, have you looked up what a scooter with the specs you have in mind costs? you get vesc controllers with 100v 250/400a without any problems. https://trampaboards.com/vesc-100v-250a--22s-c-1697.html
  12. the guys in the second link offer kits up to 6kw - steep money tho.
  13. You can get rdy to install hub motor & controller kits for bikes - why all the hussle to rework a euc? https://electricbikereport.com/electric-bike-hub-motors-the-complete-guide/ https://hpcbikes.com/products/hub-motor-conversion-kit
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