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Sticky post on ChargeDoctor in General Discussion ...

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15 minutes ago, mike_bike_kite said:

Is this post still really required? Can you still even buy one of these things?

Just checked - not on @hobby16 s website, but there still exists another (copy of this) website were one still can make the payment!

It's a paypal "friend/family/gift" type of payment which cannot be reclaimed!

And shortly here again a "chargedoctor or similar" device was recommended for charge monitoring...

So most riders should know by now - but there are constantly new riders starting! And the word "chargedoctor" for such devices just got common...

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1 hour ago, mike_bike_kite said:

Is this post still really required?

I vote we keep it up top for about another year.
It's a useful redirect to ChargeMan.
And unfortunately searching for "charge AND doctor" in the forum doesn't lead people straight to the disclaimer...

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Thanks for the input/concern:thumbup:

We mods had this discussion a few months ago. It's old but may be important information to some, especially if there are some questionable charge doctor websites (?).

Nobody likes pinned posts, but as a compromise we decided to wait until a new post is pinned and then this one probably gets unpinned (because who likes pinned posts!). So when the next big disaster strikes when a manufacturer does something really stupid:D, you might get your wish. Unless people think we should keep it there for longer.

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