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Riding UP stairs? Advice needed

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So it seems that only a few people so far has mastered going up stairs with our currently available generation of non-suspension wheels. There are a few videos here and there but many of them seem to be done on either stairs that are smaller than usual or spaced more widely - allowing time to hop up each stair as if they were a long line of curbs. However I am interested in learning to go up full flights of normal stairs. 

So far in my attempts I could not seem to get past the 4 step mark, and my tyres always feel like they are bottoming out once it reaches the 3rd step. 

Could anyone who has mastered this technique offer tips to succeed? Also, what wheels have you succeeded on? Have you wrecked any tubes or rims trying this yet?

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I believe that the MSX is going to be the best wheel for the job. It has a large tire diameter and lots of rubber before hitting the rim. I personally weight too much to hit and lean. I can go up two regular steps smoothly without putting extra force on the wheel. ( One big jump) I have noticed that once you change direction, once you have past the first step and are heading up, the hard hit is over and it is mostly about leaning forward and staying upright. Get the traction and speed back up. Again I am too heavy for that (220 pounds)  I felt like something was going to break the few times I tried going easy. 

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with smaller wheels you will have to hop and tuck every time you make it up a step, the harder you hop and tuck the easier it will be for the wheel to go up the stair. also you have to use the motor to pull the wheel up the curb without leaning forward too much.

when i say hop and tuck, you hop upwards with the wheel, gripping it with your feel, and while still in the air you tuck in to bring the wheel up even more, this helps reduce the weight on the wheel for a moment. its hard to get into the rhythm of it and probably looks really weird on stairs if doing it quic

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I used to ride my full suspension mountain bike up flights of stairs. I think 12 stairs was the most I did at once (and these are normal steep stairs). The technique was to just hit the stairs with a lot of speed and pull back and let the huge tires and shocks do their job. I no longer have the full suspension bike and I decided to try the same thing on a hard tail Trek with 29" tires (thinking the huge tires would help make up for lack of suspension) and it immediately blew my tire. The bike was brand new and the tire was tubeless (the tubeless tire helps avoid pinch flats). The impact was so hard that it actually destroyed the tire sidewall and I had to buy a new tire. I'm going to avoid riding up stairs on an EUC unless the stairs are just right because I'm pretty sure I'll just break the EUC (I am 6'4'' 210 lbs).

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