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  1. Unfortunately this is still a common problem for many models of wheels. Tyre clearances and shell stiffness is simply not enough to prevent rubbing on one leg riding, especially for heavyweight riders. Best to just ignore it for now. Hopefully next generation of wheels will solve it.
  2. @Rodo check out this ongoing project! I'm sure they would appreciate an extra pair of hands.
  3. Yeah that's what I was asking, where exactly is "on top"? It's hard to visualize. Is my picture considered on top of the axle?
  4. After much searching I finally found a Line-X/polyurethane coating equivalent available locally. (SG/Malaysia) So there's a capsule at the bottom which you pop to release hardener, and then begin spraying. The spray pattern seems pretty good on video, which claims each can comes with both a fan spray pattern and traditional nozzle. I'm guessing theres a pretty short time limit to finish the can once the hardener is released as well. Now that it's on the way i'm thinking of spraying the entire 16x without disassembling, that way it can also act as a sealant and cover those pesky gaps which famously compromise water resistance. Of course opening it will be a pain in the ass or maybe even impossible 🤣 Anybody here has experience with Polyurethane coatings? Any things I should know before beginning? Anybody tried any similar mods?
  5. @Jack King Song Different wheel (16x) here, but since the topic of shims came out, I would like to clarify with you for the benefit of everyone as well. Is this method correct according to Kingsong official testing? Or is there a better way. Have shimmed my wheel this way for 500km+ with no problems. Lots of offroading, seated riding and stairs and drops. No problem so far.
  6. Not anymore. But that's cause it's a kingsong
  7. Hi @Tor 77, been thinking of getting a Z10 just for kicks as the price has been coming down where I am. Was wondering if control board failure is a common thing with Z10 wheels or it's only an issue with "jailbroken" wheels? Also, what kinda range and speed are you getting with your unlocked Z10 and how much does it cost to get it cracked?
  8. Would like to chip in and add that I have been experimenting with shimming one side of the pedal hangers for 500km and counting. So far so good.
  9. You're in luck! I've got some fancy new tool coming in the mail anytime now and i'll tell you if it works once I get to test it out. 0👈fu至内容¢J4utceWUDQ4¢da開👉τao寶👈或掂击链街 https://m.tb.cn/h.VCEdQxD?sm=0489ba 至浏.览览.器【汽车保险杠塑料焊枪裂缝修复神器万能裂痕修补焊接机钉工具电焊枪】 Hoping this can be a game changer in fixing cracked shells.
  10. Good news is that this has already been available in the chinese market for ages, and getting dealers/aliexpress stores to stock it would be easy. Bad news is somebody got their IP ripped off. Condolences
  11. Thanks for the warning! It seems the usefulness of an external battery pack is limited to a few very niche situations like riding far into the wilderness, no wall plugs available, need an emegency charge source to make it back just in case. Nevertheless an interesting experiment. Was wondering, has anyone here found a solar charge controller that worked well with 84v batteries? Only seen 60v max ones so far.
  12. https://a.aliexpress.com/_dZSGdrr Bought this adhesive out of curiousity as I saw a vid on chinese platform Taobao where they sliced an inner tube open and glued it back with no leaks. Found out that it works remarkably well to reinforce the 16x mudguard once it starts tearing. Wish i had seen this before buying a whole new mudguard. Smells like some kind of cyanoacrylate but from past experience, I have never gotten any brand of superglue to work on rubber. Strange.. once cured it's tough but flexible instead of crunchy as well. Anyways reckon it's cheap enough that everyone should give it a shot.
  13. There are at least two 16x users here on the forum including myself with wonky clearances. Also have spotted plenty of offset/wonky tyres in group rides mostly from gotways without mudguards. With a mudguard on it's much harder to spot from the back. So I guess it's still common practice to have shoddy assembly among most brands.
  14. Hi @s.m. Sick paint job you got there. Didn't know there was a hand-paintable polyurethane coating out there! May I know where I could find this and how it works? Cure time, etc. Also curious how's it holding up after two years?
  15. @meepmeepmayer thanks for the tip! I finally found it. Apparently there is a version of polyurethane that can be hand painted after all.. Been itching to try this on my 16x
  16. Sorry for necroposting, anyone knows where I can find the thread where a user used line-x to coat his cracked GT16 shell? Been looking everywhere and can't find it.
  17. I asked about that before both on and off the forums, unfortunately everyone said the pedals were not compatible.
  18. Thanks! Glad to see that it looks relatively straightforward. Just got to cut off either half or one and a half rows of those honeycombs. Might add rivets at the top corners too.
  19. Ahh yep forgot king song mainboards are already coated. Brain fart moment.
  20. Planning to do my first coating on a 16x. Anyone knows if it messes with heat dissapation? Bought a broken gt16 with burnt out board to fix once, it had a coated board. Was wondering if the coating had anything to do with it burning up.
  21. I had a nice imprint of my chest protector on my chest after a recent crash, so I would say yes, it helps. Without it maybe my profile would have been changed to nonippleboy.
  22. Hey guys, so I realized 80% of my falls were due to clipping the edge of the super wide 16x pedals on some narrow surface or corner. Four days ago I finally hit it hard enough to crack the outer shell and finally decided it's the last straw. I'm gonna make these pedals narrower no matter how challenging it might be. I know that many love the pedals for its wideness but it's the opposite for me as I prefer maximum clearance and being able to feel the corners of my pedals with my feet when I corner hard or squeeze through corners. Those who have any info on how the inside of the pedals look, could you share with me images, details, etc? Anything helps. I am planning to cut off a good inch of the width and bend over the top plate to cover the hole. After which I am going to grind the edges nice and flush so there are no gaps or sharp edges, or at least that's the plan for now.
  23. Muddy footpaths - Sure did it for me! Not sure about moss though. If the mud isn't too thick, it seems like the H-666 would be enough for those while not having knobby-specific drawbacks. This disclaimer may be little overdue, but do note that installing these pit bike tyres are a completely different animal compared to e-bike tyres like the chaoyang/cst ones. Prepare to learn how to mount a tyre from scratch all over if you are willing to take the challenge.
  24. SG$ 22.25 | 60/100-12"2.75-12 Inch Tyre Tire + Inner Tube For Mini Pit Pro Trail Dirt Bike https://a.aliexpress.com/_mLBaMdV Possible compatible knobby tyre spotted! Looks 95% similar to mine so expect more or less the same characteristics.
  25. Agreed, not worth the risk when a tyre swap required this much disassembly. Another rule: slightly smaller tubes are fine, but not larger tubes. 3 inch tube in my 2.75 knobby made for a hell of a bumpy ride and eventual leak.
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