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  1. Form some kind of association that represents us as a group and starting pumping resources into it to lobby against the government. Otherwise we just going wait for the escooter trails to finish and be lumped in with them hopefully.
  2. He kind of does when he is one of the main YouTube channels on the topic, one of the ones that is conversing with manufacturers. The whole reason that evX name keeps appearing is because when he releases videos or interacting with others much like everyone else here. They can be seen as an ambassador of sorts to the community since we such a niche community. So, one person or group will perceive us based on that interaction with us, because there not so many of us around. So, if you see us blasting through crowds, ignoring basic traffic rules, and acting carelessly around the city or towns
  3. Is there any validation to these claims of threats, death threats at that. As a community I would believe we wouldn't tolerate that behaviour the same as the majority of us condomn behaviours in the alleycat video.
  4. He will be back with something else after the dust settles. Did you even watch his video, read his description 😏
  5. Leopard doesn't change its spots. Mickey defending the video in the comments section to the end before it was hidden is enough to know this video is just a bogus apology. A last ditch attempt of salvaging what left of his name in the community Good riddance I'd say 🤙
  6. @evX_Mick attitude has been disgusting through all this with his replies. Glad to have unsubbed from his videos and podcasts. Shown your true colours the last couple of days. Not the kind of ambassador I would like at the forefront of this niche hobby.
  7. So we into May now and still nothing. 😂 Whats this new wheel again? Totally forgot
  8. I think the motor in the torque version has larger magnets.
  9. There also 3D printed pads if your interested in trying those https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4690957
  10. I fashioned a mudguard for the RS that is 3D Printed, I printed it in TPU so it could bend and then hotglued it to the RS and seems to work great, although it is rather close to the tire, hasn't failed me yet. I haven't released it neither since it was a quick a dirty mock up but willing to share the Fusion360 with you if interested. Here the link for the Fusion360 https://ufile.io/izckurvi
  11. Well this is a disappointing offering. See IM just played it safe again with this wheel.
  12. Team mate at our unicycle hockey club brought in a Ninebot S2 and one wheel. After that I just knew I had to have one.
  13. I just checked my app and i don't have the bar (G) (D) seems to be max speed. (A) seems to be average speed. (F) I have never seen! (E) Is tempertaure. No idea what the dots are, although high and low seems resonable guesses like you pointed out.
  14. Actually i don't know what some of these are myself and i use the app everytime with my wheel. And the alarms confused me too with relation to priority. I have just set them and just let the wheel free spin to make sure the alarms are working at what i set them and then just leave them.
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