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  1. NickNonsense

    Gotway RS

    If you havent recieved it yet, just ask for it to be swapped over the RS. Has your MSP been shipped?
  2. Interesting and a valid point about the phone not optimising the app, which would allow it to function as normal with the screen off. You had mentioned about the battery optimisation in the settings you directed to in your above post, my EUCW app was actually configured to optimised still (even though I disabled it elsewhere) and i now have completely disabled it. With the same settings you have reported as me in relation to the location permissions I imagine it will now work as intended. Now battery optimisation has been completely disabled. I will test this later today with my Ninebot S2
  3. So this is weird. Under location permission its only gives me the option to use in app or deny but clicking through other apps, it lets me select from three options, all the time, in app or deny. Anyone with any insight? https://streamable.com/7dhuws ***Edit After googling the issue to see if the problem might be myself, missing some setting i have come across this. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61909313/allow-all-the-time-location-prompt-not-coming-in-android-sdk-29 @Seba Could this be the culprit?
  4. I just followed these steps and found that under Battery>Optimise battery usage was enabled, i have now disabled this and is showing "Not optimised" so thats good. Weirdly though under Permissions for EUC World is still shows "Only while app in use" under Location permission. While the GotwayES app has the following options under Location permission. -Allow all the time -Allow only while using the app -Deny Maybe a restart will change it, i'll have a play around with this, really confused how android is picking and choosing the location permissions without giving me the option to change it.
  5. I have since reinstalled EUC World in the hope of solving the issues i mentioned above (This is before trying Seba solution in his video) so any settings i had changed would be at they default preset now My MSP has been sent back so i no longer have that now if you were looking for the wheel settings.
  6. Allow EUC World to use GPS in background or when screen is off. On the Samsung Note 9, Android version 10. The only option available to me for this is -Allow only while using the app, and -Deny This is following all other settings that was mentioned such as, disabling battery optimization, etc. I’ll see how this goes, I imagine it work better now that I disabled battery optimization. Thank you Seba for creating and sharing a link to the video, described exactly the issue I was having.
  7. Facebook groups, thats me out then.
  8. I'm looking through my tours on the website and noticed i have gaps in data, some quite large where it hasn't recorded any data (wheel & GPS) for several minutes or more. I guess this would explain the discrepancies i'm seeing through distance travel through the wheel vs GPS. Is EUC World only recording data whilst my phone screen is on and where im actively using the app, is it not recording in the background whilst the screen is off like when its in my pocket for instance? Is there anyway i can have it continually log data (both GPS and Wheel) I'm using Galaxy note 9 Andriod version 10
  9. you can test it but just lifting the unit and let it free spin, in a controlled manner ofcourse.
  10. did you disable first and second alarms for the MSP, the unit will beep at those speeds if you don't disable them
  11. Absolutely its possible to learn without serious injury, that is if your careful and not doing anything widly silly. These machines are not falling over or cutting out themselves, the operator not taking due care or pushing the boundaries of these units are what makes them dangerous.
  12. NickNonsense

    Gotway RS

    I'm swapping my MSP high torque over to the RS high torque. Hopefully won't be long til they shipped 🙏
  13. Is there any need for the gotway app now with the other apps that are a available
  14. I overleaned in my S2 yesterday after riding it from work to the van. So used to the MSP now. The ninebot did beep at me a few times and i just continued to back off a little and carry on. It did beep serval times before whilst backing off and then hitting the limit before it threw me off, should of been more respectful of the beep instead of continuing to push it just to stay under its limit, it threw me sub <15mph no protection. My palms and left knee took the fall and hurts like hell today. Lesson learned is even a slow speed fall hurts and respect the limits of the unit.
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