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  1. I have a different perspective and ride stance them most here it seems. I love riding seated. I sit whenever I can now, my endurance is better seated then standing, feet still cramp up after a good few miles and I have been riding from the beginning of last year. Even taken my pads off as im not usually standing long enough to get the use if them anymore. My position seated is legs flared, heels up and pinch against the wheel and toes pointed out.
  2. Do you have a 3D printer, there a few designs on Thingiverse now. One specific to the V11
  3. Uh the other post made it sound like this was the reason not just speculation and if Hsiang didn't correct you, some would of taken that as fact! There too many armchair specialists here and not enough actual specialists. Where the mechanical, electrical engineers, mechanics etc to give us some insight not just some average Joe who can google and has read a few buzz feed posts that just have a elementary understanding.
  4. We certainly need some info on this!
  5. Its going be scratched up regardless, whether you do it learning or whether you do it when you get some proficiency in the end it will end up looking the same.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to write this and reply. I am in talks with SpeedyFeet who is the dealer I bought from here in UK. It’s clearly water damage and warranty is not going cover that sort of damage but I’m sure going forward we'll work out something that get this wheel back working like before. All the accessories are now working apart from the headlight. So, the front and rear LEDs are fine, the rear brake like is fine, the beeper is fine, the dual speakers are fine, and the Bluetooth module seems fine (connecting to EUC World okay) Headlight is not working though. I will be
  7. Kinda odd that you want a second hand MSP whilst you have a new RS on order as they are essentially exactly the same. Specs, body and weight. Look for a different wheel that could compliment your new one. Small, fun sized? Mten. Or maybe a suspension wheel
  8. i Started on the S2 at the start of this year, its great wheel, fantastic if your in the city and just want something small and nibble to get around. You'll love it. I still use it when i go into the city and have to park out of the way, throwing the wheel in the back and be able to park just outside of the centre and ride in has earned its weight in gold
  9. Hi, Been working on some jump/power pads. Was surprised to find places like Thingiverse and Yeggi did not really have any of these, seems like everyone just jumped on it to make some money. Each to they own but I would like to share my design with the community. Hope the community enjoys them. Would be great to get some feedback and would be even better to see some out in the wild so be sure to post a "Make" if you print them. I have also included the Fusion360 file as I would love to see what tweaks others come up with. Enjoy. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4690957
  10. So i headed out for a ride this afternoon, a few miles in and my Wheel is doing this (see video) https://streamable.com/et11z0 After a few minutes it stops and i just goes back to normal so i continue on, just a bit cautiosuly Good couple of miles in and I hear some crackling coming from inside the EUC, at first, I am just looking around, thinking It might just be twigs snapping under the wheel, anyway I stop at a bench and smell some burning, turned the EUC off immediately and prop it up against a stone away from me or anyone else. Still continuing to smell burning but cannot tell i
  11. Hmm... i best test this out myself when the weather is good and see if i noticed a difference. I always though the tiltback on my RS was rather pointless since i could easily ride through it by several mph. I just thought that was typically Gotway.
  12. How can we have wildly different experiences of this? I can easily ride through my tilt back and by quite a bit which is worrying. I have never felt what you are describing here. Is there a difference between setting it in EUC World and the official Gotway app.?
  13. I have a similiar issue, where it does work, but its effect is really weak. In EUC world i have it set i think at 25mph but i can easily reach 28/29mph before i can feel it in my riding. I also have the wheel set to meduim mode.
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