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  1. I think the motor in the torque version has larger magnets.
  2. There also 3D printed pads if your interested in trying those https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4690957
  3. I fashioned a mudguard for the RS that is 3D Printed, I printed it in TPU so it could bend and then hotglued it to the RS and seems to work great, although it is rather close to the tire, hasn't failed me yet. I haven't released it neither since it was a quick a dirty mock up but willing to share the Fusion360 with you if interested. Here the link for the Fusion360 https://ufile.io/izckurvi
  4. Well this is a disappointing offering. See IM just played it safe again with this wheel.
  5. Team mate at our unicycle hockey club brought in a Ninebot S2 and one wheel. After that I just knew I had to have one.
  6. I just checked my app and i don't have the bar (G) (D) seems to be max speed. (A) seems to be average speed. (F) I have never seen! (E) Is tempertaure. No idea what the dots are, although high and low seems resonable guesses like you pointed out.
  7. Actually i don't know what some of these are myself and i use the app everytime with my wheel. And the alarms confused me too with relation to priority. I have just set them and just let the wheel free spin to make sure the alarms are working at what i set them and then just leave them.
  8. Appart from the different pedals I don't think anything has changed. I'll upload a video.
  9. I'm not sure what you mentioned here are upgrades. Everything you've mentioned is on my RS which I've had from release.
  10. I came from a regular unicycle. You'll find you just hop straight on it and go and if not you will be nailing it in couple of minutes. Great choice.
  11. I won't be buying any more from them. Thinking they they on borrowed time anyway.
  12. If there ever a reason why you shouldn't buy a Gotway, its right here in this post! Nobody wants or should feel the need to do this to a brand new wheel. It's completely baffles me how the community just accepts this.
  13. This is awesome @BoseHeadphones that you printed this new design, thank you. I have yet to print mine yet because I am waiting for some parts for my printer. This is a valid design consideration, and the pictures is a great visual for where this added surface area could be implemented. Thanks again for the input.
  14. Well, my thoughts when writing that, was a speed of around 20mph would be more realistic. A lot of urban areas are now 20mph zones. To safely keep up with traffic on the road I think it would need to be a little more than the 15.5mph. Overall though you are absolutely right @Planemo, this this great news for Ireland and is certainly a step in the right direction.
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