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  1. Here to find out as well. I doubt we are anywhere near KS finally giving us a little more top speed, but a man can dream.
  2. Amen to that. Pisses me off when I see vids of people doing this in crowded areas. It adds no function to the ride, and really doesn't take any actual skill to pull off. Don't want to be a party pooper but i'd reserve this so called "Carving" or as the layman sees it "Wobbling" for unpopulated areas or empty roads..
  3. A bunch of hacking gurus over at the ninebot forum mentioned that KS is basically unhackable for now.. Well it won't really be a waste for example if I manage to get my hands on a 18xl with a buggered motherboard, then instead of buying the 18xl board I buy a 16x board which costs basically the same. As for cutouts.. well i'll definitely be armouring up to the max if I ever manage to pull this off. 🤣
  4. Hey guys, I have a possibly stupid idea I would like to test if I can somehow get my hands on a 18l or 18xl for cheap - What happens if you put the 16x motherboard into an 18 inch wheel? My guess is that the motherboard will continue to drive the wheel thinking that it's a 16 incher - but the tyres will be moving faster relative to the rotor, thus possibly allowing a slightly higher top speed. Anyone tried this yet?
  5. 7.0复制这行话 Http:/T¥e4k2chWXzfS¥到👉氵匋寳👈【16*3.0 16x2.5电动车防爆 耐刺 耐磨防滑八层级 真空胎 轮胎】 7mm deep grooves! 🤯 it's like a knobby without the knobs
  6. Hey guys, anybody ever had a tyre that ended up not fitting despite being supposedly the correct size? I've spotted this nice looking 16x3.0 tyre with extra thick thread. Think it would be awesome for offroading and soaking up sharp impacts like stairs. However the chinese writing in one of the pictures says width: 8.2cm. I'm kinda comfused as none of my 16x3.0 inch tyres has ever been that fat, not to mention that's way above 3 inches. Can't help but wonder if the measurements were taken wrongly or something. Anyways i'm stuck between getting the 2.5 size or just risking it on a 3.0 that might not fit. If a 3.0 that did not fit is unheard of so far, i'll just gamble on it I guess.
  7. My goal was mainly weatherproofing, but then again this soft non-abrasive grip tape also works well for scratch protection. Good speed+jumping pads also help soak up most of the crashes easy without any scratches.
  8. 2.03 is out already? Anybody tried this on their 16x? Wonder if KS will gradually start to allow more max speed to keep up with inmotion.
  9. After some time your body gets used to it and you learn to turn more efficiently. For me it's just as agile as my gt16 now, just not as effortless when it comes to being agile. Just keep practicing and it'll pay off.
  10. It's already the most agile of the large wheels, can't be helped. More stable wheels need more force to turn, period. These are two ends of a spectrum and you can't have one without sacrificing the other. Took me awhile too to get over losing agility compared to my gt16, but once you get used to it the loss is inconsequential.
  11. I would go for Sofirn 32a V2.0. Best all rounder I ever had. Have used one faithfully for the last five years on all sorts of adventures, early this year it died after using super high amp 18650s on high beam for too long. Yes high amp batts does make the light significantly brighter but you gotta be careful not to overheat it. Anyways one board swap and generous application of thermal paste later and i'm good to go again. Highly recommend it and the Sofirn official store in Aliexpress has really taken care of my spare parts needs even sending me free LEDs just in case. I've probably purchased five so far of which only two were for myself and only one gets actual EDC use.
  12. @RagingGrandpa point taken and lesson well learnt! Just because many batteries have survived a dunk does not mean all batteries will be as fortunate. Just takes unlucky unit to blow up in transit for the world to turn its attention toward us and severely compromise our sport/hobby/lifestyle.
  13. Haven't seen any. Not that it needs it anyways since the switch cover functions as an "armor" of sorts and can be cheaply replaced if you somehow manage to break it. I guess the front armor mod is popular for the MSP series as the weakest part of the shell is literally out front waiting for you to hit it and boom your shell splits in two like a coconut. No idea why they haven't altered the design to reinforce it after 4 iterations of the same thing.
  14. Not taking any chances with a small bomb bewteen my legs 🤣. Nothing less than airtight will do it for me. My own pack seems to have become compromised from usual wear and tear although I have no doubt it left the factory waterproof. Of course I have reinforced the rub points with kapton tape and silicone where applicable but it still bugs me at night.
  15. Scary. Shows that the flimsy shrink wrap simply isn't safe enough to handle batteries as sensitive as these. Will be coating all my batteries with truckbed liner on my next "servicing" for sure.
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