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  1. I used a tube for 2.5 inch tyres, 45° valve angle if i can recall correctly. Yep, it's comfy.
  2. This one seems unlikely to fit without trimming imo. Do keep us posted if you do try it out
  3. Mine was from taobao but I don't think that's accessible to most of us here. I found a 99% similar tyre here. Try this link Angry hornet for sure
  4. Offroad with this feels like turning on infinite traction cheat in a videogame. Long grass, thick mud, roots, rocks, loose sand is all no issue now. Have scaled grass and clay hills that I could not even walk up. Had so much fun offroad that my wheel was clogged full off mud. In the streets, the thick rubber seems to make stair rides very comfortable and I have much more confidence going down stairs with this than any previous tyre. However I still cannot seem to get enough traction to ride up stairs consistently without slipping. Maybe it's my country's perpetually moist climate combine
  5. Nope, have decided to take the back seat when it comes to new FW these days ever since kingsong's locking shenenigans. Still curious as ever though. Have been tempting myself and visiting this thread every single day since it was started.
  6. That's news to me! I too eventually rolled mine back to 1.07 as well as the feeling of infinite torque when climbing impossibly steep hills trumps the feeling of effortless acceleration in the 40-50kph range for me. Wish KS would have switchable modes, high torque low speed limited to 50kph and low torque high speed limited to 60kph. Would be hell of a game changer. Understand that whether your wheel is geared for torque or speed is mostly decided by the motor windings and magnet size, but 2.00 on the 18XL and ninebot speed mods shows that changing the riding feel with firmware alone is
  7. Found one on aliexpress eventually. SG$ 22.34 | 60/100-12"2.75-12 Inch Tyre Tire + Inner Tube For Mini Pit Pro Trail Dirt Bike https://a.aliexpress.com/_mq9Mpol Btw I eventually decided to cut the side knobbies. It's perfectly rideable without cutting but rubs on one legged riding. Worth it and was way easier than expected. Didn't notice any decrease in performance after cutting, even when going low enough to scrape the pedals. Enjoy plowing right through thick mud and beach sand!
  8. I suppose there are many factors to consider, first two being what model of wheel and rider weight. For my featherweight sub 60kg body, the 16x has handled countless curb drops and triple, quadruple, or even pentuple flights of stairs for a year with no problem whatsoever. Only risk so far is gapping too many stairs at a time with low tyre pressure. The rim isn't terribly strong. For the gt16, one flight or 10 stairs at a time is the best I can do. Any more and there would be terrible cogging. Mosfets are likely to blow before anything else. For the IPS S5, curb drops are diffi
  9. Sure, flowing with intent to navigate around actual obstacles takes skill. Swinging one's bum left and right blindly for no reason doesn't.
  10. My dream EUC specs: High Torque 60kph Lift cut-off switch 18 x 3.0 tyres Open concept - tyres fully exposed like the 16x, GT16 and MSX series. Very important for offroading. High pedal clearance IP55 water resistance minimum Trolley handle mounted externally, to prevent water ingress. The current gen 4 section gt16 handle is pretty good. Maybe even better than my 16x in terms of comfort Battery - 1600 to 1800wh is enough in my opinion.
  11. Here to find out as well. I doubt we are anywhere near KS finally giving us a little more top speed, but a man can dream.
  12. Amen to that. Pisses me off when I see vids of people doing this in crowded areas. It adds no function to the ride, and really doesn't take any actual skill to pull off. Don't want to be a party pooper but i'd reserve this so called "Carving" or as the layman sees it "Wobbling" for unpopulated areas or empty roads..
  13. A bunch of hacking gurus over at the ninebot forum mentioned that KS is basically unhackable for now.. Well it won't really be a waste for example if I manage to get my hands on a 18xl with a buggered motherboard, then instead of buying the 18xl board I buy a 16x board which costs basically the same. As for cutouts.. well i'll definitely be armouring up to the max if I ever manage to pull this off. 🤣
  14. Hey guys, I have a possibly stupid idea I would like to test if I can somehow get my hands on a 18l or 18xl for cheap - What happens if you put the 16x motherboard into an 18 inch wheel? My guess is that the motherboard will continue to drive the wheel thinking that it's a 16 incher - but the tyres will be moving faster relative to the rotor, thus possibly allowing a slightly higher top speed. Anyone tried this yet?
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