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  1. Update on this. Opened up a second time and tried closing with the speaker modules removed, did not help. Not the new foam either as it compresses into basically nothing. So it was not that. After 2 hours searching and measuring everything still could not identify why the pedal rubs only on the right side. I'll just live with it for now. The air filter foam between rubber bumper and mudguard worked brilliantly. Left one side "unfiltered" as a control experiment to verify its a valid solution. Do not have to be precise cutting your foam out. Just cut out a crude rectangle, make sure it covers both screw holes, screw the mudguard back on and trim off the excess. Don't worry about the bits touching the tire as they will fall off on their own after 2kms of riding. Too much of a hassle to reach under and trim those. @Micheal Shen feel free to use this in the next production run, props to Kingsong for the initial idea. Was too tired to take pics.
  2. Every day when I wake up, I check the forums for new firmware updates in anticipation for the day this is released. Wonder if we will get it soon seeing how 1.0.7 seems to be a success so far 🙂
  3. Alright, will do that. Convenient for me cause can just use my charge monitor to see which pot I am turning instead of having to probe around with a multimeter. Maybe will try to crank up the amps just a little bit to achieve the same number of watts as before and therefore same charging speed. Understand that using amps to replace voltage stresses the components more but just a little bit should be fine i guess Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge!
  4. If I were to adjust this third trimpot to stop charging at 85% for example, will I have to plug in a battery that is already at 85% and adjust until the relay triggers? Or do you suggest using the first trimpot to set output voltage to something like 83 volts instead?
  5. I think weight/tyre pressure plays the biggest role in wobbling. Maybe your friend needs to lower his tyre pressure until he finds his sweet spot. As a featherweight rider myself (55kg), I need incredibly low pressures to allow the tyre to conform to tiny road imperfections instead of tilting the wheel the other way and causing wobbles as it tries to restabilise. The perfect pressure for me on a 2.5 inch tyre was 26. This allowed good mileage with no tyre bottoming out so far and no wobbles even on imperfect roads up to 55kph. I have yet to discover what the correct pressure is for me on a 16x, and still get the wobbles at anything above 36km/h on the same road.
  6. Thank you for everything you have done for the EUC community Seba, you are a genius! Your post inspired me to adjust one of the chargers in my dual charger set-up to a lower cut off voltage, this way I will have fast charging, slow 100% charging to balance the battery pack, and slow safe charging to 85% for everyday use without too much hassle.
  7. Always verify polarities with a multimeter when working with cheap chinese products. Finally noticed that the polarity info on my GT16 charger was backwards. Could have ended really badly.
  8. Looking forward to seeing a replacement to the charge doctor! Here's my own solution, it reads and records power input and allows me to fast charge at a total of 5.5 amps using my Gt16 chargers. However what I really need is control of charging parameters. Was led to believe it can auto cut off currents of up to 20A based on a defined voltage with a small internal shunt but really can't find the option anywhere after scrolling through all menus. Being able to understand chinese does not even help in reading the instructions as descriptions are messy and vague at most. Oh, and its not an easy build, so much can go wrong with the badly labelled and even mis-labelled polarities on components from China. This is one project I do not want to try again. A word of caution for anyone working with low cost chinese components: Always verify EVERYTHING with a multimeter first!
  9. Weatherproofing aside, I also plan on improving the offroad-worthyness of my 16x. Tried out some super steep hillocks and deep carving and didn't like how the big pedals hit the ground so easily. Can anyone who has spare pedals lying around help me check if there are other cross-compatible pedals?
  10. I use yoga mats upholstered with faux leather on both my Gt16 and new 16x. Held on with super thin baby safe velcro from aliexpress. You have to search for the term "hook and loops" to find them. This allows fine tuning to match different shoes. Its ridiculously grippy on bare skin. Almost feels like someone giving you a chinese burn the first time you put some serious power into a jump but got used to it quickly and really comfy now. I think the kind of faux leather matters for maximum grip. Mine happens to be a really soft kind with no embossing.
  11. Ohh cool thread, thanks @buell47! Btw, noticed your speaker mounts have the same dents as mine, do you have problems with pedal rubbing on only one side when you open as well?
  12. Thanks for satisfying my curiousity! That is A LOT of dust 😳
  13. Can anyone PM me the special apk? I cannot get past 20kph my 16x which says illegal device on iOS. Does not work on android either. This wheel was purchased on aliexpress. I do not want to go to the local dealer as I enjoy maintaining all my equipment myself, which voids the warranty anyways.
  14. Welp noticed one side isnt closed tightly causing the pedal to rub when closing instead of freely flopping open... so i opened it.. so much for 1 cycle Turns out the speaker mounts are too tall. Could see dents on them where they make contact with the side shell. Tried removing and remounting in case they were not seated right. Did not work. Might attempt to slice them 3mm shorter to get the shell to close snugly. Huge water ingress risk the way it is right now. So this seems to be the "new weatherproofing solution" kingsong spoke of - a bunch of cpu filter foam stuck on with hot glue.. I had the same material lying around so what the heck, might as well try it on the front rubber seal and rear mudguard as well. Kingsong style babaay. Definitely NOT waterproof Also, was this spring here to begin with? Dont remember seeing it in other users' teardown pics.
  15. Weatherproofing: seems like nothing has been done from the outside. Gaps are all still there. No form of gaskets or adhesive added as I initially expected. What exactly are the "dealer reccomendations" kingsong spoke about on FB? Hmmm Will give it at least 1 cycle before opening up for a proper look.
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