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  1. Yep, it's identical from all angles. In normal circumstances it doesn't affect performance whatsoever but pretty OCD triggering once you spot it. In my case (knobby tyres) the 4mm made all the difference between slightly rubbing and zero rubbing. Wanted to know if it's something others should factor in when considering a 2.75 knobby as weell.
  2. Always noticed that the wheel on my 16x was offset by around 4mm, yesterday I finally tried to correct it while switching tyres. Intuitively, one would think that the pedal hangers were installed a little wonky. However, upon inspection with a vernier caliper, I realized they were both actually spot on. (31.85mm from the main body of the motor) It was driving me crazy and I actually went back to measure and document it at least 5 times hoping my measurements were wrong. So the only possibility left now is that the motor itself is offset to the right by up to 4mm. When I finally did remove the pedal hangers, I learnt that there were actually spacers installed on the axle to make installing the pedal hangers less of a guess job and also perhaps to add strength to the assembly. Wondering why didn't kingsong just make one spacer 4mm larger or smaller to correct the offset. This would improve the looks or even tyre clearance. Anyways, how are your wheels? Is this an issue that has been corrected eventually in the later releases? Mine was an early-ish 1.07 release. Think it was an august 2019 batch.
  3. The suspension system on the V11 make this impossible for now as the pedals move. The only style of pads that will work for jumping a wheel this heavy are the types that enclose your feet and allow you to lock them to the pedals. Unless somebody figures out how to put pads on that tiny pillar in the middle of the wheel there seems to be no chance of ever fitting anything suitable for jumping for now.
  4. Knobby tyres are in! Fingers crossed it fits 🤞🏻
  5. Thank you @Seba and everyone for the soundpacks! Especially love the horse sounds by@travsformation. Really do get a kick of people's smiles, laughter, and confused looks as I "gallop" past them! Think that non-offensive avas sounds like these are huge leap forward in gaining legitimacy for EUCs as a safe mode of transport that is able to co-exist with pedestrians.
  6. I'd love to! Once the border opens 😉
  7. Thank you Jack! Really love your response speed and level of customer support you give us. It's details like this that makes me still really want to get a S18 even though it's illegal to ride and import in my country for now.
  8. Bad assembly seems to be the norm among most EUCs. Wonder if we can pressure kingsong into opening up an "Ikea" option for veteran wheelers who want their wheels built to better tolerances. Maybe could be enforced through a tiered membership system like aliexpress where you unlock more options after buying enough to level up. Perhaps an Ikea option would need to have a slightly lower price and reduced warranty. This also opens up the possibility of expert build services and custom builds at ADs. Consumers get more options and business owners get to earn more, non zero-sum game don't you think
  9. What an absolute unit 🤯 No way I could ever do that on my 16x
  10. @Chriull thank you for sharing your findings, I think battery knowledge is one of the most important things to learn as a rider of any PEV. One thing that has been bugging me recently - cells are generally advertised at 4.2v max but there is always some level of deviation in different cell models and brands. Do you happen to know the tolerances for the kingsong 16x? (Lg mj1 cells as far as I know) Have realized my charger outputs 84.2v. Was wondering if this can be considered to be out of acceptable tolerances. Am I stressing my batteries through overcharging?
  11. No wonder EUC was easy for you, that thing looks way harder than any EUC model out there!
  12. That's already amazing progress! Took me half a year to be able to consistently hit 10 feet. After you break past that point it becomes so much easier. Even more people have ridden for years and never achieved that. Keep going at it and you'll eventually be able to go for unlimited backwards riding! As a wrinkly sith lord once said: we will be watching your career with great interest
  13. Guinea pig time! I am excited to share with the forum that the knobbiest EUC knobby tyre I have ever seen has been shipped out and is on its way to me. If all goes well, this is supposed to fit a 16x or Nikola. Was wondering if the tire/tyre wizards out here in this forum can share what to expect in terms of reduced mileage and traction on smooth surfaces.
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