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  1. I think you should get a Sherman and get the zoom wheel brians seat, seated riding on the sherman is an awesome experience
  2. Did Gotway plan this to sabotage the Sherman shipment! ::Alex Jones Voice::
  3. A dry chemical extinguisher would be great to have nearby : Amazon Dry Chemical / ABC Fire Extinguisher And this recent video I saw looks like a great idea aswell :
  4. Great advice, also if you have to leave the wheel and aren't able to extinguish it on your own please be sure to shut the door to whatever room the wheel is in, a closed door really helps contain a fire and slows down the growth while the firefighters are on their way
  5. Sup everyone, I am so happy that I finally own the Veteran Sherman. I have been eyeing this wheel since August. I ended up going with the Gotway RS because I wanted a better wheel for tricks and stairs..In hindsight I should have gotten a used MSX, anyway I still had the longing for the Veteran Sherman and I finally got it! I am never using my water slide again...EVER!!! Actually I will have my butler dismantle it. Shout Out to Alfred for buying me the Veteran Sherman, I truly appreciate it!!!
  6. This thread reminded me of this video I just saw;
  7. this is defintely a world record lol , awesome subbed!
  8. Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 12 PM EST https://www.facebook.com/events/416739563071466 This event is gonna be awesome, more info about it in this video I'm gonna attend for sure, anyone else in this forum going?
  9. If you check out Fantomas's youtube channel all his videos show his fails, so he's not really showing off or sugar coating anything. He'll have like 2 successful attempts and 20 fails in his videos, that's what inspired me to make a compilation of all his wins
  10. Yeah me too! Fantomas has a modded MSP, he took alot of internals out to make it lighter I don't even think he has a headlight lol
  11. Yes I have a modded radio and I use it to Jam other riders wheels if they get in my way, it's so funny when they cut out and have this look of confusion on their face....I'm just kidding I don't have this lmao
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