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Electric Unicycle weird problem . Need a little enlightment please


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Got this unicycle claimed to be good working order but when switched on got little depleted sound n off. No charger so use the old charger bought from ebay for generic . Problem as in video : If i turn on the product with lead it seems like trying itself to calibrate then go forward then loud continuous beep. Same thing happened after trying to reset using youtube guide. Not sure of brand. These loud beep was it battery or board ? No burn marks or simply i have no clue what i am doing ? Below is the link to my youtube short video of the device issue. 

Appreciate any help.

Youtube: Unicycle problem not charging or battery sleep

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Good point, I own the same cheap wheel, i can try to help you ;3
if you have an multimetter, its great !

continous loud beep mean the wheel is not in the good tilt position ( or DEAD sensor)

1: power off, charger off, let wheel to horizontal plan;
2 :while shorting the 2 pins (calibration) Power it up, Wait, it shall beep, with 4 blue leds blinking randomly and wheel start to tilt itself until it spinn (like when you fall)
remove shorted pin, and  power off,
put it back horizontal plan, power on , it shal work

continous beep mean also low battery, no hall sensor return, over current, wrong motor hall ECT...

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The charger is a 24V one. Don’t know about those generic no-name ones, but usually EUCs are 67.2V or more. It could be that the battery is just empty, and since the 24V is blinking as well, the issue could be just the wheel voltage overloading the charger output.

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Oh, my gosh, charger label says it has a floating charge!  DON'T DO THAT!  !!FIRE!!  This is surely the wrong charger.

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