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  1. Hum 5v is not fine or bad... you seed to 'Plot' each sensors for an whole turn of the wheel while it's powered at differents speed [and use an small fuse or a bulb to be safe] Sometime reading by hands are fine, but when motor is powered, the current inside motor can lead to fault results in hall sensors... & then fuse burn/ electronics melts, or simply, you fall ;3
  2. signal from anti steal stufs can make increddible stufs to electronics :3 the grocery don't allow the wheel to pass
  3. Motor nominal torque is at 15km/h or 10mph - motor "trust" reduce with speed BUT - motor brake increase with speed soo, cut out.. nice to hear protective gear is essential on a rocket science vehicle
  4. Wooo really nice option, this shall have been implemented inside the firmware from the first EUC shipped (i only trust my OLD mechanics own clock, witch make grinding noise, userfull to know it's working)
  5. Russian do it <3 I personnaly isolate my cell bank too here picture of ceramic insulation paper
  6. Yess sir, but pleas consider this is 100% brand new space rocket technoliogy, we are the firsts human to travel this way, it's normal, and when faillure occur, they make it better next time
  7. USA: 0,135 € China: 0.0055 € SS34, less than 2.43$ per battery pack. and this stuff is absolutely need as an basic equipment in a pack, because cell safety Current Interrupt Device can't hold more than 3 cell, and here we are talking about an 18cell series packs... only 18 rectifier to make is much more safe.
  8. The Cells inside a battery are not to blame. most are Exceeding standards (some allow to be charged up to 12v without bursting in flames) - The battery PACKS manufacture is the problem-
  9. paddles are better ;3 and light :3 ! https://www.facebook.com/taibron.jmeyer
  10. personally i have a simple bed sheet, witch is white, and i apply it on the car with electrical wire, it reduce A LOT the heat, but the best is the aluminum reflective... witch it's tale loot more place in the car, than the bed set, (also i have an simple water sprayer, user full in summer for refreshing my "human face" in case of a fire, i use the twice stuffs to put fire out, witch work really well !) - Remember that Metal absorb looooots of heat... and a windows, allow to pass like 1000W / m2 of sun, soo pretty lot of energy ... without airfolw, more temperature
  11. I plugged my old KS 14D, with the i could make this trip (ended up to home, speed limit to 15Km/h for the 5km end of path) i need to dismount for some high spiky climmbing, because i was a bit affraid of the slope ... but it did work perfectly (charged to 68V) for a big trip, but not really balanced cells one cell was a 4.28v, with is acceptable for thoose old cells...
  12. I contacted my seller, witch immediately have taken higher... and info kingsong europe... wheel new :
  13. Battery Monitor System [Aka BMS] Inside the packs I can see that electronic protection circuit are not complete, the critical component are missing: No fuse, (really helpful in case of a short circuit) No temperature sensor No Schottky diode, (to prevent current flowing a dead cell) No Single cell voltage clipper (if cell damage occurs or CID fault) A single wire assure the safety cutout, in an unknown way ! the wire seem to have been added by an unqualified worker, there is no visible solder pad where it’
  14. SF bay area ;3 woo i had friends over santa carla*, but pretty buzzy ...
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