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Found 77 results

  1. Got this unicycle claimed to be good working order but when switched on got little depleted sound n off. No charger so use the old charger bought from ebay for generic . Problem as in video : If i turn on the product with lead it seems like trying itself to calibrate then go forward then loud continuous beep. Same thing happened after trying to reset using youtube guide. Not sure of brand. These loud beep was it battery or board ? No burn marks or simply i have no clue what i am doing ? Below is the link to my youtube short video of the device issue. Appreciate any help. Youtube: Unicycle problem not charging or battery sleep
  2. Selling my Gotway msx 84v. Bought from speedy feet in July 19. See link for details as listed on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gotway-MSX-84V-Electric-Unicycle/164174094973?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&pageci=013986bc-121f-4fe8-ac21-3d3412050328&redirect=mobile Any questions please ask.
  3. Hey guys; How often do you calibrate your EUC? I have an Inmotion V10 and recently upgraded to a KS16x. I rarely, if ever, had to calibrate the V10 after the initial time, I mainly did it now and then for peace of mind. The KS16x on the other hand seems to need a calibration every time I ride it, is this normal? The bluetooth patch seemed to have helped to an extend but I still find myself calibrating it alot. If I don't I get dips and tiltbacks on sharp turns (second batch 1.4board on 1.07 firmware). The behaviour returns after like a day sometimes less which is why I have to re-calibrate. I have no experience other then these two EUC's so hence I was wondering.
  4. Hey all, nabbed a Z10 back in October and have been happily shortcutting urban transportation since. I recently checked the app and realized I've put 1000 miles on the wheel! I thought I'd ask if there is anything I should think about tuning up or checking out after this much mileage. The wheel is working great, and I'd love to make sure it stays that way. Any tips or advice?
  5. On 7 october after several days that I was speaking with this Himiway (they reply to all my questions) I have decided to place a sample order. Paid with paypal. Delivery date 15 october I got my fedex tracking number. On 15 october Fedex refused delivery in Italy probably they forgot the battery certification (IATA rules) From 15 october Himiway stopped reply me via chat email or whats up. I have opened a dispute on paypal to solicit a reply ..nothing. So today I requested a refund to paypal. They was marked as gold supplier, on site checked with a lot of feedback on taobao.com . stay away .. edit : their shop are back online now
  6. Hello My name is Carl Irjala and I live here in the city of Kotka, which is near the Russian border. If you allow, I wish to start writing to you about my experiences as a brand new electric unicyclist. I'm a soaring pilot with several hundred landings behind me. So when I saw a video on YouTube that told that riding an EUC feels like flying I became instantly interested about it. So my first topic is about the experience of buying my first EUC and the learning process. The EUC brand is here in Finland so new that I had to search abroad to get reasonable information about it. My mother tongue is Swedish and Finnish. In those languages there is not enough information that would make me to buy an EUC. Luckily, I found this forum and the members' YouTube videos. Lots of sellers at the Internet do not communicates in English, so I was totaly dependent on the information you provide in this forum. Another matter that affected the choice of my first EUC was transport and tax costs. I have bought a lot of products directly from America and China, but sometimes the goods come with a shipping / duty surcharge that can be up to one hundred percent of the value of the product and sometimes not. So this makes the purchase a little risky. I found only one seller who provided clear information about shipping and taxation charges to Finland. After payment, it only took five days to get home the product from Poland (see image files). So in full, the whole process was quite easy. My next post will be a video about learning to ride the EUC. In that video you will see a whole new method how to do it. So, stay tuned on this topic. Kind regards Carl
  7. I figured it was worth mentioning, as I backpedaled a bit from the electric deals in January, and ended up going full circle. Of course, as per usual... I wasn't satisfied with the way they were set up out of the box, and added something of my own to both my 24, and 32" deals. My 24" setup. And my 32" setup.
  8. Here is the thing. What I am looking for is that someone has the passion to spread the culture of EUC with experienced and excellent skill in photography. And Inmotion Global would love to spread the culture with all you guys. To let more people know about unicycle, to make it accessible, to make life easier. But I don't know if there is someone like that. I need help. Please join us. Thanks.
  9. I've been riding the V5F+ for almost a year, and it's been great for recreation but I'm looking for something with more distance capability for my daily commute. I'm trying to find something with a bit more top speed to, if at least as a buffer to prevent sudden slowing, and preferably not too big and bulky. Finally, it needs to be reliable and safe. I've heard about issues with Gotway ACM involving the pedal breaking, so I'm wary of that one. Please let me know of any recommendations for these criteria for less than $3k, (preferably less than $1.5k if possible). Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, going to LA next week, was wondering about stores in LA where I could try, buy an unicycle? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, will you try this Balancing Electric Unicycle? Can move 360 degree when sitting on it. DO YOU LIKE IT? Write down your suggestions / comments for this new products. -----Frank frankandlee1989@gmail.com
  12. I ran into some pretty spectacular videos with some very impressive postures. Our sport is becoming hyper spectacular. Let's have some fun and name those figures. Double Diving Eagles Kung fu Fighter The Schrimp Neck Snapper Feel free to rename them
  13. Anybody around ever want to ever meet up and go riding let me know! I'm always game and with a schedule that is my own any day it's a good day to ride.... I just never have written with anybody other than myself it'd be nice to share the experience sometime. Lemme know! Mike 347)707-6688 -cell in case I don't remember to check this.
  14. They are a euc instructions for DIY made years ago http://www.instructables.com/id/Electric-unicycle-Arduino-DIY/ It can be updated with hub motor and wide pedals. Would be nice to have a collaborative open source project euc made in electricunicycle.org They are lot of features to discuss, like size, weight, power... but because is a open source project, the most important features is the scalability and compatibility. Firs the scalability allow more people access to the product. From the basic and cheap to the expensive and fullfil. Compatibility means easy to find parts for repair or upgrade. Freedom to the consumer with no restrictions from patents, if you want a handle cut off switch simply put it on. My setup for start is a light weight euc with 800w like IM v8 without shell for ease fixing and upgrade, mud guards and hardware encapsulation for water and dust protection. Because my old times with classic unicycles I like the seat with small handle, is useful for save the euc from falling, do jumps or just sitting
  15. Top Speed: 40KM/h after unlock, set to 50km/h after riding 1000km ( Factory setting is 18km/h for first alarm, 19km/h for second alarm and 20km/h for tilt back) Mileage:150-160KM Maximum Gradibility:Around 30° Battery:1680wh with featuring equilibrium, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current protection Operating Temperature :-10ºC/+60ºC Max Load:150Kg Charger:Input AC 80~240 V ,Output DC 67.2V,2A Charging Time:14H Rated Power:1500W Max Power;3600W Appearance of the weight Machine Size (mm):680mm(H) x465mm(L) X 190mm(Thickness) Package Size (mm):760(H) x 500(L) X 220(mm)(Thickness) Pedal distance from ground :130mm Tire Size:18inch, Diameter 480mm Net Weight:18KG Body Interface Charging port:power on/off button, bluetooth on/off button, illuminating & braking lights, Light Induction Port Display Pannel :Colorful LED light
  16. Hello all! I'm doing some research for my venture Have A Go, a site that helps folks find the perfect electric wheel for their needs. I'm curious how people first get interested in electric wheels such as electric unicycles and looking for enthusiasts to interview! It would be an informal 20-30 minute phone chat about your experience Let me know if you're interested! Many, many thanks, Terenig
  17. Hello all! I have never ridden an electric unicycle before and am wanting too start riding! I live in a steep mountainous town (some hills are 25%) and wanting an easy transportation type to get me to work. Here are some things I would want in the electric unicycle. At least 20% hill climb, be able to ride at least 2km on steep hills, be able to go around 20km/h, be able to ride in slick conditions (is this possible?) and not easily broken (since I will definitely crash a lot) and be able to carry me (150lbs). I am also 16. I have been looking at buying the Inmotion V8 but I have heard some controversial posts about it. Also money is not a big problem since I have a part time job (but please keep it below $2000 CAD). Can anybody help me?
  18. The battery of my unicycle died, so I decided to test it. It worked perfectly with Xiaomi's ninebot mini battery. I'll test the range on the weekend.
  19. Selling my Kingsong electric unicycle. Top speed 22-24mph 60 mile travel range (840w upgraded battery pack) Bluetooth Led front/rear lights Upgraded pedals Email Brian at: dynastreetbob5150f@yahoo.com $650 obo
  20. Hello everyone! I have a 14-year old son who's bugging me to buy him an electric unicycle since last year. It will be his birthday on September 8th and I was planning to surprise him with his dream unicycle. I've been searching everyday and I've found that there are so many unicycles. I'm not really a techie mom so I want to ask you guys for any recommendation. Actually, I saw the Inmotion V8 and I read a comprehensive review from transporationevolved.com. I really loved the look of the Inmotion V8 but I'm still quite hesitant. Thankfully, I've found this forum and maybe you can help me decide which unicycle to buy for my son. Any thoughts? If you owned an Inmotion V8, how was its performance on the road?
  21. Hello, i'm selling my electric unicycle. It has the upgraded battery pack. Bought it from Jason at ewheels. Also I recently upgraded the pedals. Selling for $800 obo. email me at: Dynastreetbob5150f@yahoo.com Thanks
  22. Hi All, Just signed up on the forum. I started riding an airwheel a few months ago and am on an ips121 now. I have some video riding with some locals in Miami Beach..
  23. Hallo I have seen in the french site of fastwheel that maximum speed is setted at 22 kmh. I have 18 kmh speed limit on my wheel. Is there any way to change speed limit by ANDROID APP? Thanks
  24. King Song newest model KS-14S is going to be available at the end of May.Please wait for it !!! If you like it, please contact Diana now! Email :Diana@szkingsong.com Skype :2298198576qq.com Wechat :18773834767
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