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Riding Skills


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On 2015/11/18 at 1:41 AM, Chrisxr2 said:

Some impressive riding there.

Thanks! A lot of practice was made.:P

On 2015/11/18 at 4:39 AM, logos122 said:

Pretty exhaustive list! Great work! The only thing I would add is 1 foot riding forwards twisting to riding backwards. 

Thanks for that, I'll do an update.


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7 hours ago, WARPed1701D said:

I'm also out of reps but I've bookmarked this and will come back to it when I can actually get on my EUC and will rep the hell out of it then!

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice to be able to give more than one rep to a post,  say, 2, or 3, out of your daily allotment?

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