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  1. zlymex

    The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    It just the controversy over what burnt and why and someone are watching me, I'm not in the position to give any verdict. We don't ride KingSong any more as once there was a KS18A that easily get hot and burnt a year ago. The one near the camera is a modified MSuper2, like Hunka Hunka said. There is another Msuper2 on the far left.
  2. zlymex

    The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Sorry I'm late reading this, the first post in that tieba has been erased. Yes, I was one of the club members offroading that day. I witness the whole procedure, and I know every details afterwards, including what happened inside, thru dismantling the burnt EUC, and dismantling other two Teslas including mine. However, I cannot disclose more detail here(nor to answer related questions) other than to give the reasons of why we dismantling our Teslas, which are to fasten the screws of the 12 MOSFETs, adding silicon heat conducting grease(which is not necessary IMO but I added it anyway), and xchange one of the fan screws to flat head(or plastic) to avoid the contact to the yellow-colored motor wire.
  3. zlymex

    Iwant to travel thousand of miles by unicyle

    Is that so? My old IPS T260 works that way too but I bypass that in two ways: one is to turn the power on then plug-in the external pack. if that is not working for 18S then two is to build an extra socket that directly parallel it to the internal battery.
  4. zlymex

    Iwant to travel thousand of miles by unicyle

    I don't recommend carrying 1360Wh in your backpack because it's both too heavy and not very necessary. There are three battery packs in a KS18A, one big 680Wh and two fork-shaped 340Wh. What I suggest is to use that 680wh only as the external pack and leave those two strange 340Wh behind also because they all series connected and not very efficient. To use that 680Wh as the external pack, you need to modify both the output plug(so that it can plug-in to the charger port of the 18S) and the input socket(so that it can be charged by the charger). The 680Wh pack is in the middle of the 18A under the mainboard, and can be taken out by removing both covers and fillers. Here is in Chinese: 18A里面有3块电池,中间的那个680Wh好用,两边的340Wh形状特殊不好携带。 把左右盖板取下,拆除引线,中间的那个大电池就可以从一边推出来。输出口是XT60需要改口、加延长线、加松脱扣(防止意外人车分离而扯断线或扯坏插头插座)、插在18S的充电口上(电压需要一致)。680Wh的充电口记得也是XT60(线比较细,不要与输出口搞混),需要做一个适配器才能接充电器充电,图省事就把外挂插车上然后给外挂充,车也就被间接充电了。当然,正规充电方法是用两个充电器分别充车和外挂,也可以做一个三通这样一个充电器可以同时给车和外挂充电。 680+1680=2360基本可以跑150公里了,一般中午用10A充电器充2个小时下午继续跑100多公里。否则即便用3040Wh也就能不充电跑200来公里还挺累。赶路的话也可以晚饭+充电后晚间继续跑路,白天反而可以少跑一点游玩。
  5. There are other options such as this plug-in type: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/German-Type-EU-Digital-Power-Meter-Volt-Voltage-Wattmeter-Power-Analyzer-Electronic-Power-Energy-Meter-Measuring/32806564122.html
  6. zlymex

    How to Charge and When to Charge

    At room temperature. Yes I have. The tendency is increasing but not significant. I think that true for Lithium Polymer batteries that they get swelled easily, even for no reason including storage at low SoC. Because of that, I seldom use this kind of batteries for more than two years. The thing is, I have so many batteries that I don't have time(or simply forgot) to discharge them to below 3.8V/cell after the test. Store batteries at 100% SoC making them ever ready for immediate use. I didn't say 100% SoC is the best for storage, I just believe is not that significant compare to other %. And it is safer to transport below 50% SoC.
  7. zlymex

    How to Charge and When to Charge

    My charge method: 1) Always charge to full after use. I don't believe the saying that 50% SoC is the best way to store the cells. I've tested many cells at 100% SoC and stored them for years and discharge them for capacity change. Here is an example of cells that discharge at 97% of the previous capacity after a year's storage. http://bbs.38hot.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12849&page=1#pid134516 This indicates that the capacity lost plus self-discharge is less than 3% after a year. To make no misunderstanding, I charged it to full, discharge it by my electronic load to be 110.8Ah, charged it to full again, store it for one year, and discharged it again to give out 107.6Ah. 2) I often leave the charge on for several hours after the charge light is turn green(to balance the cells) 3) I Never hesitate to ride my GW to pedal tilt(5% left according to GW). Actually, after the tilt ride, the battery volt per cell is still above 3.35V meaning there is still a lot left(battery manufactures test cells to end at 2.8V or even 2.5V). Therefore, I'm unable to deep discharge the cells in my GW EUCs no matter what I do(unless I leave the EUC on for a very long time). 4) Never buy/use "smart" chargers, because it will cut off the charge completely and thus leave no charge current to balancing the cells.
  8. That is product dependant. For Msuper V3, GW did send out several units to different areas in China to test for at least one month before final release. Unfortunately these tests were mild IMO that they didn't discover problems such as MOSFET burn down when in near stall situations. I didn't hear any test program like V3 for Monster/Mten3 probably because the former is heavy and expensive, and they use the same board. My prediction, the oscillation(may be severe or mild) and MOSFET burn down problems will be associated with GW EUCs for a very long time.
  9. zlymex

    Gotway Monster Battery Info: DIY

    Here is one of my 84V external pack. I used to solder my pack but is tedious. I happened to find 4 packs of 5s3p LG MJ1 cells(3500mAh, 10A discharge rate), unused, tested to be slightly better than NCR18650GA in capacity, put on balancing circuits then I'm happy with it ever after. I use this to rider long trips including three 100km without rest.
  10. News on 25th Aug., GW recalled all the Mten3 sold in recent days(about 80 units) which experience similar oscillation problems above speed 25kph. I think I said this elsewhere in the forum that the oscillation is inherent in all the fast and hard-pedal EUCs(such as GW, RW, KS, 9bot) because they(the firmware) share the same origin with Solowheel and Segway. Segway possess this oscillation problems right from the start but only very low frequency(0.5-1Hz) because the pedal is very 'soft' .
  11. zlymex

    How to ride with one leg?

    Try first to distribute your body weight to legs 75%:25% for a while, then 90%:10%, and the final step before one leg ride is 99%:1%.
  12. zlymex

    Msuper v3s setup questions

    The speed alarm for my v3s+ is 30/35/57 kph. I think the 3rd alarm for all GW 84V versions is totally useless because it is too dangerous to ride at that speed. For beginners, I suggest to set no alarm off, and for experienced riders to set the first alarm off because 35 is already very fast. Another useful setting for me is the 50A over current warning on Wheellog(3rd party app for Android), plus 40kph vibrate on my phone. Setting the tilt-back is only useful at very noisy environment where you cannot here the audio alarm, or somewhere you don't want to make sound.
  13. zlymex

    Padding Mods to avoid pain!

    I believe the height of the EUC decides the pain. The photo is me in 2014, just a few days after I got my first EUC, able to ride single-footed but still no padding of any kind.
  14. zlymex


    I didn't have any pain on my leg for my first EUC(IPS T260), but got a lot pain for my second(mcm2) because is was too low so I added an aluminum frame as can be seen from some of my 'videos'