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  1. Dingfelder

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    Hiya guys.
  2. Dingfelder

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    What you need is people with RV's/trailers. Or maybe hotel rooms?
  3. Dingfelder

    My first EUC! MSuper 3

    MY GOD!!! It's like you've looked into my soul! I friggin' hate Miracle Whip! I'm kinda flattered by the interest and/or concern, so thank you guys. Even by Langham's usual noodging. Truth is, my ankle injury is a significant thing, and has kept me off any EUC for quite a while now. My cheapie ebay Step N Roll and my wonderful MSuper too. I don't want to go into all the ways and times it surprises me how it feels tender and sore, but when I first rolled/turned/whatever my ankle, I was surprised I didn't wind up in the hospital. It was a picture-perfect nightmare, especially for someone with no insurance. I rolled straight forward over my collapsed front toes, as if my body were trying to snap my foot off, my entire weight crunching through the foot and eventually on the ankle joint as I fell forward and kept going into the ditch. It was a crazy looking thing as I watched, but I couldn't stop it. Gravity on the one hand, my MSuper held high in the other. I was on the slippery downslope of a gulley, just walking, and there it was. No EUC since. I feel it would be very unsafe, because my stability is obviously compromised. I've woken up many mornings hopeful, but even if i turn my foot a little bit or let it flop randomly while reading or whatever, I can feel not a twinge of acute piercing pain, but a solid ache that seems to linger forever. Things usually feel fine if I move front to back in a straight line, but any turning and I'm grimacing for a while after. Often I wake up optimistic until I set my foot down on the floor the first time that day. Sometimes I take a normal step but move slightly to the side and am surprised to feel as if I'm about to collapse under my own weight. That is obviously not acceptable if I am going to subject my joints to the crazy balancing and impact scenarios of a wheel. So yeah, I'm really frustrated and unhappy with this development. It reminds me a lot of how I injured my knee a couple of years ago. That took years to heal and I feel it is still a little vulnerable. Although this ankle thing looked catastrophic as I was living it in real time, I get the feeling it is not as bad as my knee. But I wouldn't be surprised if it took me not just weeks but half a year to heal. I am trying to be, and I am determined to be, optimistic about this whole thing. I will not let some bad luck lick me and keep me out of this dream to do something completely awesome, weird, difficult, and stupid before it's too late in my life to ever think about such things again. I am going to get over this injury. Then get on an EUC again. And I am going to master it, and tell you all the tale in all its humiliating clumsy glory. The weirdest thing is, it's not an EUC injury that kept me from progressing. It's a prolonged mail delay, then a sort or recall with Jason and Gotway, and now first a minor back injury and then a real ankle injury from when I wasn't even on the EUC in the first place. I've been building toward this since April and now it's August and I've still never stepped on my wonderful dream machine, the Gotway MSuper, though I'm out thousands of dollars. I'll get there, though. I'll be damned if any non-catastrophic injury holds me back. I just have to be patient. I have a long time horizon and know what patience is about. I'll lick this thing and one day I'll probably be unwittingly obnoxious about it and someone will curl their lip and say, "Oh yeah, sure, but that was easy for you."
  4. Dingfelder

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    A video on how great Hopkins is in the show is what got me wanting to watch it, actually. I did see the original, several times as a kid and once again in the last year, I think. It's still good fun. And it's hard to beat Yul Brynner for charisma.
  5. Better watch out using these. Your wife watching the footage and seeing how much you are checking out all the local girls could eventually infringe on your riding time, or even your face.
  6. I've read and heard a lot of stories like this, and seen one or two in real life. It's pretty disturbing how many people let themselves drive when they're menaces. Also pretty disturbing about how so many older people take no responsibility for their actions behind the wheel and sometimes don't even seem to care when there are catastrophic results.
  7. Dingfelder

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    That kind of rave review is pretty much what I've heard about it. I do hope there is someone I can like a little bit as the show progresses. There are more bad and near-bad guys than anything else.
  8. I gave up the idea of pursuing my interest in photography any further because of that. Literally the first time I ever tried to use my camera phone, a girl kept not only photobombing my frame, but giving me a look like I was a perv or something. Sorry honey, you may be in the frame, but not the entire universe and all the people in it are all about you ... but who is anyone going to believe, a middle-aged guy or a teenager? Considering my favorite subjects are kids, landscapes, and buildings, I can choose between being thought a perv or a terrorist, possibly even get manhandled by idiot minimum wage security guards with a grudge against life they see an opportunity to work out on casual passersby. No thanks.
  9. We've got a lot of this in my town, which is a senior citizen haven. The scary thing is, even when the incapacitated ones see you, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Along with simple aging can come a vastly diminished reaction time. But just as bad, as dementia increases, from what I've seen there is a corresponding drop in judgment and ability to fix blame on yourself. Take my neighbor, for example. He is in an electric wheelchair. Not only does he plow into stationary objects all the time -- much more amazingly still, he keeps on going! Enough to spend several seconds plowing into a wall instead of just taking his hands off the controls for a moment to figure out his next move. Enough to move a whole bed or big heavy couch a number of feet out of line. It's not like he's going at high speed either. It's just that he makes his decision to go in a certain direction, and he cannot change his mind about it once he gets going ... not for a long time. It was the same when his dementia was less. He hit his own garage door many times after starting up the car. And then he started to keep going, too. It's just that it's even worse now. So whenever I am on or near a road, especially around here, I never assume the other person is capable, smart, or has quick reactions. Often they don't. And even if they have one of those qualities, sometimes one is not enough. You need all those qualities functioning at a reasonable level. And many people are just not up to the task.
  10. Dingfelder

    First ride

    Great read! Grats on making such good progress!
  11. Dingfelder

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I've been starting and stopping a bunch of shows lately. One was Z Nation, a zombie show which had a mediocre first episode but then started to get better ... but the characters started acting in what were to me silly ways, so I lost interest half a dozen episodes in. D.J. Qualls is there providing comic relief, and he is always fun, but it was just "meh" to me. Tried Van Helsing. Slow start, began picking up a few episode in, but then started indulging itself in the "too cool" vampires excessively, and that kind off baloney just turns me off. Dropped it about five episodes in. Tried Fortitude on Amazon. Slow start and languid pace made it feel like it was going nowhere for the first four episodes, but then it suddenly picked up a lot of steam. There were horror elements barely hinted at, but they started playing a small but legit part. The acting is top notch -- Stanley Tucci is really good here -- and the characters, though we never get deep background on them, are all written and acted well enough to be watchable. I think this will be my next binge watch. Still loving Game of Thrones, still stuck a few episodes deep into Westworld, and still looking forward to new episodes of Better Call Saul, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and that Drew Barrymore zombie comedy.
  12. Yoshi -- hope you feel better soon. You look better than your EUC, at least. And those must have been some nasty rocks indeed. Re waterproofing and price premiums -- these machines are so expensive that if there were some way of making them safer and/or higher quality in any significant way that wasn't an absolute rip-off, you can count me in as someone who would pay extra for it. Re riding in water, Kingsong has a video up showing a couple of their guys going through pretty deep water, and I posted another showing a guy going through a parking lot with his Kingsong wheel pretty darn deep in the water. I had assumed that EUC's couldn't do anything near that, since some apparently come with warnings about merely being in the rain. But apparently some Kingsongs, at least, do very well in the water. If I didn't believe a EUC could weather getting caught in the rain, I never would have considered buying one, by the way. There's a difference between being an impractical person and being just plain stupid.
  13. Yeah, that's very much a big part of the problem of injuries for sporty types -- it takes you out of the game. Even if you don't fall behind, your best case scenario is missing out on a lot of fun.
  14. That echoes the "greasing the groove" strength-building protocol widely practiced by Russian weightlifters and Spetznaz, and popularized over here by Pavel of Dragondoor kettlebells. The idea is that strength actually has a very high skill component. So what you do is very high quality practice rather than a work-out. You do only one to three repetitions at 80% to 85% of your max. That is enough to stimulate your central nervous system, but not enough to tire you out or to make you get sloppy or slip into bad habits. You either do it with full concentration or not at all. Focus on proper structural alignment and overall form during force production. Then you repeat it every hour or so for several hours throughout the day. Over the course of the week, it adds up to a considerable volume of lifts done in peak form at peak concentration levels. You get in a lot of practice lifting heavy weight without getting worn out, and with very low risk of injury. It works great, and there should be simillarities with other endeavors. I read recently that the average person can't read at peak concentration for more than about half an hour. After that, retention goes down. Certainly, I found that there is a point of diminishing returns doing various sports and games. Intense concentration can make for much quicker progress than merely spending a lot of time doing everything half-heartedly or with little focus. I imagine there must be some of that in EUC riding as well.
  15. Yep. They have for me. Both the UK and German places have done it. When I did it, you had to open a new account separate from your U.S. account, and enter all the usual info. I don't think you'll have Prime anymore either, even within that country. I think because each country has different rights to streaming video. But that's not important here. It was hassle-free. Shipping to California from the UK, the postage wasn't even too bad.