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kingsong 16x 1.8 firmware??!


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One of my acquintances said he updated his 16x firmware to 1.8.. he doesnt know what has changed since he didnt know anything about firmwares. Attached the picture hes sent. Anybody know about this? I hope to know what has changed from 1.7 firmware! If this is an update of firmware from 1.7?


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55 minutes ago, Mike Sacristan said:

They might have accidentally posted it.
I just checked and Darknessbot as well as the KingSong app report 1.07 as the latest version.
No information anywhere regarding 1.08.

maybe they are preparing to release a 1.08 firmware, so they posted it accidentally but soon brought it down to get it polished again? I hope they make 1.08 to give us back that power ppl talk about in 1.05..

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2 hours ago, buell47 said:

Maybe he has a 16XS with 777wh?

oh no, he has the 16X 1600w. I just dont get it. I wonder if thats the app firmware or the wheel itself. The retailer in Korea also was surprised to find out about that update when he was selling a unit. Could pls the kingsong personell in this forum give any clear explanations?

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I have been confirmed from a kingsong staff that they did update to a new firware 1.08 with the new app you can download from their website. Ive asked what has been changed and the staff didnt answer me anything even after reading the message so..still in the confusion!

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@Jack King Song

I had huge issues with latest version of the android app I downloaded from KS app web page. Now I don't recall the version as it could go past the start-up page, so I uninstalled it as it kept running in background crashing every 10-15 min.

So, I have 2 questions (plus a bonus) here:

  1. When do we expect a stable Android 10 App from KS?(I use Samsung S10e, and it seems KS are not fond of Samsung phones)?
  2. Are there any new firmware coming as the 1.08 isn't public available as far as I know yet? (Currently I am running 1.07 on my KS16X).

I know you can use ECU.WORLD too as I am part of their beta tester team. But sometime some features are only in brand Apps. 

While it is on the topic of firmware, it is for a different wheel. Bonus question:

3.      When do you think we will see a fix to the KS18L (first batch wheels)? Currently there is no calibration options of the lift sensor, and it seems the auto calibration is a little iffy to me. Also, the front and rear light modes are really messed up.  

Thank you for taking time to reply to this. I know things are busy with the new S18 but like you put in your Appointment intro there have been a gab after last forum rep form KS decided to leave the forum. 

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