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  1. do you think after 1.0.7 kingsong is working on a new firmware? is there room for improvement? reduce the cutoffs. I have set tilt back to 40km / H on KS16X (I hope to sleep peacefully).
  2. I honestly don't care about the top speed of 50 km / h. I just don't want to have a cut off when I'm traveling if I put 40 km / h on KS 16x can I sleep peacefully ?
  3. 30 psi = 2.0 bar .... i use 43 psi = 3.0 bar on ks 16x .... V10 3.2 bar and One s2 3.4 bar..... how much can the pressure of the wheel affect what happened?
  4. at what pressure bar did you drive? how can i avoid this you were in expert mode? I use in medium mode with 2 alarm 35 km/h and 3 alarm 38 km/h, tilt back at 40 km / h (I have 1.07 firmware). you're making me worry.
  5. hi how do i know which card i have? I bought KS 16X from aliexp (lot of August Taurus) with chaoyang tire H-5167 ... I'm really so afraid of cut-off ... even if I put it tiltback 40km/h. I have firmware 1.0.7
  6. for me the death line is 35-40 km/h, it is already too much ...also with protections
  7. Ok tonight I tried: Set 1: 0 km/h Set 2: 35 km/h Set 3: 38 km/h Tilt-back: 40 km/h very much better shut up. I thought that at the first alarm then it stops instead it continues to play until you go beyond that limit.
  8. hello guys, how did you set the 16x ks alarms (Beep plays continuously ....) I tried to do set 1 - 26 km/h set 2 - 33 km/h set 3 - 38 km/h Tilt Back 40 km/h can they be disabled? I have disabled the voice if I want to use only 1 or 2 alarms? Today...Beep Beep Beep ... only for 14 km :( thanks
  9. use qr code. download the app and use the email to register.
  10. I solved the 3.2.0 Functions downloaded from the site with qr code. (I'm in Italy) all OK. thanks
  11. Hi guys, you can't find the Kingsong 3.1.4 app anymore, not even from the website updated to 3.2.0 is this a problem. where i can find 3.1.4 ???
  12. but if you buy 2 original 1.5 A chargers? could something happen to the KS 16X? with the quick charger you get 5 A? and instead with 2 chargers 1.5 + 1.5 = 3 A RIGHT?
  13. Hi Guys, I have 1000 km on v10. From the last recharges I have a problem the charger becomes a green LED, while on the wheel 4/5 LEDs remain the last the fifth flashes. even waiting is not fixed. the inmotion app marks 100%. I do not understand thank you so much
  14. I know it's there. You have to see if it works ..
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