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  1. my daily journey is 12 + 12 km ... with v10 I arrive perfectly in the evening with 45% of remaining autonomy. sometimes I have not good asphalt sections. I wanted to know if Z10 gives me greater stability. (and aesthetics is total) XD. although KS 18L and Nikola are really nice wheels.
  2. hi all guys I am undecided for my top of the range I already have a v10 and an S2. I am undecided between NIKOLA - KS 18L and Z10 ... what do you recommend because you prefer the z10?
  3. Ok, sure. Do you think you already have a V10 ... does it make sense to take a Z10? For small trips I use ONE s2. Maybe I'll wait for some new 16 "or 18" releases ... ( or nikola, Msuper X, KS 16X)
  4. I understand what you say you're right but anyway I think that through Chinese online stores you will find the spare parts ... the KS 16x will be interesting ... but also tesla and rockwheel GT 16 seemed worthy of interest, I would avoid the 18 "for their size.
  5. interesting kingsong KS16x, I wanted to stay on a 16 "maximum wheel, I could make an exception for the z10 ... but the other 18" are too big ...
  6. Hello everyone, I already have two wheels the ninebot one s2 (for small trips) and an inmotion v10 ... I was looking for something more serious for longer journeys and also for use in the city what do you recommend between ... ninebot z10 - rockwheel GT16 and Gotway Tesla?
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