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  1. Hi guys, the headlights of my MSP remain almost off and no longer shine. I changed the headlight board. but nothing what can I do?
  2. i swear on the dearest thing i will only buy gotway from now on. I paid my money. king song doesn't have to sell wheels anymore. this policy is wrong without ifs without buts.
  3. hi guys, give me some advice i will never buy a king Song product again in my life. but now I have an s18 on the way where the Chinese seller tells me to rest assured that the wheel will not be blocked, should I trust?
  4. Usually it works for me with mobile data, it recognizes me that it is registered I bought 16x in September 2019 but I am so afraid lately I only use EUC world ... I am scared for s18 ... now when it arrives I will pray. kingsong will pay dearly for this .. only gotway in the future. kingsong charges the customer while selling to aliexpress sellers and the like. SHAME
  5. Hi, which wheel is the model? .. have you tried by registering with the official kingsong app by email by entering the country of china if possible? use the data not wifi.
  6. I bought a non-original charger for my V10 .. I can bring the 83 Volt battery to EUC WORLD marks ... the charger is 84 V (measured)
  7. Hi, I would like to make these settings in EUC WORLD but I can't...if anyone knows how to do it (gives me different wheel parameters not supported) I can only do it from the official Kingsong APP or softuner. mine are these 1 alarm off 2 alarm 35 km/h 3 alarm 38 km/h tilt back 40 km/h I have about 700 km on 16X. all perfect.
  8. Kingsong released the 3.4.5 app. Play protect on android blocks the installation asks for permissions that could monitor my activity? is it safe?
  9. how much you keep the pressure of the MS PRO (for a weight of 65 kg) on the road (no off road)
  10. how much you keep the pressure of the MS PRO (for a weight of 65 kg) on the road (no off road)
  11. where you can buy a new dalishen CX321 in europe (italy)
  12. your favorite ks 16x Tire after the vote if you want to make a comment below it is welcome
  13. also I always have the same problem with the v10 the multimeter marks the charger at 82V and the V10 does not go beyond 87% -90% very soon I will try a new charger
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