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  1. I agree I get nervous watching her too. For the reasons you mention. She is female and also she is inexperienced. Which I notice every time a new situation appears for her and how she handles it. Today she did some backwards practice on the Ninebot One E+ and hurt her ankle. Of all the stupid things. And she has a Zumba Masterclass on Saturday. Hope she wakes up feeling better. I will see if I can get her to wear her body armor + helmet on the next cruise if she wants to go fast. Or we just do a chill cruise and do some off-roading instead. Not everything is about going fast. She did say that we other riders were pushing her. LOL... how can I push her when i'm on the 16X. Thanks for your concern and for putting it so gently and respectfully. I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks! I like to monitor speed with an app and external speaker. Or at the very least being able to hear/feel notifications from the phone. Both EUCWorld (Android) and Darknessbot (iOS) can do this. So you could set the speed alarm to 35 kmh and practice hitting 35 kmh more and more often. Then once you hit it too often creep the alarm up to 40 kmh.
  3. Yeah that brings us to the next part. I don't really think that OP trashing an EUC manufacturer is helping the community.
  4. I thought it was a perfect bot-like response considering the previous posts from the OP.
  5. TLDR : Guy never posts here. Starts a new topic with a sensational headline. Posts links to sensational clips with thumbnails we find offensive. Could have just written a few lines instead of forcing us to watch something. Everybody got offended. After that everybody started acting like they got offended and said so. TLDRTLDR: Guy logs into the forum and offends everyone. Everyone tells him off. He doesn't apologise.
  6. Monika hit 55 kmh the other day... I am beginning to fear for her. She had Darknessbot set to 45 kmh but just kept going. Here is some footage from the ride. Both Thomas and Monika are riding MSX 84v. The MSX requires quite a lot if intent to get it to go fast... but as time passes you will become accustomed to it. Some people will reach 5 beeps on their first day. It took Monika several weeks to hit 30 kmh. Forgot to add... I once hit the 5 beeps at 45.8 kmh and 9% battery.
  7. Haha yeah. I will see what I can manage to do with it. EUCs are still a silly cheap hobby and I have had crazy fun riding the 16X. Thank you! Nice of you to say so I have infinite time so riding is a perfect hobby for me. And hanging around the forums too. I will try to unscrew the pedal hanger and rescrew it on at 180 degrees so it sticks out instead of sticking in. And see if that helps. Crazy that I was still able to ride it at 45 kmh yesterday lol.. i'm lucky I made it home in one piece.
  8. This isn't the first time I have seen a seagull fly in, take a shit and then leave. A post with a summary would have been more helpful. Just do it... write a summary. It's not too late. If the message is to buy from a reputable seller then that is it's own message and can be written and discussed. 8471 km on my 16X... I crashed it today though. Bent pedal hanger. I better ask for a refund. So.. my left pedal hanger is bent. If I brake heavily or force the wheel forward while holding on to a fence the motor fails. I was riding ~45 kmh after the accident... got home.. screwed the wheel back together nice and tight. Charged it up a bit. Rode a bit... heard some grinding (heard it on the way home as well). Pedals shifted when I went up an incline. Tried to make it happen again... it happened again. Riding down a decline... I tried to brake hard and almost fell on my ass. Grabbed a fence... tried to over lean forward and backward. The motor can't keep me level if I use force. Rode carefully home... took everything apart, discover that the left pedal hanger is bent. Sucks to be me. That is 8400+km of off-road, skate parks, hills, dropping the wheel maybe 20 times, smacked it around at low PS denting the rim in a few places, but a medium speed crash bent the pedal hanger / axle. Maybe a new motor will do the job. I really, really love this wheel. Also.. I am okay. Scraped elbow and knee, pain in my left foot. I can always get another foot... But my wheeeeeeeel...
  9. Very nice to see you riding! And zipping and leaning. I know what you mean about the CX. And we always miss what we don't have. If you were try some of those turns at 35-40 kmh on the CX you would probably not make them. I try to challenge myself a bit more now when cornering and I can definitely corner better than with the CX.. the CX just felt more reassuring because it was stable while we were leaning off the side of the wheel. Now it's more like finding the correct amount of tilt and we also get some wobble. Tensing up and looking for that perfect sideways tilt. I have even started cutting into the inside of some of my turns where on the CX I was previously getting sucked out to the side instead. I was on FW 1.07 today. Had a decent ride but 1.07 is a more nervous ride than 2.02. 2.02 just feels solid. I am quite a bit more confident on 2.02 and I get a bigger sense of freedom while having to worry less. Monika and I got the same battery usage with her on the MSX on soft mode and me on FW 1.07 on hard mode. The CX was great when the riding surface was great. Sometimes it could be very terrible though. The CYT is very good all of the time. But never great. The CYT is a bit harder than the CX and also a bit narrower with a pointier profile. We are basically riding a slick haha. My CYT also has a wobble to it but I can't say it affects my riding. For hill climbing I would still stick to FW 1.05 though. FW 2.02 and CYT is a winning combination for me. Ater riding the 16X today I got on my friends Nikola. I felt a gyro effect and tramlining that I have never felt before lol.
  10. Was the behaviour repeatable? It sounds like the lift switch engaged. What kind of signs? Looks like a broken LED strip like mine? What will the new pcb fix? Do you mean the main control board? I still don't understand what happened.
  11. Get out and set your 16X alarm at 28mph and go carve it while it beeps.
  12. LMFAO! Then I will go 1.07. ----------------------------------------- To me carving is a way of expressing wheel mastery and control. It can also be an expression of feelings, freedom, art. It can be technical and it can be artistic. Put someone on a EUC and let them ride a bit. Take them to a trail and let them ride there. Then take them back to asphalt. They will automatically start carving... because they now have too much capacity and ability and will need to express it or vent it. And of course there is a time to carve and times not to carve. That has nothing to do with learning to carve it has to do with riding etiquette.
  13. Haha sorry! I have started getting a decent carving style on the CYT with FW 2.02 though. But yeah haha...
  14. He is riding a 16X with a CX-321 tyre. Only a 16X and a Z10 can carve like that. You can slide the wheel under you and hang off the side. If you do this on a conventional wheel like the 16S you will land on your side. The 16X with the CX moves side to side easily at high speeds. You can initiate the carve with the lower body. With conventional wheels at high speeds you initiate the carve with the upper body and fall to the sides like a lollipop. Nik+, MSX, Monster will gyro at high speeds and make the carve harder and slower.
  15. Are you looking at this? https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/ Are you looking at the number for the 18 inch? The Nikola 16x3 tyre has more/higher sidewall than the 18x2.5 and more volume meaning you can get away with lower PSI. 35 PSI is still way too high and you will be riding a razor's edge. With the Nik you could go all the way down to 22 PSI a the low end. 25 PSI would be a good number. 30 PSI would be in the high end. Check the tire on a curb by putting your bodyweight on it at 22 PSI and don't smack into curbs or deep potholes. It would be easier to practice on hard mode. Hard mode is constant. Soft mode is variable with a delay. Soft mode will make it a bit easier in the beginning and then in contrast it will get very hard. Hard mode will make it hard in the beginning and then it gets harder at speed. But at least you are training all the time including in the beginning. Practice putting weight on the balls of your feet but still keeping your heels down. Keep your legs at a slight bend. Let your shoulders roll forward in a slight slouch. If you can.. bring one finger down to the front/top of the Nikola and hold it there. This will teach you a semi-crouch while riding. Anyway... just keep at it!
  16. And by that do you mean a CYT or a CX? He did for a while and liked it more than the Nikola stock. I am sure it would be very interesting to try a CX on a Nik.
  17. Thank you @jimjam.nyc! Nice to hear that I am not the only one cringing. Even worse it makes me feel shame and embarrassment. Also I do agree that speculation (or masturbation as I sometimes call it) is very much part of OUR community. I enjoy our tech talks on this forum and I enjoy seeing others ride as well. Sharing knowledge and experiences and being part of this great community is half of the fun. Maybe we just don't have to drag Jack into it all the time lol. Haha thank you! Out last step is to make some kind of reporting system for this. Perhaps a thread with a topic or poll. Then one could summarise the info and report it to KS as a request or bug fix, etc. Our feedback is only valuable if it is presented in a valuable form. ---------- I just got back form my tropical-potato ride on FW 2.02. I was going down the street where I live and there was a car behind me. The speed limit is this area is 30 kmh but he did not seem to think so. So I silently farted and hit 49.5 kmh upon which I hit a new pothole that I have never seen before. The 16X just floated right over it (I countered like a boss of course) and that was that. 49 kmh pothole completed. I kept on riding and tried to slow down but couldn't because FW 2.02 is just so crazy stable and it carves without accelerating unlike 1.05. With 1.05 I have to hold my breath while carving so that I don't accidentally hit one million kmh mid carve. So now I can slalom like a fool while feeling very secure and maybe I can actually learn to ride properly lol. I continued riding and attempted some hill climbing. I did the same hill I did the other day with Simon (18XL overheated), Fredrik (18XL no probs), MSX 84v (I struggled up). The 16X struggled up.. I had to reposition my legs several times. That is because I don't have side pads. I pulled 16.5A at most lmao. What a joke. I then tried another similar 24-26 degree hill but on the soft mode... no difference really. I won't say that FW 1.05 would fly up the hill... but I can do it with much less effort and repositioning. Perhaps I will do some FW changing and comparison tomorrow. I then did some off-roading. I hit a few unexpected obstacles and almost fell off the front of the 16X. Sort of like if you are on a skateboard and hit a pistacho shell. 16X slowed down faster than my body so I really had to catch myself. This happened twice. On FW 1.05 the forward falling motion from me would cause a fast acceleration and the wheel would just torque over whatever got it in it's way and get back under me. So in the end what has FW 2.02 given me? I can ride the hell out of it at max speed now. Safely. It carves beautifully. It brakes well enough. It is comfortable to ride. I can have a nice riding posture on it and not hunch or lean back all the time. I get around 1km per % unit unless I unleash my final form of pure A-hole rider. So this 16X with FW 2.02 now feels solid. Like a baby Gotway. Which it did in 1.07 as well. Does this mean I never want to use FW 1.05 again? Does this mean I will never try FW 1.07 again? Am I ever gonna dance again? Guilty feet have got no rhythm. So if we look at the release notes what is missing? That the stiffer pedal mode uses more battery? That they changed the riding feel? Did they? Maybe it's just because of the pedals lol. Is 1.07 stiffer? I don't remember. Should I ask them if 1.07 feels stiffer to ME than 2.02? Adapt APP to adjust the front and rear declination Adapt APP to adjust left and right shutdown angle All production fault codes are sent to the APP to facilitate users to lock down the problems Join the total riding time and send it to the APP Optimize charging management. Resume charging after the power drops if do not unplug the charger for a long time. The shutdown time can be adjusted in the app Those are the release notes. Has anyone tested FW 1.07 to FW 2.02 back to back and back and forth, etc and come to the conclusion that there is a different riding feel? Is it just one person? So that would be a n=1 which we are against. Is it several people? Then maybe we have a case lol. And then we could just ask. Hi, several users reported a change in the driving characteristics of FW 2.02 compared to FW 1.07. Could you please include this information in future release notes and perhaps a brief description. We are going out for a late evening group ride today.. so time for me to get ready to roll! I will keep FW 2.02 so I can blast the hell out of all the other riders! Nikola 100v or not! BECAUSE I CAN RIDE FAST ALL THE TIME! KYEEEEKYEKEKEKEKEKE!!!
  18. Excellent idea! I would not want to log in, see 100 notifications. Read through the first three and see my name in the middle of an obscure post where only half of what is written is relevant and the rest links to something else or a quote or a previous discussion. Great idea filtering these requests through the mods. Yes the feedback system doesn't work if we are tagging a representative and asking them to read our subjective impressions as well as act upon them. It would also help if the language and tone used was less emotional, less accusing, etc. We pride ourselves so much on our scientific approach until our feelings get in the way and then we put the burden of proof on the other person. PROVE TO ME THAT FW 2.02 DOES NOT USE MORE RANGE. WHAT DID YOU CHANGE!!! Do we want them to tell us that they changed to banana flavour so that we can say that they are wrong and that it tastes more like a mango? FW 2.03: Changed fruit to other fruit. WHAT FRUIT? WHAT AM I TASTING? IS THIS CHERRY? I DEMAND TO KNOW!!! There is a lot of noise on this forum and that is all fine and dandy as long as we aren't constantly crying wolf. Then we are just training the people who are trying to help to not help us. I think I need to go out and ride now! I'm outta heeeeeeere....
  19. I have put on 1000km on my 16X since switching to the Chao Yang. I feel like a bit of my identity is gone haha. When I was on the Nik+ the other day I really had to lean it to get it to turn. The 16X turns so easily now. The tyre is thinner than the CX, it wants to wobble a bit at high speed and this can be solved by leaning my calves against the pads. I can imagine Franks pads would be awesome for those cases. On the CX I did the opposite and always stayed off the sides and just let it do it's little wobble dance freely between my legs. They are simply different and the CYT is better than the CX and some things and vice versa. Still.. there is something about crouching and leaning into curves and hanging off the side of the wheel. And low speed balance and nimbleness. That feeling of floating. Give it a few thousand km and try to look for the benefits of the tyre. Carve it deeper. Run it a bit higher PSI than the CX and just rip it around all over the place.
  20. I have yet to change FW while out and about but I am sure I will soon. Perhaps I should try 1.07 again. The chao yang struggles. I know what you mean man... it's like a little bit of the 16X magic is gone.
  21. Haha yes lately when I have been hanging around with one of the Z10 riders I have been yanking his Z10 by the handle every 5 minutes lol to keep it alive. Sometimes we take chat breaks at the skate park. Yes I remember KingSong saying that it should be recalibrated as well. Out of 5 firmware changes I have only had to do it once though. So I figured I would try to NOT calibrate instead of throwing salt over my shoulder after every FW change.
  22. Wobble wobble! I also came from a Ninebot One E+. I had to relearn to ride but before that I had to unlearn to ride which made it even more demanding. Haha yeah funny how Mickey is running that high PSI and then pointing out wobbles. At his weight and that PSI it would be interesting to see the contact patch he is riding on. We can just ride in a puddle and then on dry asphalt and see. 1cm maybe? Nice use of a 3 inch tyre lol. The first time I was on a Nik+ (3 battery packs) was last year. I got it to 50kmh on my first try. I then got some terrible wind and got wobbles while holding my GoPro which acted like a sail and also my own noobiness on that wheel. On the way back I hit 59.5kmh on a bike path with a slight incline. I once got wobbles on the 1800Wh Nik+ also because of high PSI and bad asphalt. But... let's go back in time a bit.. to when I was riding my MSX with a speed alarm set at 35 kmh. EVERY TIME I passed 35 kmh I would get speed wobbles lol. Yesterday I got a speed wobble on the 16X at 45 kmh because I put most of my weight on my right leg so I could adjust my right foot. I probably won't be doing that again. Anyway... @Stillhart remember this thread in a few months.. when all your wobbles are gone. Wobble is a skill issue and it takes time and practice to develop skill.
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