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  1. And why is this not a real speculation you are giving there? Be aware of what you say about how something like mentality differs with race. Well I dont completely object it given from cultural differences, but it could sound really wrong. Btws just got to wonder what you would have to say, would u mind telling how exactly Korean mental set up is different with Europeans?
  2. I never expect the lift sensor to work while Im riding and obviously not around 4kph. I meant lifting upon stop while dragging wheel by hand which will be less than 1kph or something. If I lift while dragging the wheel itd obviously spin, but upon stop and lift, sensor kicks in instantly without delay with 2.02 whereas with previous FWs I had to wait a bit or pull the wheel backwards before lifting to let the sensor kick in. Really wish I could upload videos here. You can try it yourself on the stairs. I drag the wheel on each floors before lifting the wheel again to climb up the next sta
  3. Ive just tried 1.07, I see what ppl mean by not being able to see much difference with 2.02. It really is similar apart from the braking which is wee bit more responsive?softer? on 2.02. But overall its quite the same. Maybe 1.07 soft mode feels little bit stiffer than 2.02 soft mode. Another difference on 2.02 is the responsiveness on lift sensor. I found this difference coming over from 1.08 as well. I use stairs every day and on 1.08 and 1.07 lift sensor has a delay and the wheel often spins on lift thinking its still moving. So before lifting I always had to give it some pause or a l
  4. I dont know about 1.07, yet to try it, but I can assure you thats not true in a bit with 1.08 and 2.02. They are very different in terms of riding characteristic. Well, in fact, there hasnt been any official comments on 1.08 since it was a veiled stock fw just for new batch users and then they decided to come up with 2.02 fw to release it officially. So I thought 2.02 would be just a name change from 1.08 but it wasnt. According to buell47, it sounds quite similar to 1.07 style, so maybe KS just decided to erase 1.08 completely for some reason and stay with 1.07 with a little bits and pie
  5. OTL.. I wonder when there wud be a good one made for 16x that I can purchase on Ali express or something.
  6. Yeah it really seemed like huge difference in battery consumption on 2.02 compared to 1.08 but I couldnt mention it assuredly since I didnt calculate objective data. Now it seems pretty evident the gap is huge. Despite the nice feelings 2.02 have, I wanted to go back to 1.08 becos of this. Battery life after all is one of the biggest benefits and since I liked 1.08 quite a bit apart from its braking I hope it could be on the downgrade option both in EUC World and soft tuner app.
  7. I was wondering why no one brings up a post about this terrible mudguard. My mudguard ripped 4 times now, and continuously using locktide flex gel to adhese it over and over again. This mudguard literally rips even when the wheel falls to the back while standing still or when a little impact is given. Kingsong still doesnt change this mudguard or makes a better one for users to replace it with. Mudguards are quite essential so I really think there should be a better alternative. Or where could I buy one that could replc this?
  8. I wonder how board v1.4 and v1.5 will give different feelings with 2.02 since ppl say how fw 1.05 feels much worse on new board v1.5 which stops me from trying it on mine I see quite a big difference now after riding 75km with 2.02 compared to 1.08. I like the overall feeling of 2.02 in terms of its balanced stability and braking, but battery efficiency has fallen quite noticeably. I guess majority will prefer 2.02 over 1.08 since many ppl like pedals staying more flat and since it feels more balanced. Only drawback I see is shorter battery life so guess I will ride only on soft mod
  9. ok well thats not been an issue for me I never shut off my wheel with short turns so but it sounds like itd be safer to be able to set it to lower angles
  10. Leaning forward and backwards is accleration and deceleration isnt it? I dont think this shutdown angle is something to do with overlean cut out.
  11. whats a shutdown angle? Is it angle that wheel shuts off the gyro when leaned to the side too much?
  12. Dang..so we cant find that rocket 1.05 fw anywhere now with v1.5 board.. Oh well gotta get along with what we have now! But I somewhat still feel acceleration was tiny bit faster on 1.08? Maybe thats due to the pedals getting harder on 2.02 like gotways. Brake performance i do think 2.02 peforms better though!
  13. Mines April 2020 batch that came with 1.08. I shoot 50kph until the alarm and hard pedal tilt back every single time since its just so easy to reach that speed with this wheel. Ive not had any cut out or the feel of getting close to it just yet. Motor felt powerful enough to manage even more even at the top speed. Hope that cut out doesnt happen in the future for me though. I believe those cut outs happened probably because their mainboard was faulty or not optimized etc or KS hasnt done a good job with matching the motor power with control board so error occurs in a few units?.. Ive got
  14. Overall ppl here think 2.02 feels more stable than 1.08 and brakes are bit better. I wasnt sure about brakes yet but I agree with stability. Maybe its due to the more solid feeling the pedals and motor is giving.
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