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  1. Official Accounts: Group: https://tinyurl.com/wurvlc5 Page: https://tinyurl.com/vzqhg7b Instagram: https://tinyurl.com/u26xhx7 Youtube: https://tinyurl.com/uhyod8y Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/JjPgrRpBFxj0ofXsDQbzEw
  2. Turning off beeps is not currently available. It is however possible to turn off bluetooth sound when the machine starts up. Please check the appropriate thread for instructions.
  3. The user was asking about iOS, so I replied to him that the app was up. I just made a post on the new releases, we are submitting to Play Store, its in the process.
  4. Our new iOS app is on the Appstore now! Available here: https://www.kingsong.com/list-30.html The Android app remains the same, available through our website. Will be available through Playstore later on. This new app is developed with the help of the DarknessBot team.
  5. Thank's guys! Means a lot! Keep the feedback coming!
  6. You can increase the volume again through various EUC apps. If you still hear bluetooth is connected/disconnected the update did not go through succesfully. I suggest trying a different USB port, please also make sure you follow the instructions file in the link.
  7. One work around is just to forget bluetooth device right now so even if the bluetooth is on you wont hear a sound, we've decided to leave it on otherwise users who have it off may be wondering why bluetooth isnt working.
  8. I just checked with my engineer this bluetooth patch is an add on onto the fix of the 16X interference BT issue during early releases. AKA: You wont experience any issues with interference because you apply this update to your BT music. @DjPanJan
  9. As @Seba has explained. We understand your concerns however this is simply for the Bluetooth module and won’t affect the ride or safety of the rider.
  10. I’ve helped push this to my engineers. It’s on our plan, please show your support by clicking the Bluetooth link as it proves how many users are interested in getting rid of these sounds.
  11. Your message is confusing I dont understand what youre trying to say. Sorry.
  12. 1. if you want to to revert back (not sure why youd want that) you can, this update doesnt affect ride performance simply bluetooth, if this updates has messed up your bluetooth please report it to me. 2. This doesnt work for all KS models, obviously only ones that include USB. 3. Customizable sounds (bluetooth starting up, horn sounds, beep sounds) are not on the current plan.
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