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Inmotion V10 good first choice?

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First post here. My name’s Chad and I’m new to all of this. I was looking up electric scooters last week and happened upon a video of an EUC. Needless to say, I’ve spent way too much time watching videos, reading through this forum, and trying to find the best deals. 

From everything I’ve seen, the best price vs performance wheel looks to be the Inmotion V10. The mcm5 looks great but is too expensive.  The V8f isn’t in stock anywhere. Also, I don’t really want to spend more than $1100. Any of the wheels that are lesser in price have either a low range or lower top speed. 

As someone who has never even ridden an EUC before, do you guys think it would be a good idea to buy a v10? Is it harder to learn than others. I don’t really like the idea of getting a “starter wheel” and then buying another one later. I want this to be my “endgame”.

As far as why I want an EUC, it looks like a fun hobby. I won’t be using it for commuting as I don’t live in a city and have to drive 25 miles to work one way. I’ll just drive it around parks and in my neighborhood. 

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Welcome to our community.

Your story is very much like mine, only I were looking into ebikes and decided on going EUC due being easier to bring with me in the car and in genereal cheaper too compared to a quality ebike.

I have yet to come across one saying they regret picking up EUC riding. As what wheel to get I do think you should look at this video from Speedyfeet. It is not as much which wheels he mentions, but more things on what consider. I can tell you right now, buying a wheel is the first step. It is unlikely to be your first purchase. 

I would still say you can buy a 2nd hard wheel, but it is very hard to tell if it has any issues if you don't know how to ride yet. Battery is both your fried and enemy. It keeps you safe but it is the part that makes a wheel expensive. What you will get in general the bigger the battery the better. What you view and think you will do with the wheel can change very fast once you get hooked. 

I live in Scandinavia with snow winters yet, I were in the proces to go all EUC and selling my car until this corona thing hit us and economi stoped. So my car sale is on hold for the time being. It took me 2 years to get this this point.

I own the bigget battery brother of the V10f and while some highlighed overheating issues when it got released I have not had any issues nor do I expect to get any of this king. But it might depend on your weight, summer tempeature in your area and how aggressive your ride. I would say I am rather impressed what I could pick on the 11.11 sae for only 1250$ back then. It might seem like a lot of money ...but if you look into esk8s vs euc, the bargian of euc becomes fast obvious on, range, speed, flexability, portability (trolleying and where you can ride). 

I am about 80kg and 176 cm (about 90kg with gear and backpack, add another 10kg when doing shopping). My V10f works fine for that. the V10 will have a shorter range, and it will trother a bit sooner. I do however thing I would pick the V10 over V8f as the V10 has been on market some time now so it knowned where its short commings are. On a first batch wheel, you never know (there are more or less always something on all brands). 

One thing or two things acturly....Inmortion are in general nicelty build, and the got fairly cheap spare parts in the US. 

If you look around on this forum. You will see me giving first time purchase to new members. When you read answers from others here, keep in mind the video from Speedyfeet. Price and which features you value most, only you know. But once you ride you will gain expireance that you could not imagine and this is likely to make you spend more on the next wheel. but we all got to start somewhere.

welcome...:cheers:  (spelling and typo errors are on the house, free).

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Welcome to the addiction! ;)

V10(f) is a great wheel to ride, and I’d imagine it’s stability to be a useful trait for beginners, compared to other wheels in that price range. The large cushioned pedals and the wider tire make for a comfortable ride, no matter one’s experience level.

The only thing lacking from V10 being a nice end game wheel is the battery size. It’s important to realize that the real life range is usually about half of the announced maximum. This is true for every EUC though.

The current large wheel standard is 1600Wh. V10, 16S and the likes are attractively priced because they are wheels from past generations. But so are the battery sizes. While 25 miles may seem like a huge distance to you now, once you learn how effortlessly the distance is travelled on an EUC, it will start to feel short.

If V10 has the largest battery you have a budget for, then go for it (unless you are a very heavy guy). But if you already see yourself riding for lengthy distances, at least try to look for the V10f.

The announced range is also less important than the actual size of the battery (in Wh). A 1000Wh Inmotion has practically the same range as a 1000Wh KingSong. Gotways do stop a bit earlier though.

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14 hours ago, Chad said:

Thanks for the responses, guys. I have another question. Is flash-ecom a legit seller for EUCs? I know that ewheels is popular to buy from, but flash-ecom has more choices. 

I don't know them (that I recall). Here on the forum there is a seller's list. These are dealers that have asked to be here and that should not have serious bad reputation. 

There can always be a case where one customer vs a dealer pops up. But repeated disputes and causing issues should not be on the forums list. EUCO is a company that I re all that have been active Inmotion only at first but now have more brands too. And what is considered the major dealer in the US Ewheels run by @Jason McNeil.

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Well, I kind of went against what my original plan was and bought an mten3. It’s supposed to be coming in Tuesday. I’ve heard some people say it’s a really hard wheel to learn and others say it’s one of the easiest. I’ve just heard so many reviews saying it’s the most fun wheel. Fun is really what I’m looking for. 

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Congrats on the purchase! The Mten is a very easy ride to an experienced rider, and I do think that the low speed stability should help beginners, since having the guts to push for enough speed is difficult for many at the very beginning. Here’s me trying out the Mten for the first time:

Besides range, Mten’s cons are the tiny tire diameter and the free top speed. It’s no problem riding on smooth roads, but the small tire requires a constant hawk eye on the road in front of you, since even smaller potholes and bumps are effective in causing a crash.

Other manufacturers prevent the rider from exceeding the top speed by a tilt-back that can’t be removed. It will also engage earlier and earlier as the battery gets lower. On Gotway wheels the speed limiter doesn’t auto-adjust, and it can easily be removed alltogether. There’s nothing stopping you from riding past safe speeds, all the way to where the wheel can no longer balance itself if you remove the limiter.

Because of this the rider must himself be closely aware of the wheel’s performance limits and battery level and adjust one’s speed accordingly. I would set the top speed at around 15mph until you get some experience.

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V10 was my first wheel.  Just before the coronavirus thing hit, I bought a 100v Nik+ but barely have it out of the box.  I started on the V10 May 2019 or so.  I now consider myself a fairly decent rider.  I set my max speed o 30km/h as that is what I'm comfortable with.

I love the V10 and can't imagine selling it.  It's perfect for short commutes.  I haven't tried the mten3 but it's on my radar.

Maybe my mind will change after I get 500km on the Nik+ (I have 500km on the V10), but I doubt it.

Enjoy your Mten3!

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