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  1. Third day practicing with my Mten3 is complete. Yesterday I could only turn well to my left. Today I was able to learn sharp turns both directions and rode down my neighborhood for the first time. I have no other experience with EUCs but this little one is easy to control at really slow speeds unlike what I have heard about the larger ones. I also rode in my yard, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I fell and my Mten3 went into a muddy ditch. It cleaned off easily at least. Poor guy looks like he has been thrown out of a moving vehicle. Does anyone have tips for learning to ride backwards? Marty makes it look so easy.
  2. While Marty’s Mten3 video are great, I’ve seen all of them. Lol. If you don’t mind, link your vid. I’m enjoying getting inspiration from other videos.
  3. Well, today learned to mount without help of a wall and I can ride pretty much as far as I want, now. I’m able to make small turns, too. Practiced for about 3 hours today. So much fun! Fell twice but landed in the grass both times luckily. It also spun out again and bruised my ankle real bad. My Mten3 is full of scratches and nicks now. It was a lot of fun. Is it normal to feel like the world is spinning once you get off? Lol.
  4. I’m 6’1” 170 lb. I experienced a spin out today. Had no idea it was a thing. I slipped off and it spun so quickly it went airborne. Kind of scary tbh.
  5. I’m definitely having fun! Thanks for the insight. Spent a couple hours playing on it today. I was able to ride about 25 feet or so a few times without holding on to anything. I think I’ll catch on quick. Two things that seem like they will be really difficult is mounting the wheel without assistance of a wall and riding backwards.
  6. Lol. Thanks. I wouldn’t even know that Gotway has an app. Zero instructions included in the box.
  7. So I just got my Mten3 today, but it includes no instructions at all. I notice on YouTube videos people use apps that show speed and range. Is there a recommendation for a good app? Also, I don’t see any information about battery percentage on the Mten3. How do you know when it is fully charged? Does it hurt to leave the battery charging for too long? Sorry for all the questions!
  8. So, I’ve heard from some that the mten3 is the hardest EUC to learn and from others that it is easy. This is my first EUC. Any tips on learning to ride the mten3 specifically?
  9. Well, I kind of went against what my original plan was and bought an mten3. It’s supposed to be coming in Tuesday. I’ve heard some people say it’s a really hard wheel to learn and others say it’s one of the easiest. I’ve just heard so many reviews saying it’s the most fun wheel. Fun is really what I’m looking for.
  10. Thanks for the responses, guys. I have another question. Is flash-ecom a legit seller for EUCs? I know that ewheels is popular to buy from, but flash-ecom has more choices.
  11. Hello, First post here. My name’s Chad and I’m new to all of this. I was looking up electric scooters last week and happened upon a video of an EUC. Needless to say, I’ve spent way too much time watching videos, reading through this forum, and trying to find the best deals. From everything I’ve seen, the best price vs performance wheel looks to be the Inmotion V10. The mcm5 looks great but is too expensive. The V8f isn’t in stock anywhere. Also, I don’t really want to spend more than $1100. Any of the wheels that are lesser in price have either a low range or lower top speed. As someone who has never even ridden an EUC before, do you guys think it would be a good idea to buy a v10? Is it harder to learn than others. I don’t really like the idea of getting a “starter wheel” and then buying another one later. I want this to be my “endgame”. As far as why I want an EUC, it looks like a fun hobby. I won’t be using it for commuting as I don’t live in a city and have to drive 25 miles to work one way. I’ll just drive it around parks and in my neighborhood.
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