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  1. If it keeps happening it's very likely, The massive crackdown on hoverboards just a couple of years ago is a perfect example
  2. Not all 21700 have a higher energy density than 18650 just like there are 18650 with various capacities out there. Right now top of the line cells in both formats are VERY close in their density so there is not really a difference between them besides the size USUALLY favoring 18650 (as you reach the desired S count in less space). Advantages of 21700 are high current capabilities (just like top of the line 18650) and high cycle life. Downsides are price and their size and weight.
  3. Exactly so why are you making such a huge deal about the weight of the v11? and using gender as a argument it been 27kg shouldn't be a problem for 95% of riders, same as the Nikola's weight is not a problem for most riders, Women ride/own that wheel despite it been roughly the same weight as a v11.
  4. So your theory basically disqualifies EVERY wheel on the market that has a battery over 13000wh lol yet you've used it to solely bash the v11 lol.. We get it, the v11 isn't your cup of tea and that's fine but come on dude this is just pathetic.
  5. Now we know this guy is just trolling, the KS16X i literally just 3kg lighter than the v11, IE lmfao basically nothing
  6. I think you have a valid point. I have seen mechanical wear on cables in The produts I work with in ny line of work. Making the flex un one direction isn't hard but in x and y direction is a different matter. Also the open part with linking cables between parts put the more at risk, unless they are installed in metal tubes. I still think it will be very interesting to see what people think after 6 months ownership. Right now it is mostly speculation and expectations. Should also in theory be more durable & last longer because it's working less by suspending less weight if it's only suspending the rider instead of the whole wheel, not to mention weight/work been spread between two shocks instead of one.
  7. More details about the tire changing procedure would be nice, possibly make a video demonstrating how easy or difficult it is?
  8. Built in GPS tracking or some kind of security along those lines that would enable the owner to locate their wheel incase they get stolen
  9. Why do so many riders constantly recharge/topup their wheels, is there any particular reason other than the speed throttling that people generally ain't using their wheels below 50% and instead choose to charge it back up? im not sure what counts a full battery cycle but that last 40/50% of battery is a hell of a lot of potential range people are missing out on aswell as possibly shortening your battery life because your ultimately charging more than you need to.
  10. Seems like this guy only posts when he's trying to promote/sell his youtube channel
  11. Presumably gotway riders judging by how some people act lol didn't you know they go faster so that makes them better riders than us slow folk happy at 20 to 30mph, just like the v10 isn't a performance wheel debate because it's restricted to 25mph despite it having a 2000W Motor that's comparable to the 'faster' wheels
  12. i can assure you there's no mixup here, I live in england so overheating a wheel here is near enough impossible lol... theres a clear difference between overheating a wheel or overloading a wheel and i stand by my statement of never ever having overloaded my V10
  13. it wouldn't tell you to 'get' get off in that situation... the get off warning only triggers for a overload/overlean not for a over speed situation so your little senario won't happen in a normal traffic situation unless your driving like a moron! im 6.4 and 15 stone and iv NEVER over powered my v10 so can we stop making out like this is a common occurrence when the truth is it's really not for the majority of riders..
  14. Yeah literally just finished watching this lol there's definitely similarities.. i like how the video highlights how beneficial suspension just in general will be for eucs though. definitely think it will become the norm in future models
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