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  1. Iv always covered the vents in rain and I still had the problem, I'm fairly sure it's the leds aswell although you definitely should cover the vents too in bad weather, Gotta remember your sometimes driving against the element's at considerable speed so the front of the machine is particularly vulnerable especially this time of year
  2. Yeah didn't do anything fancy just strips of reflective tape over the front leds and also the vents under the headlights.
  3. yeah exactly same thing you described that's why i commented, Doesn't necessarily have to be rain its winter and cold there's moisture in the air. happened 2 or 3 times times to me before i read about front leds been susceptible to the elements , i use mine as my transport to work everyday rain or shine as iv said covering the front leds has fixed the issue for me also the headlights have them holes underneath which can let in moisture and dust off the road ect.
  4. I had this issue a couple of times after riding in damp weather, iv since found out the front leds can be supsectable to water ingress and since all the lights and leds are connected to the same circuit it can cause issues, iv now covered the front leds with reflective tape and never had a issue since
  5. I use diy ones but i don't really find myself needing them for acceleration but they definitely help with braking, iv also found them especially invaluable in a safety/stability sense when you hit them unexpected bumps, just having more contact points with the wheel that pads give you has saved me from flying/bouncing off the wheel numerous times.
  6. Why wouldn't you just send it back to speedyfeet? they offer a 2yr warranty so where's the problem...
  7. Do we really need a thread on this? Surely just use your common sense and walk like everyone else and don't be seen as a nuisance... The great thing about eucs is their dead convenient and easy to trolley around.. who knew
  8. Surprised something as tragic as this hasn't happened sooner judging from the majority of clips iv seen of riders around pedestrians, i literally had a argument with somebody on facebook a couple of days ago about people riding too fast around people, Can't say im surprised though when people with influence like ustride post extremely careless riding examples for views like his veteran sherman demo day video...
  9. Is there a way to delete multiple logs/tours at once on the website instead of having to do them individually?
  10. Yeah im having the same problem, Logs are uploading to the website but not tours..
  11. make sure you don't have tour active or log recording then it should be accessible
  12. I found goggles help tons, i ride with a single ear bud to get updates from euc world and found it impossible some days to hear that but iv recently bought some goggles and now i hear every single update aswell as traffic & people around me ect, it's made a massive difference not only with that but my all round riding experience
  13. My point still stands, it's scary how many riders are out there who don't even know the rules of the road, less alone how to drive defensively.
  14. This isn't strictly V11 related but is there a way of finding out which batch your euc is? talking about ALL wheels whether it's a Gotway, KS or IM.
  15. That's what u get when anybody can just jump on a euc/pev and ride with traffic in other words riders with zero road sense or knowledge of the highway code, this is also why i don't agree with kids/children riding pevs.. Absolute minimum requirement should be atleast a driving license for the reason iv just given
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