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Nikola 84v 1600wh control board different than 2100wh version?

The Wheel Plug

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I am helping a friend replace his 84v Nikola motherboard, but it doesnt seem to be functioning properly. The broken motherboard seems to be the 1600wh version, but the new one the supplier sent him as a replacement seems to be the 2100wh version. Is there a reason the motherboard is different for the different battery sizes even though the battery voltage is the same? is there a way we can get his new motherboard to work with his 1600wh wheel?


This is the new motherboard he was sent


This is what his old board looked like..

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Your new motherboard looks exactly the same as what came in my 84v 1859Wh (1600Wh with an extra 259Wh pack).

Have you tried it yet? I think it will be fine. I notice yours also says '84v' on it if I am not mistaken.

GW have definitely changed some of the layout on the newer boards/wheels. The Bluetooth module being the obvious one.

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2 hours ago, Arbolest said:

It kind of looks like one is meant to be mounted in the top slot (under the handle) and one is meant to be mounted in the side slot. 

If this is the case, the gyro sensors dictate that the board must be installed in the correct orientation. And since there should be a through hole in the shell for cooling the thermal plate to the wheel well, installing the wrong one in it’s correct place would require a lot of work.

I’m afraid the OP’s friend should ask and wait for the correct board.

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