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  1. I'm working on building a custom wheel and need some good 100v battery packs to get it done! I can meet anywhere in the larger SF Bay area to pick them up, or we can figure out a shipping arrangement if the stars happen to align for us . If you have a charger as well, I can take that off your hands too! If the packs happen to come attached to a wheel, we can do some negotiating. Requirements: No damage to packs, cells or cabling - they need to be able to charge fully and hold the charge without issue! PS: If I can talk someone out of a working 100v MSX, that would definitely take priority!
  2. If you want to buy a direct replacement for an MSuper V3S+ board, then I suggest contacting @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com. He still carries a few boards for the V3S+ and is a good, trustworthy guy who I've dealt with on multiple occasions! He has them listed for sale here: https://tec-toyz.com/products/gotway-msuper-v3s-pcb-board?_pos=3&_sid=78e5008f8&_ss=r Just make sure to select the "HB Motor PCB" option in the dropdown menu before placing your order! I also suggest contacting him directly first (his phone number is on the Tec Toyz website) if you need to arrange for shipping outside of the United States. If that lead doesn't work out for you, another option would be to use an MSX control board! Since your wheel uses an HB motor it will be compatible and should work without any issues. A warning though... It will require some effort on your part to modify your wheel's shell slightly to accommodate it! The heatsink has holes in slightly different places, so you will need to drill a few new screw-holes and buy some different/longer screws, and the way the motor wire connectors attach to the board means that you may need to use heat to slightly reshape a portion of your right shell cover to get everything to fit. If you are comfortable doing this kind of stuff, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the upgrade to an MSX board! I did it to my personal V3S+ about a year ago and have been very pleased with it ever since. If you want, I can post pictures and a more in-depth description of what you will need to do. If neither of those options work for you, then PM me and we can discuss other solutions to your problem. Good luck!
  3. Hey there! Do you need a board for an MSuper with a "QJ" motor or an "HB" motor? The distinction is important because the firmware is different depending on which motor is in the wheel!
  4. Is this one of the original Red/Blue shells, or one of the new V3 black/"carbon fiber" shells? If it's a red or blue shell, that coating is actually the matte rubberized finish that was applied to the first 2 generations of Monster.
  5. I took the Cyberwheel out for a fantastic adventure up around the Calaveras reservoir and Sierra Vista 2 days ago! It was absolutely gorgeous out there and so picturesque I had to stop several times and just revel in it all. The weather was perfect. 10/10 will be doing this ride again! In the middle of nowhere on the way to the reservoir. Overlooking the reservoir from the top of a hill a good distance away. A turnout on a deliciously winding mountain road heading towards Sierra Vista. Wild artichokes I found on the side of the road on the way back down.
  6. I actually find myself agreeing on both sides of this... On one hand the federal government absolutely CAN dictate what is legal to operate on the INTERSTATE highways and can ban whatever type of vehicle they want for whatever reasons they fancy. On the other hand, I don't think they can override local state laws concerning vehicle eligibility on state highways or lesser roads. I'm pretty sure it's just that in general the individual States kind of copy/paste the interstate limitations unless there is a specific reason to make a change or amendment on a specific stretch of asphalt. Now, all that said, that's just talking about highway use. Road/bike lane/bike path/sidewalk/offroad use is a completely different animal! That's a lot more "personal" and invasive for any given state or jurisdiction. I find it incredibly unlikely that any kind of wide-reaching, full coverage ban on any type of PEV will ever become a reality in the US. At least not on a national level. You might see a city or two that have a particular beef against electric scooters, or a county that really hates electric skateboards on their bike paths, but even just on an individual state level a full-on ban (as opposed to some trivial limitation) on any PEV seems like it would take more attention and "effort" on the politicians' part than they are likely to put forward for that cause. They have bigger fish to fry.
  7. Welcome! Glad to hear you're enjoying it!
  8. Arbolest


    Jeepers man, some of those accelerations look absolutely breathtaking!
  9. Indeed it is. All 3 of my Gotways do it (from 3 different electronics generations).
  10. This looks fantastic! I love how simple and straight-forward the design is! I am also interested in this controller!
  11. Dang! That bites... hmmmm... you might be right about the voltage level switch, but whatever it was, it sounds like something was certainly active on the board.
  12. I mean, yeah, I suppose a couple charge-discharge cycles would be one of the first steps in verifying the health of the cells. You've already identified them, so now you have to make sure that your "new" 2015 () batteries are still in good condition. Once you are sure the cells are good, if you actually intend to figure out how to get the BMSes talking to each other then that would be the next step. That said, I'm still not entirely sure how linking 3-4(?) of those together in series to attain the nominal voltage for an EUC battery pack is going to go. In the best case it might work in a pinch, but just remember that each of your mini packs will be like links in a chain. If ANY of them go out for any reason (cell failure, BMS fault, etc...) the whole thing will cut off on you. Also, resetting a faulted BMS board that you've wrapped up into a compound battery pack could be an interesting ordeal... I know I probably sounded like I was warning you away from building your own full-sized pack earlier, but if you have a BMS designed for the wheel you intend to use this thing with then personally I would just hook up your new cells to something you know will work.
  13. Hoooo boy, that's iffy. The super-high-drain cells used for handheld power tools are great if you need huge surges of current on a regular basis, but not so much on the overall capacity. Also, be careful about using bargain batteries for something that you ride... Cynicism aside, if you have the itch, the know-how and the opportunity, then I'd say it could be a fun project! Although it would be INVOLVED, and there is no way you can just rig some of these up in series and use them to replace your average EUC battery. You'd have to disassemble the Hyundai packs, harvest all of the cells, identify them, verify they're all in good health, and then build a new pack out of them from the ground up (including using a proper BMS!)... It's not a simple job! It'll take a lot of skill, steady hands, and knowledge to do it correctly and safely... That all said, as an avid DIYer myself, I must admit I am intrigued... honestly, if you're curious, I'd buy one of the Hyundai packs and disassemble it first to see what it's like and identify the actual cells. Then we can have a more informed debate on whether or not this endeavor is worth the trouble (and money!).
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