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  1. *shows some love* If you are going to be on a wheel all day long at any point, then get the Monster 2400Wh and make sure to get the seat attachment. It is a truly fantastic wheel to own, especially the V3. The handling on it is definitely different than in other wheels, and all of the myriad posts on the forums relating it to an SUV in terms of ride feel are pretty darn accurate!! Compared to almost anything else, it feels "floatier" and the ride is so smooth that once you get used to it you'll practically purr when you hit a stretch of smooth asphalt. Many people tend to say that the Monster feels slow and cumbersome, but those comments typically come from those who seem to have only tried the Monster once or twice and not on an extended ride (I know it's not the case for everyone of course!). To really get to know any wheel you need to spend some quality time with it... And I mean at least a few hundred miles! After how much road I've eaten up on my Monsters (I have a beautiful V2 as well as a V1 that I made into a custom wheel!) I can confidently say that they are not cumbersome at all! Once you really know the machine it behaves just like any other familiar wheel -- as an extension of your body! After you get some experience with it you can nimbly weave through traffic and/or pedestrians with no trouble at all, and when at speed you can take corners with absolute confidence and zero wobbling. Accelerating when you are already at speed is like nothing else you've tried yet - the stability and seemingly-endless power delivery inspire a certain confidence that's hard to put into words, and the thrill gets me every time! Accelerating from a dead stop is only slower than other wheels until you grow comfortable enough with the wheel to either clamp down with your legs or make yourself some power pads, because if your legs have something to grab onto the Monster can REALLY take off like a bat out of hell! Gotway's last two generations of electronics are really amazing, and they certainly didn't pull any punches with the Monster so it will give you all the power you can ask for as long as you know HOW to ask it.
  2. I've always assumed it's a brush-on laquer (or silicone-based conformal coating) based on the brush marks I can see in the material on all of my boards...
  3. A 1600Wh Monster is perfectly fine. It's a configuration that was commonly sold a while back. Basically, it just has 2 of Gotway's standard 84v, 800Wh battery packs instead of 3. It will behave just like a 2400Wh Monster, but with 1/3 less range. As to your question about installing another battery pack, yes it is possible! It's not even difficult as long as the monster already has the correct battery cables (Main power, charging and BMS shutoff). If it turns out it doesn't have the right cables for the 2400Wh (triple battery pack) configuration, then I'm sure @Jason McNeil at eWheels can get you taken care of, including setting you up with another battery pack if you don't already have one!
  4. Unfortunately there's no real communication between the battery packs and the control boards of most wheels. As such, the wheel has no idea how big the battery pack it"s using is -- all it sees is a voltage. For this reason, the only way you will really be able to know the capacity is by opening the wheel up and inspecting the battery pack(s). Otherwise we're at the mercy of whoever we get the wheel from and, behind them, the manufacturers.
  5. From very first inkling that I wanted to make one? About 10 months all told, but I didn't actually start doing what I would consider "work" on it until mid-November (when I started making CAD drawings), so if I was in court I would say it's 5-ish months.
  6. If you're interested in a long range cruiser, and 30 mph is fast enough for you, may I ask why you decided not to go with the 84v Monster instead? It should provide you with more range than the 100v version, it should be the same price (or cheaper!) and you don't have to shy away from hitting 30 mph on it...
  7. I can absolutely second this for anyone interested! Check out the thread I made showing what you can do with one of these!
  8. Hahahaha, I hadn't thought of it like that, but I suppose so! I was going for something like a bicycle seat that was a bit wider and more in keeping with the straight lines of the wheel in general.
  9. Stopped by the TESLA Fremont factory while I was out and about today! For those that haven't seen it yet, I made a post about this wheel I made!
  10. Stopped by the TESLA Fremont factory while I was out and about today! Also realized there are no decent pictures of the wheel with the seat attached!
  11. Well thank you kindly! You flatter me! I love making things, and comments like yours really make all the work worth it... I'm glad you like it! I've worked on many projects in my time, but none that took so much mind-space and meticulous planning. I think one of the best parts of it was being able to take advantage of the forced down-time from the shutdown/quarantine to work exclusively on it. If not for that it would have taken several months longer! Some of my friends have been going stir-crazy at home with nothing to do, but this thing really kept me sane! And now, I get to go out and enjoy it for the remainder!
  12. Heheheh, the two main beams are dazzling. No way I can get a picture. They honestly seem to throw more light than the headlights on my car.
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