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  1. ...What... just happened there...
  2. Arbolest


    That was awesome! I don't think anything would get my blood pumping quite like trying some of those jumps! It looks like you really pushed your machines a few times. At least once in the video I saw the wheel tilt forward hard when you landed, like it was going to cave and drop you xD Also, I know that can't have been the only time you ate it... How many times did the poor wheels hit the ground on something other than their tires?
  3. Arbolest

    Tesla cut off crasch

    That is terrifying and horribly unfortunate! You have my best well-wishes for your recovery! I sincerely hope that this incident doesn't keep you off of your wheel permanently, but it definitely merits as much digging as possible into finding the root cause! If you feel up to it, please crack the Tesla open and take some gooooood pictures of everything on the inside and post them here, as I'm sure many of us (myself included) would be more than happy to scrutinize them and possibly help you find something that may have led up to this unfortunate accident... Good luck, stay safe, buy wrist guards, and get well soon!
  4. Skills I wish I had xD
  5. The Z10 is so much sexier it's not even funny
  6. Arbolest

    The purity of riding in sandals....

    ...eep... *shudder*
  7. Arbolest

    In the news...

  8. Arbolest

    first ride in downtown traffic ...

    While I understand and happen to (sometimes) agree with the sentiment toward the owner, I would feel far too badly about possibly injuring a dog to be able to do that
  9. Arbolest

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    It's great that your wife wants to learn, Marty! I actually agree with both parts of this! When I was teaching my girlfriend to ride, we were using the Ninebot One E+ and it was so low down on her shins that while she was figuring out her balance, it pressed into her shins hard enough that she almost quit from the discomfort! I managed to convince her to tough it out, but if she had learned on something with a higher contact point and better cushions (like the MSv3S+) it would have been a much more pleasant transition... Not to mention the MSuper is going to be a LOT more stable once she gets past like... 3 mph. And once she gets used to riding and wants to try a different one of your wheels she'll already be used to Gotway's wider stance! And besides, with you having your MSX, it might be nice (and give you one more connection) for her to be riding a similar-ish wheel... As to holding her hand for the learning, that is DEFINITELY the best way to teach her, as my girlfriend has already attested when I let her have the (hilarious) honor of trying to teach my sister how to ride.
  10. Arbolest

    Which wheel has the longest range

    The Gotway Monster 2400wh. Bar none.
  11. Arbolest

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    This is interesting and brings up a valid point. But I think that what may be behind the weird braking issue is actually a lot simpler than many of us are assuming (Please, anyone with greater electrical knowledge feel free to strike this idea down, but do give a thorough explanation as to why ). While it is true that a forward spinning motor like the type used in EUCs will generate a back-EMF as it rotates, which can be collected/stored for use later (regenerative braking), I feel like not enough attention is payed to the fact that this is NOT the only way that EUC's (and even most other electrically driven motors) slow themselves down. The simplest form of braking with these (and most types of) electric motors is simply to have the speed controller that's governing the motor's rotation run it backwards. I mean, instead of letting the siphoning off of the back-EMF cause the braking, the device just applies current in a cycle that opposes the motion of rotation. While no-where near as efficient in terms of power-savings (it saves zero power...In fact it uses even more ), this is WAY easier to implement. I find it easiest to think of this form of braking as the controller pushing something (a wheel) to a stop, and I see regenerative braking more as letting the motor itself pull you to a stop... I feel like Ninebot must have just done something like this for their braking routines instead of following along with the other EUC makers (no idea why though...). It may even help to explain why it feels so weak when trying to brake going downhill! Hear me out on this one: First, think about this from the wheel's perspective if you can. Dealing with inclines and declines is quite a bit different than riding around on a nice flat road somewhere. When you're riding up or down on a slope, the wheel also has to deal with your weight, which is a big deal for these machines because they're essentially having to either work with or fight against a constant acceleration. That means that just staying still means putting out a lot of power if the slope is even slightly steep, much less actually accelerating on it! In addition to this, and this is the kicker, the wheel has to deal with MOMENTUM. When going uphill, the wheel is applying power in the same direction as you are moving. It's working WITH your momentum. But downhill? Especially riding STEEPLY downhill? Whew, that must be torture for the poor little things... They have to work AGAINST your momentum. They have to: 1) Use power to keep you upright 2) Use power to hold up your weight (fighting an acceleration) 3) Use power to DIRECTLY OPPOSE YOUR DOWNHILL MOMENTUM That last one, which anyone who has ridden one of their e-horses (I love that term, @Toshio Uemura) downhill at speed would know with startling clarity, is an incredible feat. The amount of kinetic energy these wheels are able to overcome can be truly astounding sometimes... Just imagine how much force that you (as a human being) would need to apply in order to try and slow down a fully grown adult going 15-20 miles per hour downhill within a reasonable distance... In case that didn't make sense, try this mental image on for size: Consider that riding on an incline is like constantly riding your wheel while aggressively leaning forward/backward on a flat road. If you're riding up or down a hill with a 20 degree slope, that's effectively like trying to accelerate/brake by leaning forward or backward by 20 degrees on a flat road. Now imagine adding in the stress of breaking on top of that, and you'll start to see how much power you're actually asking from the wheel. If the Z10 is only braking directly and trying to push you to a stop, instead of boosting its effectiveness with regenerative braking and effectively pulling at the same time... It's going to have some problems, especially when compared to wheels that both push and pull simultaneously... If you think about the evidence of the Z10's handling on downhill braking. It feels as if it doesn't provide as much power/torque, BUT IT DOES. It's just that it's trying to fight your momentum with one hand (and leg) tied behind its back! This would make it feel MUCH weaker to us when comparing it to any other wheel because we're used to that great synergy (and amazing stopping power) that can be achieved if regenerative braking is implemented properly! The wheel is still giving us just as much power as it would in any other situation. The problem is that that's ALL it's giving us! Sound's a bit silly, right? Why would Ninebot ever do something like this?!?! I think we need to ask... because if this is actually the case, then there's some work that needs to be done, and I do mean ASAP! Now see, this is intensely interesting to me! As soon as I read this, I immediately saw a problem with the fact that only ONE battery regained 20% of its capacity... This shows that the system actually IS regenerating some power and storing it but... That means that the system as a whole only regenerated HALF as much capacity as the other equivalent wheel!?!? If it was really dumping ALL of the regenerative power (or as much as it didn't need to use elsewhere...) back into a single battery pack that only had half the total capacity of the system, then it should have jumped by 40%, right? What I mean numerically is simple (going to use nice round numbers for this): If our two test wheels each have 1000wh capacities to start off with (a single 1000wh battery for the Tesla and 2 individual 500wh batteries for the Z10) , and both were run down to 600wh remaining by the time they made it to the top of the mountain (600wh for the Tesla and 300wh for each pack in the Z10), then everything is good and even. BUT, on the downhill run, if the Tesla regenerates back up to, say, 800wh remaining (20% capacity change) for 200wh of total regen, and the Z10 has its battery packs reporting at 300wh remaining (0% capacity change) and 400wh remaining (20% capacity change) for 100wh of total regen, then something is very wrong with that! First, it makes no sense to me why Ninebot would implement regenerative breaking, but only for half the system... And then what the heck is it doing with the rest of the power it's getting back from the motor?!?! THIS CAN'T BE THE WHOLE STORY HERE! I don't remember how the Z10 battery packs are connected together. If they are directly wired together then I agree with you. However, if they both plug into the control board, then I see no reason to assume that they would auto-balance. Especially if the board has some way of monitoring battery temperature or some other parameters that can help it make an informed decision as to which battery to pull the most current from at any given time. For example, let's say that one battery tends to heat up faster than the other... It would be more efficient (and safer) to draw a larger percentage of the needed current from the battery that tends to stay cooler. *sigh* I almost would have been happier to hear that the system wasn't using any of the regenerative power at all, because then it would still be a straightforward, plain old mystery. Either that or that all of the power had been dumped back into the single pack which would have just indicated a balancing issue... But now I'm just confused, because those results mean that it's only regenerating at half the efficiency of the other wheels! What's going on here?!
  12. Arbolest

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Looks to me like the control board may have come loose? I would check to make sure it's still seated properly and all of the screws are still tight.
  13. Arbolest

    The Photo Thread

    You magnificent butt-head
  14. Arbolest

    first ride in downtown traffic ...

    Indeed. The other night I took my girlfriend out to the street in front of our house to help her practice riding backwards for the first time. She uses my old Ninebot One E+, which is a great learning wheel, but I still insisted that she put on my EWheels wrist-guards. She usually refuses to wear any kind of protection, but I put my foot down this time. And boy, am I glad I did. We were practicing transitioning from going forwards into going backwards, and she was approaching the end of the street, so she made a wide U-turn. Unfortunately she let her pedal dip a little low (I knew what was going to happen as soon as I saw her angle of lean and took off running toward her...) and it just barely scraped the ground. She corrected and came out of the turn, but she was leaning so far forward (looked like almost 45 degrees from my perspective!!! ) that the poor little Ninebot accelerated like a bat out of hell, but couldn't keep up and she face-planted. HARD. It's like the memory of it got burned into my brain in super slow-mo. She landed on her right hand first, followed by her right elbow and upper arm and left hand. Then her right cheek hit, and her head bounced, and hit again as she slid for a foot or two. I panicked as soon as I saw her face hit the ground, thinking she was going to be badly injured... Now, I had started running toward her as soon as I saw her part-way through the turn, knowing the outcome wouldn't be good, and I made it to her just as the Ninebot was finishing flipping over itself and was coming to a stop on its side. Luckily, she was essentially fine. I mean, she was pissed and upset and crying, but she wasn't injured! Just a minor scrape on her elbow, and some soreness in her jaw, upper arm and right leg. When we got back inside and got her cleaned up, we looked at the aftermath: her jeans were a little worse for the crash with a big scuff mark, but her glasses survived with no damage at all! Then we looked at the wrist guards... It may sound like exaggeration, but the plastic plates looked like someone had tried to run them through a cheese-grater or a shredder or something. The right plate was WORN DOWN, and there were massive gouges all over the place with a few tiny pebbles actually embedded into the plastic. The fabric was torn in a few places too. We looked back at her hands again, but they were fine. No bruising, no cuts, no scrapes, no broken bones, nothing. I went back outside a little bit later and walked to the end of the street. The wrist guard left a mark (looked like a skid mark) almost a foot and a half long from the plastic plate. That could have been her hand. I can't tell you how important wrist guards are when we ride these wheels. And this incident made a believer out of my girlfriend too, who normally shuns any type of protective gear at all. (yes she now wears a helmet too ) Please, PLEASE, get some wrist guards and wear them, even if you don't wear anything else!
  15. Arbolest

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I really enjoyed this video. It gave me a good amount of time to get to know the machine better, especially the noises it makes, which are simultaneously endearing and teeth-grindingly annoying! Actually, I had been wondering about that (the sound of it) for a long time, because the pre-production model that we tried out when you came up to San Fran didn't have the sound working properly My girlfriend has basically fallen in love with the Z10 (she's not alone either xD), and after I talked her ear off about it when I came back from the Saturday group ride to Half-moon bay, well, let's just say we'll be getting one as soon as Jason can get them in stock Thanks for the killer video Marty! It makes for great drool-over material for her