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  1. I can attest to the effectiveness of this! It's what I've been using on my charging stands for a few years now and it takes very little in the way of extra electronics to implement safely!! Not a problem at all. Almost all of the chargers available now can be hooked up to any given wheel in parallel, so there's no reason that a wheel with charging contacts for use in a dock couldn't/shouldn't also have a charge port(s) for use with a standard (high current) charger. Again, I can attest to the effectiveness of this kind of setup. I think this is definitely how it
  2. Honestly, I think external contacts are a much more practical idea than a truly wireless setup. You can charge at nearly the same currents as we are used to today, they require no special added technology/complications, and they would allow us to use the chargers we already own so we wouldn't have to purchase anything other than the dock. I've been using home-built charging docks on my wheels for the last 3 years and I've never had an issue with waterproofing (I've commuted countless times in heavy rain ). I just put a couple diodes inline with the external charging contacts (in the wheel
  3. Welcome! Nice vid! I've been thinking we need some more Eurobeat in our videos...
  4. Agreed. A factor of 2 in terms of rated maximum discharge currents between a 6p 18650 pack and a 4p 21700 pack using the specific cells we've discussed here is pretty big. But like I said before: Totally agree here! I would much rather use the 6p configuration if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, outside of 3rd-party modded battery packs or the one-off shipment obtained by eWheels straight from the Gotway Factory there are no 3P 100v 18650 battery packs available for purchase that I know of. You can either get the 2P 615 Wh 18650 packs, or the 2P 900 Wh 21700 packs.
  5. As to what a given cell is "good for", I find most definitions tend to err on the side of wibbly-wobbly. It depends on a few variables such as (but not limited to) charge level, the length of time for a given discharge, as well as an upper limit on the temperature you're willing to let the cell reach. For instance, the reference material I'm using for my statements on the M50 roughly go along with your figure of 7.3A maximum discharge, but only if you're limiting the cell to a 1.5C discharge rate within a certain temperature range. The material also states that a single cell is perfectly capab
  6. I was thinking of the LG M50 cells, which I assume are being used in Gotway's 21700 packs (but that IS an assumption, I don't actually know). However, after looking back over the spec sheet for those cells I'm seeing that they really aren't rated for that much more instantaneous current than the LG MH1 (18650) cells that I was comparing them to in my mind. Apparently the biggest thing I was remembering is their lower internal resistance (.04 vs .07) which leads to the much-reduced heat generation and voltage sag at high currents. So yes, in terms of voltage sag when at high current demand
  7. I don't think there's anything to worry about in terms of using the 4P 21700's at high speed. The 21700s have a roughly 1.5 times higher instantaneous current capability and a lower voltage sag when compared to the 18650 cells, so a 2p 21700 pack should be roughly equivalent to a 3p 18650 pack in terms of available power.
  8. First off, nice find on the 100v MSX! I love Frankenstein-ing (read: upgrading) wheels like this, so your project sounds like fun to figure out properly! As to the swapping of parts itself, there are a couple things to keep in mind ... 1) If memory serves, the MSX battery compartments were originally designed for Gotway's then-new 21700-based battery packs, so the MSP batteries MAY fit without issue, however Gotway is also known to put out silent upgrades/changes constantly, so the shell may only fit the original 18650-based packs... The 18650 packs are just over 1/8" thinner and 1/
  9. Hey guys! I'm moving soon and was taking stock of all of my belongings when I saw the Ninebot One E+ that I had shoved into the corner of my garage a few years ago. It's only come out one time since then for a single day (the 2019 LA EUC Games) and I don't think that's right. This was my very first EUC and I put a few thousand miles on it. I rode it to death, loved it to death, and modded it to death. Unfortunately, it no longer receives the love and attention it deserves with my stable full of newer, more powerful and more modern wheels. So I figured I would try to get it into the hands
  10. Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who wants to sell an 1845Wh Monster V3 in the San Francisco Bay area! Please let me know if you might be willing to part with yours sometime soon! Aesthetics don't matter at all, please get in touch with me even if your wheel is damaged!
  11. If you're looking for a basically new MSX, then make sure to contact @Nevin@Tec-toyz.com. I know he still has some new ones in stock that he's been trying to move so you might be able to make a deal Here's a link to the product page, but I still suggest contacting him directly (contact info on his site). https://tec-toyz.com/collections/unicycles/products/gotway-msuper-x
  12. My goal here is to get my hands on several (4-5) of the older 100v, 615Wh battery packs. I don't care if the wheels are damaged or even functional as long as the batteries are healthy. I intend to use the batteries in a custom build, so I'm on the market looking for packs or wheels that people have upgraded from or otherwise no longer need/want! Have an old beaten-to-death 100v MSX, Monster or Nikola that you don't ride any more for some reason? Let's make a deal! I'm willing to drive a good distance out of the Bay area if I need to meet you halfway for a sale! Requirem
  13. Hey! If you're looking for a reliable tested and proven (if a little long in the tooth...) wheel to step up to from a V8F, then what about a 1600wh MSX? I've been commuting 8 miles 1-way every work day for the last 2+ years on my MSuper, rain or shine, and I still love it to death! It's right about "in the middle" spec-wise, has a good handle for carrying it up stairs, a perfectly serviceable trolley handle, and at your weight will have around a 32-34mph top speed and a range of 50-ish miles if you keep it at or below 20mph. The original MSX control board had a fantastic reliability record, an
  14. Welp... Now we most likely know why. The buildup of heat in that corner of the board probably reached the point where the solder joint on one of the main battery wires lost integrity. I bet it came loose (maybe from the impact when the wheel landed after the jump) and shorted through one of the nearby components. Either that, or the surge in current was just too much for a chronically overheated MOSFET to handle and it went off like a small grenade in that corner of the case. Either way, I hope Gotway/Begode redesign this particular version of their control board and come up with som
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