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  1. Oh man, can we get some more info on it? I see the 209 miles on the ebay listing, but where/when did you buy it? Is it under warranty? Is there anything funky with it other than minor cosmetic scratches and the like such as rim dents, lighting issues or any wonky-ness with the pedals? Because I have to say I am MIGHTY tempted right now! Also, did the batteries come with it when you bought the unit or did you install them yourself from an older unit? Also also, can local pickup be arranged?
  2. Arbolest

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Got it. This all sounds and looks very interesting. I can't wait to see and hear more about it in the coming weeks and months as more people get their hands (and feet) on it!
  3. Arbolest

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    #2, Pillar... What do you mean by this?
  4. Arbolest

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Also, WOW that thing is tall... It's like.... a KS-18s had a baby with a GT16 or something...
  5. Arbolest

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I think the only thing that's off-putting for me is the bit of the shell that extends below the pedals. It seems reeeeeally low to the ground and wide enough to catch larger pebbles/rocks when off-roading. Did this ever happen when you were testing it @Kuji Rolls? Maybe that's what caused some of your... off-wheel adventures?
  6. Arbolest

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Holy pants...
  7. Great news. I was worried the ecosystem was going to lose a unique specimen!
  8. Hahaha, you're like a puppy that heard someone pulling out a bag of treats!
  9. Arbolest

    Ninebot Z10 *updated price*

    Is this still available?
  10. Arbolest

    Solowheel Glide 3 for sale

    I am also interested ^^
  11. ...What... just happened there...
  12. Arbolest


    That was awesome! I don't think anything would get my blood pumping quite like trying some of those jumps! It looks like you really pushed your machines a few times. At least once in the video I saw the wheel tilt forward hard when you landed, like it was going to cave and drop you xD Also, I know that can't have been the only time you ate it... How many times did the poor wheels hit the ground on something other than their tires?
  13. Arbolest

    Tesla cut off crasch

    That is terrifying and horribly unfortunate! You have my best well-wishes for your recovery! I sincerely hope that this incident doesn't keep you off of your wheel permanently, but it definitely merits as much digging as possible into finding the root cause! If you feel up to it, please crack the Tesla open and take some gooooood pictures of everything on the inside and post them here, as I'm sure many of us (myself included) would be more than happy to scrutinize them and possibly help you find something that may have led up to this unfortunate accident... Good luck, stay safe, buy wrist guards, and get well soon!
  14. Skills I wish I had xD
  15. The Z10 is so much sexier it's not even funny