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  1. Gotcha. PM me and we can figure out when our schedules match up.
  2. Which one are you interested in? You answered first so you get first pick!
  3. Do you need a new 84v Gotway/Begode charger? Well then have I got a deal for you! For the looow low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE I'm willing to part with 4 of my chargers, each one tested and working. I have: 2x OEM Gotway chargers (1.5 Amps, silent/no fan, black plastic bricks) 1x 3rd-party "Fast charger" (3 Amps, silent/no fan, larger black plastic brick) 1x 3rd-party "Fast charger" (3 Amps, cooling fan, larger red metal case) I would prefer to give them away to people who are local (San Francisco Bay area) so I can avoid shipping them, but if you really need one
  4. Up for sale for the loooow low price of ZERO DOLLARS is a brand-new, never-been-used handle for a Ninebot One E/E+/P. I bought it a few years ago to replace my old handle (rubber wore out and started cracking) but ended up getting impatient while it was in the mail and just gorilla-taped it... Anyway, my impatience is your windfall! I would prefer to give this to someone local (San Francisco Bay area) so I can avoid shipping it, but if someone really needs it just PM me and we can work something out. NOTE: This does not include the blue mounting mechanism! It's just the black hand
  5. Unfortunately, the reason it fried from the wrong phase wire order is because it's being used in a reactional self-balancing system instead of a simple "spin in one direction at a designated speed" kind of system as is seen in e-bikes and the like. In the case of swapped phase wires: When the controller turns on and starts balancing, it automatically begins making minute adjustments to the motor's assumed position based on the readings from the Hall sensors, but with the phase wires out of order this typically results in it sending power to the wrong phase of the motor, leadin
  6. I think you're right on this point. A roughly 20" tire/wheel sounds like it would be right in line with what a lot of tinker-minded enthusiasts might want. It's right between the all-purpose 18" and the original 22" monster-size wheels that so many avid riders enjoy. Depending on the configuration it could be made to be lighter and more nimble for some shorter off-roading adventures, or more massive and stable for longer cruises on calm roads. You're certainly not wrong here. When I think of all the things I've wanted to do with my wheels the most important factor for me wa
  7. Mmmmmmm... As a DIY-er myself, I think I'm gonna side with @s.m. on this one. I like the idea of them selling one basic model of wheel that just works, and then selling a whack-ton of DIY options (with included simple, straightforward instructions) that end-users can use to modify their wheel on their own. That keeps their basic product affordable and their assembly line EXTREMELY simple and efficient (only making a single model with no add-ons) and also allows them to make money on whatever extras people want to buy to put on their own wheels for customization. Once they ship the working
  8. Yes indeed you can! Just make sure that your wheel uses the right voltage for the board (84v vs 100v) and has an HB motor and it's basically plug and play!
  9. Interesting... Looking forward to getting my hands on one!
  10. Say whaaaat? Whatcha mean Black Motherboard? Is there a new design floating around?
  11. No, the 100v will only be in either a 1230wh or an 1800Wh, depending on the cell type. If you ordered a 1600wh wheel then it is an 84v version.
  12. Even though I have a fully customized MSP HS I still regularly use my 84v MSX for leisure adventure riding both on-road and off-road. It is plenty fast enough for the majority of riding (unless you are a speed demon) and as long as it is not ridden too fast it has enough range to comfortably cover a nice medium-to-long-distance cruise of 40 miles with no real worry about running out of battery. It has a great reliability record and can honestly do it all. That said, it's not going to win any street races against the newer 100v wheels. But remember, the 100v wheels were made specifically t
  13. I used a cheap USB-powered (no battery pack) bike light for a few years on my MSuper V3S+ and it was great -- SO much brighter than the stock light! It had its own power switch and brightness levels, and ran off the onboard USB port so I never had to worry about charging a battery. Unfortunately, it seems to be unavailable for purchase now, but I'm sure you can find one just like it on ebay or ali-express... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017LALPX2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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