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  1. The pedal angle is exactly what worries me. The V3S+ angle is not as steep as the MSX angle, so while they may work ok on an MSX, I doubt it would work out on the V3S+. Although, this is all just my opinion, and like I said I have not actually tried it myself. It may actually work beautifully if you turn less aggressively, I just know it wouldn't work for the way that I personally ride...
  2. Mmmmmmm... I'm skeptical about it doing much good for you... I recently bought a pair of Nikola pedals for my Monster and thought about trying them out on my V3S+, but decided that it would be a bad idea. Combined with their extra width, the low height of the pedals would cause them to scrape too often...
  3. Dee-hee-hee-LICIOUS!! I've been holding off getting a new wheel because I really love my MSuper V3S+ (One of the silent-upgraded ones that came out just before the MSX). But this is WAY tempting! Bigger wheel! Higher pedals! 100v! Bigger battery! Manufacturer-direct! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... NO! I MUST RESIST!!! The games are less than 2 weeks away! I... will... remain... faithful!
  4. I aspire to reach your levels of greatness! Also, buy your monster a beer or something!
  5. I would respectfully disagree with this. I personally believe the issue here has to do with the marked difference between someone volunteering their own information, and someone having their own information disseminated without their consent. It doesn't really matter that the information is technically already out there and simple to acquire for third parties with the know-how and motivation. What matters is that the information wasn't volunteered in the first place. That is all well and good because you volunteered that information. But there is plenty of information about yourself that you didn't/don't volunteer, and you certainly have your own valid reasons not to reveal it, just like everyone else. What that information is doesn't even matter. The only thing that does matter is the fact that you deemed it to be information that you didn't want to make public. What we want you to realize is the fact that @chrisjunlee did not volunteer any of the information that you posted. You disseminated that information without his consent. Not only have you dissuaded him from continuing his presence here on the forums, but you could also lose much of the trust and faith that many members have in you. Not to mention, as a Moderator on this forum, your actions have reflected poorly on the other people that use that title. This is not a joke. We don't consider it to be a small matter. We want you to take this seriously and at the very least reflect carefully on your actions and their ramifications.
  6. @eddiemoy I don't usually speak up in this kind of discussion, so please take what I'm about to say seriously. Eddie... If I asked you what you home address is, would you be willing to post it in this thread? (Please don't actually post it, I don't care and don't want to know...) What about the home address of your parents? Or your Siblings? What about the address of the school your child goes to? What if someone found a post that you or your loved ones made online somewhere, scraped the IP address from it, used one of your apparently beloved public look-up tools, then posted the physical address and other attached information online? I SERIOUSLY doubt that you would be singing the same tune right now. I don't know or care whether it was illegal or not, but what you did yesterday was wrong. Period. And you know it. And so does everyone else who has been made aware of it.
  7. To all those coming in from out-of-state, For what it's worth I'm staying at the Best Western Plus Carriage Inn. It's near Encino (technically in Sherman Oaks) but on the opposite end of the giant greenspace (Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area) the Velodrome is part of. They still have rooms available but the price has gone up significantly since I booked a month ago so you may want to find a place that's a bit kinder to your wallet... But to be honest, as long as you end up somewhere near the greenspace you will likely be happy with your choice. Not only will you be just a short wheel ride away from the event on Saturday, but the area seems to be rather friendly to our mode of transport! At least, there are tons of what appear to be bike paths everywhere...
  8. Congratulations!!!! Edit: Searches around the picture like a where's Waldo book trying to find the MTen 3...
  9. EVA foam is the same stuff as craft foam. The same kind that you can buy at craft stores in small sheets.
  10. High-temp hot glue works wonders on EVA foam if you squeeze it enough. That or the tried-and-true Contact Cement! If you want something removable or that you can shift around a bit to get the angle and placement just right, I highly suggest Locking Velcro! I used it for a while when I was making my custom pads for my Monster!
  11. That's odd... my Monster V2 does slowly correct when I turn it on off-level, it's just so slow I almost don't notice it (much slower than my MSuper V3S+ and Ninebot One E+). I hope Gotway didn't remove that behavior for some reason... 32?!?! Hahaha I guess I've been doing it wrong then... I always ride mine at about 40 psi. Always. I weigh about 160 lbs and it's never been a problem for me.
  12. Ok, I just need to be sure I'm understanding this correctly because I trust Jason almost without question and the above situation just doesn't sound right from what I, and many others, know of his character... Did your friend contact Jason before-hand and SPECIFICALLY ask for/order a V3 from eWheels, or did he order a "Monster" from the eWheels website and receive one in a V3 shell? Because if it's the latter, then he basically just received a free upgrade to a much better, more robust shell and it's nothing at all to complain about.
  13. I will be SORELY disappointed if there is no cape involved... ...AND A VIDEO!
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