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  1. Honestly, I'm most interested in just getting one of these new shells to upgrade my current Monster! I don't need the new tire, I don't need the new LED side panels or the Bluetooth speakers, nonono. I just want the cutoff switch, the metal screw inserts and a tougher shell in general. That will make the Monster much easier on my mind...
  2. Fascinating. I reached out too. This sounds like a good opportunity to spread the word
  3. Holy cow... I've been a loyal PayPal user for like.... 12?... 13 years? I've never had an issue using their services. In fact, I've often enjoyed the simplicity and security and use it whenever possible in the face of other payment methods. I trust Paypal. But geez... this feels slimy! This is going to make it very hard for merchants to want to use it, and so will give people like me little to no opportunity to use it in turn... I can hardly believe this! If their decision isn't met with huge backlash and rescinded/reversed almost immediately, they may have just lost me... Crap man, I'm sorry this had to happen, on many different fronts, and I'm sure it must come as a really low blow to good people like you, @Jason McNeil. As much as it sucks though, you're certainly not going to lose me as a customer over this!
  4. That cape is the best thing I have seen in a long time... Apparently the dog agrees too
  5. Sounds like training under Master Roshi...
  6. Well, I can't speak to the legitimacy of freemotionshop.com, but based on which wheels you say you're considering I feel like your choice should be between the Tesla and the V10f. Personally I think that unless you need the (reportedly) nigh-indestructible shell of the KS16s, the higher top speeds, power and larger batteries of the other two choices should knock it out of the running. That said, between the V10f and the Tesla, I feel like it all comes down to the pedals: do you want larger pedals that are higher up for sharper turns? If that is really important, then the V10f is the winner. If you want the best performance from your 3 choices, then go with the Tesla. I have not commonly heard any complaints about the Tesla's pedals scraping, and almost all of the Tesla owners I have spoken to seem thrilled with the wheel in general. Now, all that aside, I understand brand loyalty. It hums along in my blood and was fed to me with my mother's milk . If you're anything like me and the rest of the world, then the pull towards a brand you are familiar with and like is going to be super strong. So I would say that if you are feeling like a V10f would make you happy, then go for the gusto and click that buy button! Freemotionshop.com seems to accept PayPal, so if something happens and you don't get your wheel or something (god forbid) then you're protected and PayPal will give you your money right back and go after them like a pack of jackals in your stead!
  7. Well geez, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience... The one time I got to ride a Z10, a group of us took it up on some mountain trails, and it didn't seem to have too many issues other than braking going downhill... At least no real issues stability-wise, and some of those trails were um... technical xD Anyway, the Z10 was an absolute joy when I was on it, so I would definitely suggest playing around with your tire pressure a little bit and see if you can find something a little bit more stable for you!
  8. That must have been absolutely gorgeous! I'm extremely jealous now!
  9. Not so sure about that. My 84v MSuper V3S+ registers as 67v on WheelLog too...
  10. Beautiful! With all of the replacements/upgrades, it seems like it's basically an ACM2 now! (In matte black even!) And at that price, someone is about to become incredibly happy!
  11. Can you tell us a little more about the wheel? When did you buy it and from which distributor/seller? Is it still under any kind of warranty? Are you willing to open up a side panel and take a couple pictures of the inside so we can see which kind of hardware it has (control board, motor wire connectors, diode protection etc...)? I'm also curious about the ACM! I don't know if it would be prudent to make a separate thread for your other two wheels, but it may help get them some more attention!
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