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KS16S warning during hard rain


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Yesterday I was riding slow (may be 10 km/h) under hard rain, with about 50% battery. Suddenly I can hear a warning spoken message from the ks16s (I can't understand the message). I stoped and verified the battery level at the side leds. All on (100%) which was impossible. Then the level was going down to the 50% in a few minutes. Wheel is now good and charges until 100% with no problem. Any idea about which message could be? waterproof problem?

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26 minutes ago, Rotator said:

waterproof problem?

Most probable.

There is a topic about KS16X water issues ? @Jean Dublin ? inquired KS - they stated IP44 for the KS16X. ...which seems at least a bit questionable - ipx4 should be safe from "splashwater" from all directions...

They (will) offer some measures to be requested through the resellers like ewheels. Nothing (too much) in detail known by now?

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6 hours ago, Chriull said:

There is a topic about KS16X water issues ? @Jean Dublin

I heard about some 16X owners adding some kind of sealing under the mudguard, it seems that's where dust/water can come in.

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