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  1. Right, I was thinking about a service center doing that... I did that on KS16S and it's something that any decent technician or engineer should be able to perform. I will not recommend to even open a EUC to someone with no technical skills.
  2. No, motor is hard to destroy... If it is hall sensors ,then only theses should be replaced...
  3. For now it seems that KS use it only to unlock high speed limits... and not to limit it to 20Km/h... At least I updated app and firmware and nothing has changed on that point.
  4. Marty, on your profile picture I see that you even hide yourself ! May I ask a question: are you the real Batman ? ;-)
  5. Yes... another options the government was considering was to allow it only on pedestrian ways with at a very limited speed... Anyway France have to conform and adapt local legislation to European law.
  6. Starting 1st September 2019 new law in France: EUC = 25km/h max, on bike way and if no bike ways then slow speed roads. Quite honest law... So yes EUC is legal here, and you can ride it and police seems to be very tolerant with it if you are not making any harm or danger to you and others... :-)
  7. I think my statement is a little bit exaggerated... but each time I was calling them there was a kind of confusion between both companies... I remember asking people from eWheel to order a spear battery and they told me that each time they are calling the number on uniwheel website, people from project42 was answering etc etc... Just very confusing... But I'm not sure that from legal point of view it is the same company, but they have something in common at least...
  8. Even if I think you over react on it, I'm agree with you... Permissions = functions/feature = options = choice to use or not...
  9. I don't think that company is out of business... Uniwheel was always part of Project42... For sure they wheel is technically outdated. Maybe they are preparing something new ?
  10. Can please re-calibrate your wheel using app and then see if in change the behavior ? Very important is to first start calibration with the wheel perfectly stable, and in vertical position (left/right, front/rear)...
  11. Oh yes, right ! I just noticed it too ! Also mine is now 5kg lighter ! :-)
  12. Very unlikely the motor is dead... but it could be and issue with connectors... What I will try also is to reflash the firmware with service app... Maybe something is corrupted in eeprom/memory... You should check with your local KS support and ask them for reflashing firmware.
  13. Yes even Eroue in Paris has some Uniwheels... But sadly there no production activity anymore... (no way to get spear battery too).
  14. You have to unlock it in KS official app. (create an account and unlock your speed limit)
  15. Medium for me as well, just because it feels good !
  16. Try Wear Wheel. You can install it from Play Store on your watch. If it install, then it should work with your KS wheel.
  17. KingSong App do not work with any watch... it's a phone app only. There is a 3rd party app called Wear Wheel that works on probably any WearOS watches. So if Ticwatch is a WearOS then it should work.
  18. https://www.supermagnete.de/eng/faq/What-temperatures-can-magnets-sustain I just remember that when it happens to me I asked KS if there will be now any issue with the motor and they told me that under 130°C it's ok. But well I read quite a lot documentation on the net and it's pretty clear that magnets will suffer from heat... And that it depends which class of neodymium they are.. which of course I don't know and KS won't tells me...
  19. @esaj I can tell you that the tire will probably take fire, before the motor will burn... This is what happens to me with ks18L and lock issue. It was smelling burned tire and plastic and you can barely touch the metallic part of the wheel...(I think at that point, magnets are loosing their efficiency and so the motor will be indeed dead....)
  20. the latest is 3.1.1 (on android)
  21. Do not forget to calibrate your wheel after upgrade !
  22. First of all, do calibration... then if it still losing balance you are good to take it to service centre... Probably motherboard or hall sensor...
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