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  1. KS seems to learn nothing from the past... KS16S badly protected from water, KS18L is really well protected, KS16X can again suffer from water...
  2. I'm often driving my KS18L in heavy rain and no issue at all for now year and half. Also dismounted it many times and it seems well protected from rain. The only think I'm keeping in mind is to always let it dry in vertical position.
  3. You got it, I was joking ! Cool video ! It's funny to see KS16X still playing the music after the crash ! And the rider reaction ! He just continue on his way despite it all ! :-o
  4. Awesome video ! I fell asleep at the end of your video... don't know why, maybe the music... anyway, thanks ! :-)
  5. No issues for me on Android... It just works exactly like expected.
  6. @The Fat Unicycliston my 18L speakers are on the main frame and not on covers so do not need to disconnect them... Did it change on XL version ?
  7. That remembers me my issue on KS18L where the sensor is by default on the back of the wheel. This was making some really annoying effects while driving: lights of cars driving behind me was switching of my KS18LL lights. The solution for me was to move mud flap to the other end of the wheel and having the sensor in the front of the wheel... :-)
  8. Firmware update is just something normal for EUC... it deliver new functions and fix bugs... It takes about 15 minutes, so 3h is really a lot... Your phone should be near (less then 1m) from your wheel during update... If it doesn't work just close and reopen app on your phone, it should recover and continue with update...
  9. Very strange... Well it looks like a software issue... but I guess it doesn't feel good/safe...
  10. Can Gotway predict if there gonna be a hole or a stone on the road and alert before a cutoff ? I'm just thinking about the situation where you are demanding 80% of what the wheel can gives you at that and then suddenly there is a pothole and you decide to accelerate. How it can works ?
  11. I use the middle one... it's just strong enough and keep the wheel also a little bit "elastic". It's basically kind of small delay between command and action... If you search in this forum, I remember some one posted a more detailed review of theses 3 modes.
  12. Did you register the app with your phone number and validate your account ? Also did you register with your phone number including +33 code ?
  13. 18XL is heavy, powerful wheel. Most of the time I'm on it, or I'm pushing it with the handle... Of course it depends on each usage but to stop and lift the wheel takes about 1 or 2 seconds... The trolley and the sensor is quite efficient if you setup it correctly. Give it a try... so you can make it your own idea...
  14. yes it needs to be collapsed before lifting the wheel...
  15. 18XL trolly suppose to be the new version one if compared to 18L... So it's good and should resist... Also I will really pay attention to your back, because going up/down stairs every day with 20Kg will sure have an impact on your back...
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