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  1. @Marty Backe the reason why is simple: telco companies are there to make money... it's liked to people incomings but also to market competition. It cost (especially in 4G/5G) virtually nothing to give you 1G or 10G of data / month. If you want to is little bit similar to SMS. SMS cost nothing more to a telco company than a SMSC... SMS is transmitted on control channel so it doesn't even consume any network resources... (almost). But for year telco companies made loooot of money selling plans with overpriced SMS cost... Then same thing was done with data... and I'm sure next will be services and QoS on 5G networks.
  2. Oh ok, if I understood it correctly, there is not protocol implementation for password management and so then only way to use all functions will be to disable password ?
  3. @Seba Do you know why horn/lights are not working from the app ? In fact it looks like anything that make changes to the wheel (KS18L) is not working. Also I don't know if this is a restriction but to connect to my wheel I need to provide a password using KS app. Thanks.
  4. Just saying: The latest android and wear os version is awesome ! Works really well ! Thanks so much, you should really let people pay for you app directly on play store or in the app...
  5. Since you seems to live in Paris, why don't you go to Urban360 and ask them. They use to repair all kind of euc including KS18 and should have this kind of info.
  6. Can't wait ! I'm using Huwai watch 2 LTE. This app will work over bluetooth to the phone or is it making direct bluetooth connection to the wheel ?
  7. Yeah, in this case the special app is needed with help of your local seller.
  8. Connect the wheel to power supply and try then to run app again. It should resume failed upgrade.
  9. Awesome news !!!!!!!! Thanks so much !
  10. You are kind of superman of app dev... :-) Have no idea how you can on your spear time build an app so quickly... Anyway, do you need a beta tester ? I'm using KS18L and huwai watch 2 LTE. Also do you think you will endup with a standalone app connecting directly to the wheel or via wheel log ?
  11. TomOnWheels

    KS14S valve

    Drop a picture, maybe it will help someone here posting a solution... This is sounds like the tire is incorrectly installed by KS...
  12. KS seems to learn nothing from the past... KS16S badly protected from water, KS18L is really well protected, KS16X can again suffer from water...
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