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  1. Thanks @Lutalo. Sure I will be happy not to experience it again but this is an early adopters life :-) Will definitely let you know if that happens again.
  2. TomOnWheels

    Auto balance problem

    The calibration in the app is just for a stable position of the wheel. Then the wheel add some degrees to that depending the acceleration and 3D position of the wheel. It's very complex. You can notice that if you are in the metro and your wheel is switched on, it will move all the time when metro turn, accelerate etc...
  3. TomOnWheels

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    Don't worry... I'm also coming from solowheel world. I loved this soft, floating mode on my Xtreem... I'm on medium mode now on my ks18l. It tooks me few days to use to it but honestly now it's as easy and as cool as on solowheel...
  4. They have to change it if you had a lock !
  5. TomOnWheels

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    And of course we need a way to be able to follow you adventures ! :-) Website, blog, etc...
  6. TomOnWheels

    KS18L - white lamp failure

    Same for me... First that happens on the front one, after I've updated firmware and then it happens to the rear one after I updated the app... So naturally I was thinking that KS added some new feature to let us choose between 2 light levels (one for make the wheel just visible and 2nd one to actually show the road at night). So I've asked @US69 if there is something new, and he confirmed that unfortunately there in nothing new on that... Then on the forum I saw some posts about 2 different versions of lights... in the 2nd version KS added a thermal sink. Also there is at last one person who reported that his lights are also dead even if it is the 2nd version with thermal sink... So, sorry my friend, but it's probably a hardware issue and you will have to change it...
  7. TomOnWheels

    Broken handle on my 18L, my I have not break it.

    This is unfortunately quite usual on KS18L and some other KS wheels... You should contact your seller and ask for trolley tubes replacement. KS made a new version, more robust and is changing them under warranty.
  8. TomOnWheels

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    Indeed @Seba:-) Mowilem o tobie :-) (I was talking about you)
  9. TomOnWheels

    KS-18L + Noob - what to consider?

    Don't worry ! I think it was a right choice ! There is some issues with trolley, lights but when riding this wheel is rock solid and mega powerful ! You will just love it ! There is actually a french guy who is doing tour de France on KS18L, and I think a polish guy is on the way to do the same.
  10. Another lock for me today ! 3rd one ! Definitely this wheel hate shopping ! It happens in the shop where I initially bought my KS18L ! But as I have the latest firmware, the behaviour was different this time: I can confirm that KS worked on that and now instead of having a lock and the wheel becoming very hot and needing battery to be disconnected, it simply shut-off... And after I've pressed the power button it was back to normal :-)
  11. TomOnWheels

    New KS Android app v1.52

    Sorry, you are right ! I was sure it works that way, but also tested again and it if you switch off the side lights the battery status stop working too... Sorry again !
  12. TomOnWheels

    New KS Android app v1.52

    if you put 'disco light' off and front light to auto then you will still get the battery display. I know all changes makes some people happy and some other sad...
  13. TomOnWheels

    New KS Android app v1.52

    yes, you can off side lights in app. It's separated from front/rear lights settings. If all lights are off then there is no lights showing battery status. It's new in 1.11. So your option is to put on or auto front light or to enable side lights and then battery status will show when wheel is not moving.
  14. TomOnWheels

    New KS Android app v1.52

    battery lights not showing ? That is a feature that is on when in the app you switch off front lights and side lights.
  15. TomOnWheels

    New KS Android app v1.52

    Thanks a lot @US69! Also I've noticed before the app upgrade that the front light (on the side where power button is) was very low while the rear one was normal. Now after updating the app, and switching from on to auto for lights, both front and rear lights are very low... I don't know if this is a hardware or software issue. Some other people noticed the same on the forum. Maybe within latest version of firmware, KS added something new to address some complains about light being too strong for pedestrians and the it was sometime blinking ?