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  1. This never happens to me since I have this wheel... (almost 2 years). It looks like a firmware crash... And now I'm worrying it can happens to me too so I will charge it only while on its side... Also it's the first time I hear about this kind of issue...
  2. Let us know, please ! It's interesting to check the real speed as KS app is apparently overestimating it !
  3. yes... It's just hard to belive they are keeping this 'error' for such a long time without any fix... It almost looks like they a not making any difference between 18/16 wheels. Is the error the same on 16x ? Also right for relative error, I was just saying that this kind of error should be more visible on 10km ride then on 1km ride :-)
  4. @Seba don't you think that this difference is somehow linked to tire pressure ? My is 4 bars (as instructed in KS18L manual). Also most people are riding at around 2.5 bars. I think couple off millimeters less on the wheel diameter can explain this on a longer run...
  5. @Seba, do you think it's possible to add a function that will call periodically a url with some parameters like charge level, voltage, current ? A lot of houses there a including home automation systems, and this the easiest way to interface with theses controllers (Jeedom, Vera, AutoHome, etc)... All plugs and all lights in my home are driven this way...
  6. sounds a little bit complicated and honestly it's pretty rare they do it for scooters so i'm not sure they will bother themselves to do it on EUC...
  7. What if you setup a limit at 25km/h with KS app ? Who will test it ? Is police able to check the speed (actually use the wheel) ? What if you setup a password in the app ? Who can then test the real speed of your wheel and even connect with the app and change settings ? In France is also limited to 25km/h and we have 1 year to make our EUC compliant before it cost you 1500 Euros. I use my KS everyday to commute to my work place and I just setup an alert at 25 km/h, double beep at 30km/h and tilt-back at 35km/h... As far no one cares if i respect road signs, lights...
  8. Updated ! For now it's awesome ! Will test it more on my way back from office.
  9. It must be calibrated completely vertical, in all directions. Otherwise balancing algorithms will not work correctly.
  10. How ? I can only set on/off/auto... what app are you using and on which platform ?
  11. Yes... Just updated a friend 18L and lights acts differently too...
  12. Awesome @Seba !!!! I was about to ask for it too ! Also do you think it will be possible to setup and call URL of my choice periodically and at the end of charge ? Possibly with variables inside (charge, voltage,etc) ? because this will open a brand new door to home automation controllers's world !
  13. Thanks :-) Actually, it will be nice if we can set one of this mode by default via app. For me keeping white light auto on/off always on the same side at startup will be perfect, with of course red light on rear side always on and stronger when braking...
  14. Not 100% sure if this is same for you guys, but this is what is going on with lights when pressing power button: When powered on: full auto mode with night detection 1st press: rear light is white and always on, front light is off when stopped, it is lite red on if running, and strong red when braking. 2nt press: same as 1st but rear/front are reversed. 3rd press: front light is white, rear light is white, both lights are always on 4th press: all lights are off 5th press: rear light is white and always on, front light is red and off except when braking. 6th press: same as 5th but rear/front are reversed. 7th press: front light is white, rear light is white, both lights are always on 8th press: white light is always off, front light is red lite when running and red strong when braking. 9th press: back to full auto mode but without night detecton.
  15. @Seba on my side it looks like there is no issues with speed beeps. I can hear 1st and 2nd beep I setup on the app. Also after upgrade and calibration, most of settings went back to default, and I had to modify riding profile, speed settings, even colors of lights. And yes it's absolutely fantastic how it respond now on the road ! Big change and I'm very happy with it for this 1st ride !
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