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  1. TomOnWheels

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    LG Watch Sport 4G/LTE... my previous was LG Urban 2 and I liked it a lot... I checked ticwatch pro too and it seems to be a good option too. I need 4G/LTE.
  2. TomOnWheels

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    Awesome awesome !!!!! I've just ordered a new watch as my previous one died after almost 3 years... Can't wait !!!
  3. TomOnWheels

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    Thanks @Zanoni ! I think top speed, top current, and current battery/speed/current/km/temp, total km will be more then enough, With the possibility to choose as main display one of theses. Real plus value for your app is certainly the fact that phone is not mandatory.
  4. TomOnWheels

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    Very interested ! I will pay $4 for this kind of app on my watch !
  5. TomOnWheels

    Bug of lift sensor KS-18L KS-18XL

    In fact if your wheel is moving even a little bit it will disable the sensor... it must be perfectly stable, with no movement at all for it to works...
  6. TomOnWheels

    Kingsong KS14D axel cracked

    You need that to be changed by your local KS repair center. This probably will not be done under warranty because your wheel is 2 years old...
  7. TomOnWheels

    New version of Kingsong app.

    Now it works ! I've installed the new version... Not sure what is the changelog
  8. TomOnWheels

    New version of Kingsong app.

    Ha ha ! Good one ! :-) Already thanks in advance @US69 for some clue on what is going on :-)
  9. TomOnWheels

    New version of Kingsong app.

    Anyone noticed android ks app is saying that there is a new version of app ? But when trying to download it's saying 404 error...
  10. TomOnWheels


    Where and now did you order it ? Looks fantastic !
  11. TomOnWheels

    KS18L lockup issue - outdoors

    Finally, there is something that have some logic ! In fact when I think about it, it make sens as inside shops there is far more electromagnetics then outside. So when I think about all locks that happens to me it make sens... at last much more then a temperature/oscillator issues...
  12. TomOnWheels

    KS18L lockup issue - outdoors

    For me only inside, because outside I'm most of the time on it... Maybe a coincidence. Also all the explanation that this happens because of a oscillator that will somehow move or disconnect because of the temperature difference (going from warm outside to an aircon shop is a little bit wired for me... Now it's about 2°C outside and at home it's about 25°C and I'm using my KS every single morning for commuting to work... (again around 30°C at office) And since latest firmware update there is no lock anymore... So what is this oscillator for ? Is it a CPU oscillator ? If yes then how did they fix it by firmware update ? Or is there one CPU that is used during the run and another one when you are trolleying the wheel ? Well this is bizarre, illogical and will be so nice to get a real explanation from KS...
  13. TomOnWheels

    KS18L lockup issue - outdoors

    what do you mean by outdoors lockup ? Mine always happens inside a shop... simply because when outdoor, I'm always on my KS... I push it only when it's forbidden to be on it... shops, company, etc...
  14. TomOnWheels

    King Song Social Media Representative

    Some people around ask me the same question... No answer from kingsong... :-(
  15. Thanks @Lutalo. Sure I will be happy not to experience it again but this is an early adopters life :-) Will definitely let you know if that happens again.