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  1. I guess it's input = output + heat produced. So I guess it's quite close to 100% efficiency and drop to 0% when both voltages of input and output are equal...
  2. It's mostly about what is on the ground. Looks like synthetic surface is the worst. Happens to me twice in BHV at -1 level :-)
  3. Also you are safe, because this happens only when pushing you wheel, never when you actually ride on it. :-) Some people said that KS18 don"t like shopping :-)
  4. Yes it's because you have a recent firmware. KS fixed this dangerous situations where you had to dismount the wheel because otherwise it was about to take fire. (well almost). After firmware update, I already had and still having situation similar to your but now can switch off the wheel or it switch off on it's own. Switching off sensors had no impact for me... because it's an electrostatic isolation issue. Switching sensors was to prevent another bug where standing still your wheel suddenly loosing balance. Of course this was sometimes happening when you was standing on your wheel, without moving and for example waiting for a green light :-)
  5. This is well know issue with KS18L... and probably XL also. Electrostatics charges crash motherboard... In early firmware versions it was even worse, because motor was heating to an incredible temperature and the only way to stop it was to dismount the wheel and disconnect the battery... Depending version of your motherboard this issue was completely fixed by hardware modification or by some software fixes.
  6. Awesome !!!!! How did you manage to make angles looking so perfect ? I've never used this kind of vinyl tapes so I have no idea how to work with this kind of material...
  7. on my 18L I sometimes are lifting it while handle fully extended... Seems to be ok... Also it has the latest version on handle (the black one).
  8. Yes @Chriull is right ! KS18L/XL is very easy to operate... but you need to remain humble to avoid a faceplant... You must really think to never push your EUC to its limits... Especially if you are not wearing full protections.
  9. Well here it is: https://fccid.io/2AQAN-KS-18L/User-Manual/User-Manual-3917495.pdf But to be honest EUC are so simple (one button only) that you probably do not need it... Moreover lot functions can only be setup from mobile app (use "EUR world" instead of KS original app). Enjoy !
  10. Well it's like for a motorcycle... it's 50km/h max but all kids know how to upgrade... Same here, I don't really see how you can limit "hardware" speed on EUC as all is done in firmware... So it can be always changed, modified. You know that KS can lock speed in their official app, as you have to login to unlock higher speeds. So it's probably registered somewhere on their servers and linked to serial number of your EUC. So if you use official KS app, they can easily lock speed settings to max 25km/h... But it will be always easy to overwrite using an unofficial app or by flashing firmware... just like for a motorcycle... :-)
  11. @Jack King Song thank you for your patience and hard work ! Really appreciated !
  12. On their site it says: " "Vitesse Maximale 25 km/h (débridable 40Km/h pour pistes privées)" So I guess is something like: "seller sets app speed to 25km/h then change password and sell it as factory speed limitation"... Easy-peasy to unlock...
  13. So with this new KS my dream of riding full speed on some Parisian streets, will become a reality :-)
  14. This never happens to me since I have this wheel... (almost 2 years). It looks like a firmware crash... And now I'm worrying it can happens to me too so I will charge it only while on its side... Also it's the first time I hear about this kind of issue...
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