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  1. 18XL trolly suppose to be the new version one if compared to 18L... So it's good and should resist... Also I will really pay attention to your back, because going up/down stairs every day with 20Kg will sure have an impact on your back...
  2. Same on Android... When it happens, just disable/enable bluetooth and you'll be happy again :-)
  3. As for a "rumble" are your sure it's not linked to the wheel motor vibrating ? This normal... and if you move a little bit your wheel it will stop. As for fan I can't tell you if on mine it's always on because it's very quiet.... I can only hear it after riding for long time in hot weather. I remember also that you can check in the app if the fan is on or off...
  4. Hi @Micheal Shen, I got a new version app notification, upgraded and wondering what is the change log for this new version ? Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. @GeneralTurnover If you can't connect at all using app, then it's almost sure that your motherboard died.... when you connect KS18 to the charger, and even if the wheel is off, you should be able to connect... I guess your only option is to check with a repair service... Also I'm adding @US69 here as he is KS representative and may he have some ideas on what is going on...
  6. This sounds to me like a motherboard issue.... I think you should contact a repair centre... Also just before doing that, I will first try to put connect the charger and then try to connect to your wheel with android or ios app... It that works you should check if there is any fault displayed, if serial number is present, etc..
  7. @Micheal Shen can you help ?
  8. You will use to it... I was riding a solowheel S300 before (16''') and then solowheel xtrem (18'') and it was a bigggggg change to me too... Now after 1year on 18L it feels perfect again
  9. I'm using EUC for now almost 5 years (commute to work, on weekends, shopping, and even holidays). I never (crossing fingers) had any serious fall, and no fall at speed... But thinking about it every day... and I guess older you become and more you think about safety. Now I use a helmet and this is already something new for me... And more I read posts like this one, and more I'm feeling like I should really wear some serious protections....
  10. KS18XL just because it's older and believe me it's hard to be a new EUC early adopter... Also to me KS18XL is like Mercedes: it's comfy and powerful....
  11. Right, I was thinking about a service center doing that... I did that on KS16S and it's something that any decent technician or engineer should be able to perform. I will not recommend to even open a EUC to someone with no technical skills.
  12. No, motor is hard to destroy... If it is hall sensors ,then only theses should be replaced...
  13. For now it seems that KS use it only to unlock high speed limits... and not to limit it to 20Km/h... At least I updated app and firmware and nothing has changed on that point.
  14. Marty, on your profile picture I see that you even hide yourself ! May I ask a question: are you the real Batman ? ;-)
  15. Yes... another options the government was considering was to allow it only on pedestrian ways with at a very limited speed... Anyway France have to conform and adapt local legislation to European law.
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