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  1. This is not a workaround for my usage... I travel with a small backpack, using public transports and regular helmet is just too big for that.
  2. My biggest concern is about how to store helmet when shopping, walking or at office. So I got this one: It's just perfect for my usage and is not killing fun :-)
  3. Very cool ! This is what I asked for some moths ago. Also providing a way to add on/off URL will make it more universal, and compatible with most home automation software.
  4. Maybe old version of lamps... It will dim, and then die... You should check if you have a recent version for lamps or the old one.
  5. Yes, there is even people saying that KS18L hate shopping :-) Yes this is quite "normal" for KS18L/XL. Suppose to be fixed on the new version of motherboard. It's due to some electrostatic charges accumulating and literally crashing CPU... This seems to only occur when with trolley opened and never during a ride. On oldest versions of firmware, instead of just shutting down, the motor was heating to a very high temperatures and an emergency was to dismount it and disconnect power... (happened to me in BHV store :-) )
  6. Right ! EUC to scooter is for me like downgrading technology... Anyway it looks nice, but I'm not sure what else you can improve on a scooter then just design...
  7. Contact your local KS dealer, they should be able to provide it to you.
  8. Welcome ! So I setup 1 alarm to 25km/h (this is legal limit here for EUc speed) then 2nd to 30km/h and last one to 32Km/h... Anyway in city of Paris going faster then 25km/h is a dream (triaffic ligts, stops, etc). Also I wanted to keep a safe power limit for security reason and for a wheel going almost 50km/h max, half of it sounds safe to me...
  9. Well then it sounds very bad... Almost sure you will have to change the motherboard... I replaced mine already once and it's not so complicated... if you have some basic technical skills, you should be able to change it by yourself...
  10. Also @Marty Backe or @Seba maybe know or know someone who can tells if you can read fault status using on board LEDs...
  11. 1) yes, test fuses... You can probably even see their state because they are usually semi-transparent and you giving high current you should the that wire continuity is gone... 2) try to disconnect motor wires and try to switch it on 3) can you connect to using your phone and KS app ? If you can't then connect charger and try again, you should be able to connect. 4) try with only one batteries. Maybe one one the batteries is bad shape...
  12. My are in english... "please slow down"... Where did you get it from ? maybe you wheel is for chinese market only ?
  13. Just checked on both EUC and KS app and no new firmware... latest is 2.02 for me and I have KS18L (but there is suppose no difference between 18XL and 18L but battery).
  14. Yes it's possible to replace battery pack. You should contact your seller or KS USA and ask if they can provide new battery pack.
  15. well, a full check of your wheel done by a professional maybe the best solution... to me it looks like an issue with motherboard...
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