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  1. TomOnWheels

    King Song 18s Tire Change Process Diagram

    Prior to any other manipulation, I will disconnect batteries on both side of the wheel. Then the order of other wires have no meaning anymore...
  2. Yes I know there is nothing sure about that, it's only speculations... So are my... The lock happens to me just about a 10 days after getting the wheel and the the board I got was not 100% new. It was already used (for a very short time) so probably the same as the orginal one on my wheel... I even compared both boards and there is no visible difference... Anyway, good look to KS with investigation...
  3. What I can tell you all is that since I've changed the controller, I never had this issue again... I trolley my wheel for kms and no issue at all... I pay a lot of attention to the sensor calibration. I use the sensor all the time, and since it is calibrated and with new firmware it works perfectly most of the time... To be honest, I was the first person here saying that it's a firmware crash because of the sensors being activated to many times but now I'm not sure anymore... I don't believe that it's the oscillator too... I'm still thinking that it's something about firmware crashing in a very very specific situation... That must be damn hard to reproduce for KS.
  4. TomOnWheels

    KS-16S electrical question (any wheel actually)

    Nothing to add... @esaj thanks for your technical explanations. Sure there is some suppositions but I'm quite agree even with that...
  5. TomOnWheels

    KS-16S electrical question (any wheel actually)

    @esaj ???
  6. TomOnWheels

    New KS18L says beep beep

    I managed to add one on my solowheel S300 loooong time ago ;-)
  7. Don't worry, it will be gone with age :-)
  8. Same here... Very happy with my KS18L... I got board lock, changed it. Also repaired trolley, and adjusted sensors... All works perfectly now, no issues at all... And you know what all that extra work, that I agree the customer should not be in charge of, I'm fine with it as an early owner... It's the same with cars... there is always things that need to be fixed on early versions. Noise level is absolutely not an issue, and helps me to know if all is fine...
  9. TomOnWheels

    KS18L latest firmware

    Just upgraded to 1.10. Calibration is indeed back !
  10. TomOnWheels

    KS16s shows only 63% charge

    Ha ha ! Brilliant ! Enjoy ! I'm hyper-frequency/RTS engineer, believe me software appears to me like a kind of magic that I can't understand most of the time :-)
  11. Woow ! Thanks for update ! I really really appreciate getting this kind of info as it give me more confidence that KS is not only a mass hardware maker that in fact do not care about what they are selling... I think, I'm a this French customer... I talk directly with @tinawong, and we decided to ship back this board for analyses. Yes my lock issue happens after quite a long walk in A/C shop. I reproduced exactly the same situation many times since I've change the board and nothing to notice anymore... All what you are saying make sense from technical point of view, and are quite surprising, because I was almost sure this is a firmware fault. I don't know how many microcontrollers there are on board and what is their role but and also I do not know firmware architecture that is running. But all in all I hope that there is a dedicated cpu for the main wheel functions (riding) and another one that deal with all extra functions like mp3, trolley, lights etc. Or that in the firmware architecture, that is supposedly running RT software, this is managed correctly from priority point of view. This is very interesting... Also I'm not sure how many information really was transmitted to KS, but my board overheat ! It was clearly smelling bad ! So what if this welding issue is the result of overheated of some other components around ? I'm just trying to figure out if that is some production issue that of course can happens of it this is something that can be result of firmware crash that heat up components around the oscillator and result in welding issue...
  12. TomOnWheels

    KS16s shows only 63% charge

    It is upvoted because it's interesting and it's facts... Personally as an engineering I like to promote knowledge. Then you know actually the only fact that you correct errors in your post prove that it's not just a copy/past, and that you actually understand what you are posting... that give more credits to that post :-) Are you a Nokia engineering ? :-)
  13. TomOnWheels

    KS16s shows only 63% charge

    @esajas always, best comment, with details, and right from technical point of view !
  14. TomOnWheels

    New KS18L says beep beep

    That's new ! I'm almost sure this sticker was not there on the first batch !
  15. TomOnWheels

    KS18L Firmware v1.09

    Just updated to v1.09 using Android app 1.50. Trolley sensors calibration is now gone, and seems to be automatic. No other changes noticed. This version is suppose to fix also the firmware freeze issue in trolley mode.