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  1. Yeah. And a good tire makes you feel comfortable.
  2. Yes man! That's exactly what I'm talking about! A hundred percent agree with your opinion. I can learn to deal with an issue tire or wheel and I know every normal human could be succeeded in that after training, but that is not what I want to and I don't think I have to compromise with the issue hardware, cause that's not my fault! Just like you said, a good tire makes you focus on the riding then you could concentrate on other things, like other vehicles and people on the road or emergency status. I'm not an experienced rider like you guys, but I'm also an experienced rider, I know how to control a wobbly wheel, but it didn't mean I 'like to control a wobbly wheel. That feeling makes me feel unpleasant and unsafe compared to a normal wheel. These words, I don't mean anyone's theory is wrong, this is only my opinion. And thank you for your words!
  3. I agree with your opinion. Prepare different chargers for different purposes is the best way to use it.
  4. I remember there is a msg like "overcharge" or something on kingsong instruction.
  5. I sent my 16X back today, hope they can deal with it.
  6. The initial gap is 2mm and of course, the value between maximum and minimum is over 2mm. You can see that in the video. I sent my 16X back to Kingsong today and I was reached the maximum number of posts I can make per day, so I can't say anything right here.
  7. Yeah. I like 16X so I tried to adjust myself with that wobbles on 16X, and it took about one month. I sent my 16X back to the Kingsong today. And besides the bias, I found a bulge on the tyre. I have reached the maximum number of posts I can make per day before, so I can't do a reply.
  8. No I don't mean the full wheel, only the tyre part
  9. I think yes. I upload the video to YouTube here:
  10. I don't think so but I don't know how to check this. Could you help with this? I recorded a video, Link here: https://openload.co/f/q-HxASbgEC8/20191020_154348_1.mp4 Backup: https://streamja.com/3Wwg Thank you.
  11. Well, your words is plausible in some ways. I also tested Nikola and MCM5, these two wheels are balanced. And I think there should be a level to quantify the weight balancing cause it will make the wheel quite unstable if the weight difference is too large. Now I feel very unstable when I riding the 16X if the speed over 40kph, I don't know what caused this, maybe is 1.07 firmware? Or the weight balance? But I don't remember the feeling when I just finished the update process to 1.07. I just remember my 16X is very smooth before. Now I feel hard to control. Sorry, Neurasthenia makes me always forget things. Anyway, thank you for your reply, my friend.
  12. Do you guys know that the weight of 16X'wheel is not proportional? My 16X have some left-right direction wobbles when I bought it, and don't get an answer to this issue before. I never tried to spin it over the air, but I tried that today, then I found that the 16X has a regular shaking while it's spinning! Just like the weight of the wheel is not proportional! The feeling of the wheel like this: Could anyone give me answer?
  13. Oh, that was really bad injuries on your face. I hope you could find some methods to cure and get your health back soon.
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