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  1. Nikola pedals already sold separately. So I'm reducing the price to 670€ now.
  2. If someone is interested I can include used Nikola Pedals + Rods with extra grips tapes for Free. You'd just have to move the magnet or add a new magnet so they stay up on the MCM5.
  3. Model: MCM5 800wh Mileage: 760km (still looks like new, other than for few small pedal scrapes) Purchase date: 06 Jul 2020 used (with 69km) Modifications: Slime installed. Location: Dublin, Ireland (shipping to most of EU for about 50€, TBC depending on country, you can check yourself as per below). Shipping details: 47x25x62cm 18kg original packaging. Parcel2go.com/ie (only service with pickup, I can't drop off). Price: reduced to 670€ (+shipping cost) The pads double side tape didn't work, needs a better one or other way to glue to side, I rode for 2 months without pads and was fine too (and I always had the need to put pads on all my other wheels other than this and the 18L). 80% beep at 44km/h for me. About 760km now.
  4. With wheels like the Veteran Sherman and Monster Pro coming out. I think the electric unicycle could act as the power bank for the RV, to power anything needed (charging phones, others), rather than buying an expensive Li-ion power station with plugs on it and less battery than these wheels. Sure, would need to get something that connects to the charging port (and uses it to discharge the wheel), that converts the energy to AC again and has plugs to use for mobile, laptop, other... Any ideas around here already? And then the EUC could be recharged from time to time at 5-10A somewhere on a plug (restaurant, other...).
  5. That's the same price I sold the Monster v2 100V 1845wh for in October 2019! (without extras!)
  6. Price Reduced: 1895€ +shipping (~85€, depending on country). Extras included (seat, powerpads, mudguard...) . (before was asking 1980 + shipping cost)
  7. Some asked me why the seat isn't on the pictures. Well, because I was thinking about keeping it, just in case I got the Monster Pro. But anyways, it will need a different seat apparently, so that's it, I'll include it.
  8. When this one is sold, if anyone else wanted a pair, I have a brand new pair in Ireland. 70 GBP with a pair of original replacement grip tapes. No Rods/Screws. Black. +shipping (seems to be about £24 from Dublin to UK).
  9. It probably was a typo, someone told me about this one on a private chat, I said it would be cancelled for sure.
  10. Ireland. eRide.ie Community, Monthly Group rides, WhatsApp Announcements channel and chats per city and eRide Type (one for EUCs too) https://www.facebook.com/groups/eride.ie/?ref=share
  11. Gotway is now selling a 2.5in wide MCM5 with higher pedal height also. They listened
  12. Such a good idea. I always noticed how loud the buzzer is when the side panel is off! I may do this if I ever need to. And yes, the rain cover for it, I'd say even some tape over it will do and won't reduce the noise much...
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