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  1. The prototype has a 2000w motor, no idea if it will be increased later.
  2. Got confirmation that it doesn't have suspension. They are still working on the prototype. They finished the mudguard today.
  3. I see some differences on the last picture, we can now see the foot resks in wine red, and also there is a black stick from the wheel to the front of the chassis. Also the red back chassis was added. I wonder if that is some sort of suspension system, that would be great!
  4. More pictures received. Still waiting on Specs, they are due to announce them this month.
  5. @andrew900nyc definitely better than the Ryno, which I believe had a top speed of about 5mph haha.
  6. I guess at the moment it would be MSX 100v. The "Plus" mod by EUCService (Poland) has even more cells, so I guess that increases torque? Other than that, I'm looking forward to see what the specs for the Aikesu A9 will be next month. That motor looks huge, I think it is 5000w. If it is 5000w, 245.9 torque (can't find which torque the MSX has):
  7. Changed the subject line a bit, you can call it click bait
  8. I got confirmation that the A8 has been left behind. (which they claimed went 60km/h). But they are working on something else, the A9, if the specs are good, it could be the first serious Motorbike EUC. The motor size seems huge, probably 5000w, 8000w or more. (just my guess). And there is lots of space for batteries on the body. For discussion about the A9, I started a new topic:
  9. Hi all, I have been in touch with Aikesu since they announced the Aikesu A8, even if it never got to be released for sale. With new models and EUC Mods being sold that achieve speeds of 50, 60, 70km/h, we are getting into "ultra light" motorcycle territory. I knew it was only a question of time until someone made one of these cool looking one wheel motorcycles with good specs. We have seen similar designs before, but they did only about 25km/h top speed, or less. The Aikesu A9 looks promising to me just by looking at the picture. The motor is very big, I would guess 5000w. The body has lots of space for batteries. They say it will have pedals or foot rests. Examples of electric motorcycle motors, up to 12000w! They expect to publish full specs in July and start selling in August. I'm really looking forward to this. And hopefully there will be a way to make them street legal in future, as that is clearly a motorbike now, not like EUCs which can be seen as innocent "electric unicycles/bikes". More "motor guessing" by myself:
  10. This actually is 4.5A charger, not 5A. Well, I ordered 4.5A, but the charger sticker says 5A, so, not sure anymore.
  11. Just saw this, the mention didn't work. I'm asking Rockwheel
  12. I guess that will need to be tested, as of what I read, it has sensors to know if there is someone riding it, the motor doesn't start until you are on it, and I guess it stops if you step off.
  13. They are aware of EUCs, but I would say they believe this could be the next hit as the hoverboard was. Anyways, I know a known EUC rider in NY was test riding it. I'm also in touch with the people working on it in Dublin, so I may have a chance to test ride the prototype once they receive it here. They have another nice product which is more of a beast.
  14. Tesla seems to be releasing a 40amp charger, and voltage of Tesla car batteries seems to be 375v, cost of the charger 500usd. So a 84v 20amp shouldn't cost that much when comparing. Should be around 8 times cheaper. Edit : checked it, expensive yes, 182eur on Aliexpress. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/caZ9bbEs
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