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  1. Jean Dublin

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    Mad haha, they never told me that when I almost bought them...
  2. Jean Dublin

    Anti-Slip EUC Top Charging Mat

    No I didn't, I'm quite sure they would not stay if I hit a bump, they would jump and maybe fall.
  3. Jean Dublin

    Anti-Slip EUC Top Charging Mat

    Rubbery mat for charging phone/camera on top of the EUC, connected to the USBs. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bBRRuBNq I would not call it Sticky, bit rubbery. The usual mats are really sticky and may get dirty easily, this one seems different. For it not to go off the top I used small bits of this transparent double side tape on the edges of the mat. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bBABRs24
  4. Jean Dublin

    EUC Backpack alternatives and DIY.

    @The Fat Unicyclist Not really, but it's quite simple: What I did was cut a yoga mat and use double sided tape for the covering of the wheel. Then for avoiding leg pain I used any kind of foam/sponge to also attach with double side tape (the blue ones are knee pads, soft ones, the white ones are soft shower sponges). I also created a DIY copy of the "Solowheel Brush", the failed KickStarter Campaign, putting some 4x14in paint brushes together and using elastics to put them under the pedals or remove them.
  5. Jean Dublin

    New GT16 S/IRON - 1600WH-2064WH , expected release March 2019.

    So it seems like this man in Korea received a unit back in November! (same YouTube channel as @s.m. shared, it seems to be Rockwheel Korea's channel) 17 September they announced the new model was coming, with 2072Wh
  6. Jean Dublin

    New GT16 S/IRON - 1600WH-2064WH , expected release March 2019.

    As far as a know they will still be doing an 18 inch, it just seems like this one was a model they could release faster, in the meanwhile. In December I was told they were working on the shell design, to make sure it was easy to disassemble. They expected to announce the design concept in March 2019. I've been told production for the Rockwheel GT16 S/Iron already started, releasing in three months, so I'd be surprised if it didn't go ahead. Maybe the work on this one delayed the advancement on the GT18.
  7. I received this video from Yi Chen's wife. She told me it's releasing in March and the difference is that it's 1600wh (up to 2064wh) 1547036166657.mp4
  8. Jean Dublin

    KS18L Not as described

    Still, the specs sheet was for the final battery version and websites selling the final version.
  9. Jean Dublin

    EUC Backpack alternatives and DIY.

    I want to teach people how to ride electric unicycles, I've modified the IPS and have accessories to learn easier and without leg pain. So I'd need to bring it to the meeting place for the training.
  10. As other told you, it is very normal to feel like that at the start. My story: I'd say I had good balance before I learned, but still it wasn't easy. The first day I did like 2h and my legs hurt for a whole week, I could not try again for a "long" week! After that I added a lot of soft sponge padding with double sided tape (which later was a bike seat gel cover on each side) to avoid that happening again. You may attach them to your leg too. I kept the gel cushion forever as it made it mich more comfortable and avoids pain. (KingSong 18L is the only wheel for which I didn't need extra padding). That 2nd week I took it easy and continued to go forward and backward on the handrail, 1h a day, for the whole week, trying to slowly get used to get a bit of speed and go on a straight line without the handrail. After 6 days/hours, I was able to try to start turning, it was a bit of a small space, but I managed to start turning with quite enlightenment control, maybe tool 1-2 days/hours. After that, communing to work daily on the path at 12km/h (top speed) using street furniture as help to step on the wheel, for like a month, until I learned to step on it without holding onto anything haha.
  11. Jean Dublin

    EUC Backpack alternatives and DIY.

    I've also thought of drum backpacks, one of them for 17eur is the right depth, but just a bit short on the diameter, being 45cm instead of 50cm. Maybe it would fit, but the backpack straps don't look very sturdy, also as it's for a drink it may not be ready the weight. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/byek2FsM
  12. Jean Dublin

    EUC Backpack alternatives and DIY.

    I've improved it a bit, with rope, but still, it's not comfortable enough, even if I tried to adjust the shoulder straps to keep it close to the back, it still pulls too much from the shoulders.
  13. Jean Dublin

    In the news...

    Same experience for me with the wrist mirror, keeping my arm up the whole time (a bit weird maybe, but I'm used to it).
  14. I suggest you find a Facebook group or other way to contact the Munich community, if there is any, and ask if anyone would be willing to lend or rent one to you, and maybe even go for a ride with you. Some people have more than one unicycle and will be happy to lend/rent one if they trust you enough (from your online profile/s)
  15. I have been looking for cheap backpacks that would be suitable for an EUC, cheap meaning 20eur/25usd or less, the least the best. Myself, I will use it for my Lhotz while riding the 18L. IPS' Backpack is too expensive. I've looked for 50cm wide 50cm tall backpacks, but the largest I've found on the wide side is 40cm, not enough, suitcases (some with backpack straps) are 40cm wide, 50cm tall. A huge handbag that I bought at the Brussels Sunday market almost fits it, if it was just a big bigger and with backpack straps, it would work. It was 10 Eur. AliExpress has backpacks for 14inch and 16inch unicycles, but they are about 35eur/40usd. I realised they are very similar to Baby Carriers, so I gave it a chance. I've bought one for 5eur from my local classified ads, it's too small, maybe other carriers are bigger, I don't know, but I managed to make it work with a bad/fast DIY. I used strong tape, two buckles and a tie/rope to get it to work. I don't know if it's strong enough though, so I've to stress test it before using it for real. Making the bottom two buckles also longer with tape or rope may be a good idea for a better fit, as they are small too there. If you have any other ideas ease share! Thanks.