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  1. I heard about some 16X owners adding some kind of sealing under the mudguard, it seems that's where dust/water can come in.
  2. Price drop to 1850€ / 1590£, shipping included. If you're in the UK, this may be a good time to buy, to receive it before Brexit...
  3. Thanks for the update, how often are you using the charger and how do the connectors look so far? I was going to get a 100v 10A charger too, but I've been advised to get a lower one, so I'm going for a 100V 6A for the GX16-5 connector not to melt one day...
  4. Thanks Seba, that makes sense. I don't want to modify the Google Monster connector to use 4 pins, I will leave it with the original 1+ 5- setup. So, 100v 6A (c600c 750w) would then be OK for the GX16-5? That seems to be the most powerful charger I could find under 10A which wasn't adjustable and doesn't look massive.
  5. Thanks. Yes, makes sense. But, with the current connector setup, 2 pins used 1+ 5-, is the limit 5A or 10A? @Seba you probably know?
  6. Someone from Spain told me the limit is 5A per Pin, so if using 2 pins (1+ 5-) the limit is 10A. I've been trying to find that confirmation online hard to find... But found an eBay seller who said that. But then discussing with the Chinese charger supplier, he insists that the limit is per 2 pins (1 pin positive, 1 pin negative), so 2 pins used (current setup) limit is 5A, and if I modify the EUC plug inside to be 1+,2+,3-,4- it would be 10A limit... Any expert in here who knows? Thanks. Ebay listing I mentioned:
  7. New Gotway Monster 84v 2400wh - Purple Price: 1810€ / 1565£ Bought by a friend, he doesn't want it anymore. The shipment was stopped in Poland for my friend to find a new buyer. I'm giving him a hand. Brand new in box, in Poland, Free Shipping (about a week to arrive, within Europe). It has the large side pads and large Nikola pedals (same as picture above) Was bought for 2211 Eur from Aliexpress (Rockwheel Store), so they will offer their standard warranty. Thanks.
  8. I mentioned Jason now, let's see if we get this clarified. I was hoping I could charge the Monster v3 I bought with 10A (for +200km trips), but it seems like I won't be able to go over 6A now...
  9. @Jason McNeil can you please confirm the above? I see you say its not recommended to charge the Monster v3 with more than 8-10A, but it seems like the connector can only stand 5-6A maximum?
  10. Aikesu are at the fair with the A9 I wish I was there haha 126th Canton Fair, 12.1J39-40
  11. So Gotway improved the Monster v3 to have thick gauges to support 20A, but didn't use 4 pins instead of only 2 on the 5pin connector, making it stand 5-6A maximum, it makes no sense
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