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  1. That's the same price I sold the Monster v2 100V 1845wh for in October 2019! (without extras!)
  2. Price Reduced: 1895€ +shipping (~85€, depending on country). Extras included (seat, powerpads, mudguard...) . (before was asking 1980 + shipping cost)
  3. Some asked me why the seat isn't on the pictures. Well, because I was thinking about keeping it, just in case I got the Monster Pro. But anyways, it will need a different seat apparently, so that's it, I'll include it.
  4. When this one is sold, if anyone else wanted a pair, I have a brand new pair in Ireland. 70 GBP with a pair of original replacement grip tapes. No Rods/Screws. Black. +shipping (seems to be about £24 from Dublin to UK).
  5. It probably was a typo, someone told me about this one on a private chat, I said it would be cancelled for sure.
  6. Ireland. eRide.ie Community, Monthly Group rides, WhatsApp Announcements channel and chats per city and eRide Type (one for EUCs too) https://www.facebook.com/groups/eride.ie/?ref=share
  7. Gotway is now selling a 2.5in wide MCM5 with higher pedal height also. They listened
  8. Such a good idea. I always noticed how loud the buzzer is when the side panel is off! I may do this if I ever need to. And yes, the rain cover for it, I'd say even some tape over it will do and won't reduce the noise much...
  9. I think Chicway should be fine, I believe lots of people buy there. They also have an Aliexpress shop. Most Chinese sellers, on Aliexpress too, will offer that same warranty, and it's based on you repairing by yourself, they sent you the parts you need. They may also ask you to send the controller back sometimes. You should be OK if you don't mind not having 2 years warranty and a local dealer to repair for you.
  10. SOLD ➡️Gotway Monster v3 100V 3108wh⬅️ Price Reduced: 1895€ +shipping (~85€, depending on country). Extras included (see below). (before was asking 1980 + shipping cost) 🔹Motor 2.500W 🔹Battery 100v 3108wh 21700 24s7p. 🔹Km done 2300km. 🔹Top speed +65km/h 🔹+100 Km range at high cruising speeds, +150km at relaxed cruising speeds. 🔹Original 100v3A charger. 🔸Received 29th November 2019 (warranty for controller board and motor until November 2020). 🔸Small plastic burn near charging port. I burned the charing port before measuring voltage, it has been replaced with original part from Gotway (connector with 4 cables, can handle 10A charging). 🔸Cut-off button disconnected as it didn't work properly all the time, after some months using it. 🔸I put brand new pedals recently, but these seem to have less strong magnets than the ones I had before (so they open too easy), which are now on my Mten3, I can swap them at buyers request, but those are more scratched: Pictures https://i.imgur.com/tAsCx2x.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/9s4wQ2v.jpg 🔸Note: it doesn't need axle tightening yet, but like with any Gotway Monster, sooner or later it will need it. I never needed to do it yet. ❇️Extras❇️ 🔅Gotway Monster original seat (value 65€) 🔅Power Pads by EUC Guy (value 100€? One cracked, but still works) 🔅Large Nikola Pedals + spare brand new original grip tape. 🔅247ml Slime installed (value €12). 🔅Flexible mudguard (value €15). 🔅Original Gotway packaging. I may have to remove the top foam from packaging for the seat to fit, we will see whenever I pack it, and I'll update here. Reason for sale: buying too many EUCs and I don't have as much storage space as @Marty Backe
  11. Breaking News Limit reached. Veteran told me to stop getting orders as many dealers have complained about this group order. I understand. So I am stopping it. Those who were planning to make the payment later, apologies, I have no control on this, you missed your chance.
  12. 10 reached. Everyone needs to send the balance now to reach the 1950€. Anyone joining now will have to send 1970€ and will recover some back if we reach 15 wheels or more.
  13. 8 wheels with 400€ paid (actually two of them with the full 1950€ already).
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