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  1. It turns out that Monster v3 now use 4 pins direct from factory. So 10A is OK without modification.
  2. you can make your own, to match your riding style / foot positioning, foot/leg size. Use neoprene foam for it, similar to what Kuji Rolls did on his "How to jump an electric unicycle" Youtube video. It would be making the base and then two extra pieces on top, one in front for accelerating and one on back for braking. David Bull (https://www.facebook.com/david.solermula) did a nice one out of this material for his Gotway Monster.
  3. I'm wondering how many 21700 cells would fit... I think even if there seems to be some more space, the curve of the cover may get on the way if the main packs of a 800wh MCM5 were replaced with 21700 cells, I guess it wouldn't fit.
  4. At the moment the beginners looking at buying a cheap first electric unicycle are looking at the Ninebot One A1, followed by the Inmotion V5/F. Some may even be looking at "overpriced" old 14in 350w models with 12km/h tilt back speed which have been on storage for years and have a dead battery (creating disappointment when it doesn't work on arrival). If those 14in 350w wheels could be made so cheaply 6 years ago, I wonder why isn't there better 400-600$ (retail price) options now. As that is the most popular price range for electric scooters, I've heard of people that were thinking to buy an electric scooter and who would also consider an electric unicycle if it was a better option, but not for a higher price.
  5. Good to see the three are working on suspension, let's see who wins the race!
  6. Jean Dublin

    IPS S5

    Suddenly the led strip started working. New video by the owner. He added pads done with the white foam from the box and black tape. https://www.facebook.com/100001840425902/posts/3582306975173948/
  7. I did it to teach others, I didn't learn with them, it helped a bit, but nothing major I think. Using lower than normal tire pressure may have a similar effect
  8. Thanks for all the tips. I have switched before from a GT16 to a 14in 12km/h limit 350w no name wheel for 3 days, and I didn't get to cut-off on that one, so hopefully will be the same with the Mten3, and I'll respect the limits (I doubt I'll dare to go over 30km/h on it due to the small diameter, unless I ever find a perfectly smooth cycle path, very rare in Dublin, Ireland). I see people having issues with switching between 16in and 10in, so 22in to 10in and back will be mad at the start haha. Let's see... I'll let you know my experience here.
  9. --- SOLD --- Model: Gotway Mten3 84v 512wh Mileage: New 0KM Price: 630€ (+ Shipping from Ireland, usually 20-50 EUR to most EU countries in 3-5 days). Free Collection in Dublin, Ireland. It fits on a normal backpack and weights only 10KG! It packs lots of power in its small package. Brand new on the box. I bought three to get it cheaper for myself. Two already taken: one by me and one by a friend. Only one left. Just manufactured, latest model, tubeless, with no-spin button. Left Gotway factory 27 FEB 2020 and was shipped on the train 02 MAR 2020 by my shipping agent. Expected to arrive Ireland 1st or 2nd week of April. First person to pay me will own it and will receive it mid-April. Payment methods: Revolut, Bank Transfer, Paypal (without protection). Factory warranty: Motor and Controller: 12 months. Battery: 6 months. Thanks, Jean
  10. It always takes me a few days to get used to a new electric unicycle. I have finally joined the MTen3 craze, I expect to have it in April. One of my fears before ordering was that it would be too hard to switch between riding the Monster and riding the MTen3, due to the huge difference in size. I think I may shift too much weight to the side on turns on the MTen3 by accident/subconsciously, same as I do on the Monster, and maybe fall a couple of times, let's see! Or I may just always be scared of using the MTen3 (I hope that won't be the case!) I plan to share with you here how well I do and my thoughts on regularly using two very different wheels. For those of you who already do this, what are your thoughts? Any tips? Thanks, Jean.
  11. Hi Marteen, He can have a look at Wallapop, Milanuncios, Facebook marketplace and the buy/sell group chat: https://t.me/Compraventa_VMP_2m_potentes There is an invite only Whatsapp group too, you can PM me his Whatsapp number and I'll ask the admin to add him. He may also ask on Facebook groups.
  12. Thanks, that was my advice to him too. He will give it a go before downgrading.
  13. How did you downgrade? Is there a guide? I know someone else in Ireland who doesn't like it, he says: Hi guys, I am having issues with my Kingsong 18L since the 2.0 firmware update. First I have noticed a difference in stability of the wheel which has gone worse and can't turn as usual as the wheel keeps shaking for some reason. Also I have done some tests today and the I had horizontal stabilization shut down on my multiple times while doing a forward/backwards. On the app there is no increase on cpu nor on the power or temp. Does anyone else has similar problems or possible solutions. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
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