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  1. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Eunicycles.eu offered his help and a very fair price for them, but shipping was too expensive compared to the shipping from China, so I'm getting them from Rockwheel Store who offered them to me, because they originally sold my wheel (to previous owner).
  2. Jean Dublin

    WTB: Ninebot One C+ (Europe)

    They are under 290eur new shipped from Europe at Gearbest, you may be better off that way than buying a 4 years old one, because the battery will maybe be too old and even dangerous to get to full speed... I say that because I wouldn't trust my IPS Lhotz to go at 27kmh anymore, it sort of feels like I do get a bit of tilt back before hitting even 23-25kmh sometimes, I think it's the age of the battery. So I use it to teach people who want to learn and as a spare for me if I ever need to repair the KS18L and takes too long. One bought now you may be able to sell it 200 once you're done, with a newer battery which will last much longer. https://m.gearbest.com/scooters-and-wheels/pp_1699240.html?wid=1090517&currency=EUR&vip=4265218&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI15jRx8P94AIVJijTCh18FQb7EAQYASABEgLLKPD_BwE
  3. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Thanks for the update and the recommendation. I just contacted him via their Facebook Messenger, saying you sent me and also explaining that KingSong Ireland doesn't have them in stock as they are just getting started now, it will take them months to have them on a future container. If he doesn't have them I have another option. Thanks.
  4. Jean Dublin

    KS18L headlight issue

    2nd white LED light which I swapped to the front has the same issue now, didn't even last for a month and a half, didn't even use the wheel all days. So if anyone has the same issue, don't swap them, or do it only while you wait for the replacement to arrive.
  5. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Hi @Seba how are you doing with testing your first lights? I'll need to get two off you, because the 2nd one that I swapped before has now gone off and I was riding in a dark park a moment ago with almost no light (low battery on headlamp light as well). In the meanwhile I'll make sure to charge the headlamp daily, so I'll be fine that way for now.
  6. Hi all, This is for the battery experts and also for anyone with contacts to Gotway factory. This site, shared on a Gotway owners Facebook Group, claims to sell custom made 100V MSX and Monster with extra battery, with the support of Gotway themselves (read details on website). https://jednokolowiec.pl/black-friday/ Is this possible? Can someone ask Gotway if they are actually supporting this company to achieve this? In the meanwhile I'd be careful. I asked if the shell is bigger and if there is any pictures, no pictures and didn't get a reply about the shell. Time to get some popcorn?
  7. Jean Dublin

    Kingsong 18L (version 2) for sale

    Sold (not to me )
  8. Jean Dublin

    18x2.3 tire in KS-18L

    To be honest, when it comes to tire wear, the old tire doesn't seem to be very different than mine with just 1700km (as per app). The middle thread still is a bit elevated from the rest, but may go soon, besides that, it's similar.
  9. Jean Dublin

    18x2.3 tire in KS-18L

    Yes, sounds right, 2.5 bar (36 PSI) also works best for me. (30 PSI when it was colder, wet with a bit of ice on roads) This graph from eWheels is quite accurate on what seems to be the best pressure. Source: https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/
  10. Jean Dublin

    18x2.3 tire in KS-18L

    Definitely getting this one whenever mine wears out. It seems like quite a popular BMX tire, as they also have it for sale in a shop in Ireland. I suppose the reduced diameter helps a bit with range and acceleration, but not sure if the extra threads have the opposite effect. It definitely looks grippier, which would be great for me as sometimes I need to go over grass.
  11. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Are you currently using the modified light?
  12. Jean Dublin

    Dublin - Ireland

    The next eRide is tomorrow, after that we will have Weekly eRides in the city (Saturdays at 11:15h) and Monthly ones on suburbs/parks/Greenways (3rd Sunday of each month at 11:15h).
  13. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Looking forward to hearing the news after that test ride. Will you be selling them? Depending on the price I may buy one or two. I suggest you also do a version with only red light, no white light, as it may save in cost and most people don't need the white light on the back, it always being red is better, not changing (it would sometimes change when I'm stopped at a red light, probably blinding people behind me as the unit is tilted forward, well not anymore, as I've put the one with the broken white led behind) @Seba
  14. Jean Dublin

    KS-18L and KS-18XL rapid charging

    I did the test, here the results.