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V8 LED Colour, Music playback


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hard to believe I used the search function, but haven't found any answers:

- there are many pictures of the V8 with red LEDs. The specs say, they are RGB. The app also looks like there can be multiple colours. But mine is mainly a blue-ish white, sometimes violet-ish, but far away from plain red.

- also the specs say it can play music via the app, but this option is sort of greyd out for me.


Is this normal?

To be honest, I don't really care. I don't see the protective cover going off the wheel anytime soon (so LEDs will remain invisible) and I hate people disturbing others in public with their music. However, I'm just wondering if everything is normal with my V8.



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Hi reach,

I don't believe you can actually play music. You can however record sounds and play them instead of the default warning sounds, so maybe that's what they mean?

Red LED's work fine for me. I made a LED-display with permanent red lights on the back three points in the middle, to ride at night, because I find the tail light a bit lacking. The cover also hides the tail light, which is one of the reasons I don't use it so often.

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4 hours ago, Tazarinho said:

The cover also hides the tail light, which is one of the reasons I don't use it so often.

I didn't like that or the fact it covers the speaker and makes it hard to hear warnings at speed either. 

So I sharpened the inside of an old cut off handle bar end with a cone shaped grinder bit to make a hole punch, measured where to put the holes, and cut 2 holes for the tail light using a mallet with a piece of wood underneath as a cutting block.

it turned out to be about perfect size. (7/8 in handlebars)

EUC Cover modsEUC Cover modsEUC Cover mods

But yes, I really wish the v8 could play music, too :-(

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works now for me, thanks for the hints!

Turns out it didn't upload the more colorful patterns, because I really have to place the wheel horizontally. The corresponding message wasn't quite so clear and I assumed horizontal is no valid on-state for the wheel. Strange that it doesn't upload otherwise. However, my question is answered, thanks!

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