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  1. That's some great hint, thanks! To clarify: both my V8 overleans were when accelerating from zero. This is also my intention. Acceleration during riding isn't so much of an issue. At least not yet. I do know that the V11 is much more capable than the V8 but that knowledge can't trick my brain&body into free-falling forward ;-) Tiltback + audible alert at topspeed works also well for me. I've never heard about a safety-margin alert. If the V11 had one, I suppose it would be adjustable, wouldn't it? However - checking the margin in the app is already a good start. Tha
  2. Hi. it took me several 100km to get familiar with my V11. Right before I got it, I crashed with my V8 because I overleaned it. It took me a while to gain enough trust to take the V11 somewhere close to 40km/h (that's really enough for me for the time being). Even worse so, because the 18" requires much more leaning than the 16". Ok, so now I'm reasonably happy with my skills on the V11, BUT I think during acceleration I still leave most of its potential unused. Here I'm still held back by the very hurtful experience with overleaning the V8. My brain just doesn't allow more forward-
  3. Just a humble addition: I wouldn't recommend a motorcyle helmet. Full-face for sure, but rather one for Mountainbike/Downhill. They are just so much lighter and more comfortable to wear.
  4. Could you or somebody please explain "carving" to a non native speaker? Is it simply "riding curves" on the straight? Because, if so, this doesn't help me much, since my feet are still stationary when doing this. Am I doing something wrong, or is carving somethng else?
  5. Hi there, I'd like to describe how I fixed my dead V11 (at least for 50 meters - read on...). Since the donor PCB had the exactly same error pattern, I'm confident that this might work also for others, hence I share the story: Disclaimer: you should be familiar with soldering techniques and electronics in general! Whenever I re-connected the 2 fat battery power plugs, I took the wheel outside for that. I don't know how big the chance of fire is, but I do not want a Li-Ion battery to burn in my basement. My V11 died after riding up a short steep hill. It was just a few me
  6. I'd be honored! Feel free to use, please just tell me if you do so, thx!
  7. Fantastic! Thanks a lot! So good that I've asked - I was afraid this request would be so exotic that I won't get an answer, and even less probable a solution.
  8. Sounds terrific! Can you give me more details? I googled "flic" and it seems to be a smart home system. Do I only have to purchase one of these buttons and it will work with my phone?
  9. Hi. The V11 has a function to play a horn signal via the app. I would LOVE to have a horn on my EUC, but triggering it with the phone while riding is not an option. I'd hence like a mobile button - maybe something I can wear like a ring - doing this. So this thing would either have to connect to the wheel, or, what I believe to be easier doable, connect to the phone and trigger the function via the App's API (the existance of the EUC-World app tells me that this seems to be an open protocoll) Has anybody thought about such a project yet? Does anybody have the knowhow to cre
  10. Thanks. This is the video I referred to when I said that "I've been convinced that my V11 isn't broken" and "I appreciate the different geometry of an 18". Again, no arguing with this, it's just frustrating that it takes so long (one might laugh at me calling 200km "long", but having other things in my life, this is quite some effort) Thanks for your tips and for reassuring me that this is kind of normal. I would still argue that a wheel can't be tuned differently, but ok, that's a different discussion. Main problem here might be that both noteable crashes I
  11. Hi. After >1.000km on the V8 I switched to the V11. In a recent thread I've been convinced that my V11 isn't broken, but 18" is different to ride especially uphill. Ok so far. Now I have some 200km on the V11 and I'm still struggeling to climb slopes which I could easily climb with the V8. If I manage to do so, it's going rather slow. On straight streets it's physically exhausting to maintain higher speed (still limited to 33km/h, I only rarely manage to reach that limit!) Everything above 20km/h needs physical effort. I'm practising mainly off-road. Up hill I've trie
  12. Sounds convincing that it's just me. Thanks! I also don't think that I want Power Pads at this point in time since this really sounds like it will spoil my riding. Now, let's practice... :-)
  13. So some of you are suggesting this is just my riding technique... I'm open to that because basically all seems fine with the wheel and I only ride since exactly 1.000km (according to the app). But do you have some supporting info? What's puzzling me is: why? As said, I really think I couldn't lean forward more without falling off (been there, done that. Still hurts!). Why would one make a powerful wheel that only reveals its potential with a 3rd party add-on (Power Pads)? Why is my V8 just fine on the same hill? I once rode a "Rockwheel" which was much more powerful as my V8 and it felt e
  14. Thank you! The last line (worst) is roughly compareable to line #5, just with 24km difference in range. Any idea how come?
  15. Hi. I barely rode my V11 yet and when I did, I did it very slow. I've also limited it to 30km/h (19mph) via the app. Today I took it uphill for the first time and it is slow to a level where I'm sure there's something wrong: on a hill where my V8 would go full speed, I had to push to even get up. I couldn't lean enough forward to get enough propulsion, so I had to squeeze it with my legs and bend the knees forward to get enough lean angle. And I was sure still far away from 30km/h. Mounting was very difficult, because it didn't accelerate enough to become stabile. In the
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