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  1. I'd be honored! Feel free to use, please just tell me if you do so, thx!
  2. Fantastic! Thanks a lot! So good that I've asked - I was afraid this request would be so exotic that I won't get an answer, and even less probable a solution.
  3. Sounds terrific! Can you give me more details? I googled "flic" and it seems to be a smart home system. Do I only have to purchase one of these buttons and it will work with my phone?
  4. Hi. The V11 has a function to play a horn signal via the app. I would LOVE to have a horn on my EUC, but triggering it with the phone while riding is not an option. I'd hence like a mobile button - maybe something I can wear like a ring - doing this. So this thing would either have to connect to the wheel, or, what I believe to be easier doable, connect to the phone and trigger the function via the App's API (the existance of the EUC-World app tells me that this seems to be an open protocoll) Has anybody thought about such a project yet? Does anybody have the knowhow to cre
  5. Thanks. This is the video I referred to when I said that "I've been convinced that my V11 isn't broken" and "I appreciate the different geometry of an 18". Again, no arguing with this, it's just frustrating that it takes so long (one might laugh at me calling 200km "long", but having other things in my life, this is quite some effort) Thanks for your tips and for reassuring me that this is kind of normal. I would still argue that a wheel can't be tuned differently, but ok, that's a different discussion. Main problem here might be that both noteable crashes I
  6. Hi. After >1.000km on the V8 I switched to the V11. In a recent thread I've been convinced that my V11 isn't broken, but 18" is different to ride especially uphill. Ok so far. Now I have some 200km on the V11 and I'm still struggeling to climb slopes which I could easily climb with the V8. If I manage to do so, it's going rather slow. On straight streets it's physically exhausting to maintain higher speed (still limited to 33km/h, I only rarely manage to reach that limit!) Everything above 20km/h needs physical effort. I'm practising mainly off-road. Up hill I've trie
  7. Sounds convincing that it's just me. Thanks! I also don't think that I want Power Pads at this point in time since this really sounds like it will spoil my riding. Now, let's practice... :-)
  8. So some of you are suggesting this is just my riding technique... I'm open to that because basically all seems fine with the wheel and I only ride since exactly 1.000km (according to the app). But do you have some supporting info? What's puzzling me is: why? As said, I really think I couldn't lean forward more without falling off (been there, done that. Still hurts!). Why would one make a powerful wheel that only reveals its potential with a 3rd party add-on (Power Pads)? Why is my V8 just fine on the same hill? I once rode a "Rockwheel" which was much more powerful as my V8 and it felt e
  9. Thank you! The last line (worst) is roughly compareable to line #5, just with 24km difference in range. Any idea how come?
  10. Hi. I barely rode my V11 yet and when I did, I did it very slow. I've also limited it to 30km/h (19mph) via the app. Today I took it uphill for the first time and it is slow to a level where I'm sure there's something wrong: on a hill where my V8 would go full speed, I had to push to even get up. I couldn't lean enough forward to get enough propulsion, so I had to squeeze it with my legs and bend the knees forward to get enough lean angle. And I was sure still far away from 30km/h. Mounting was very difficult, because it didn't accelerate enough to become stabile. In the
  11. Hi, when I dis- an re-assembled my V11 for the first time I came across this issue. See the video. When tightening the red nut, the entire rod turns with it. Hence I can't fasten the whole thing decently. Not even so that the snap-ring compresses as much as it should. I could hold the rod with a pipe wrench, but either I scratch it badly when doing that, or I protect it with some cloth, then I need to apply really much pressure with the wrench to keep it from twisting. Also, the rod itself is screwed together with the part where the tread is. So even when holding the rod, the threa
  12. The headlight you need to take apart to the last screw. See the picture. Don't forget the 2 screws sitting under the Inmotion badge on the front! Ok, that one piece marked in the picture could have stayed on I think, but even this I dampened underneath to be sure. On the wheel it's not too bad: - both saddle pieces need to go off - the electronics cover needs to come off. For this you need to empty the air of the suspension, otherwise the frame will be in a position where you can't reach one particular screw on the side of the cover. - the two forward "carbon" side
  13. Exactly the same here! Just one year V8, not 2. At first the V11 is scary! Mounting is weird, because unmounted it's so high and it only goes to normal hight once you fully stand on it. In the first corners it felt like a tank. I thought I'll never master this. But thinking back it was the same when I mounted a knobby tire on my V8. Just a few kilometers and you don't notice the difference any more. The biggest and really, really bad downside is the weight!! Next to it the V8 feels like a toy. Now in winter I'm barely riding, so I'm storing the V11 in the basement. Carrying it there
  14. It's fixed!! Here is what I did: I kept knocking against the unmounted headlight and disassembled it as long as I heard a vibration. Turns out that I had to disassemble it completely to find the culprit: it was the plexi-glass part that distributes the light from one LED to that sexy ring shape. It was sitting on the bare plastic and apparently had so much play that it could vibrate against that. I took black insulating tape, folded it, so it's double thick, softer and doesn't stick. Put it in the groove where the ring sits and put everything together. Made a test ride - perfect sile
  15. I found the source of the noise! As you can see in this video, I can easily trigger the noise also without riding. Shortly before the wheel stops, there comes the noise. Now, if I hold the headlamp's glass, the noise is gone. I've tried holding everything else - no effect - it's definitely the glass. I'm now waiting for the OK from my reseller to fix this without losing warranty. Maybe he also has some instructions how to take it apart easily. I'll report here when done.
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