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    Inmotion V8 offroad

    This is not only my first EUC video, but generally my first public video ever. Hope it's still decent and you enjoy it.
  2. works now for me, thanks for the hints! Turns out it didn't upload the more colorful patterns, because I really have to place the wheel horizontally. The corresponding message wasn't quite so clear and I assumed horizontal is no valid on-state for the wheel. Strange that it doesn't upload otherwise. However, my question is answered, thanks!
  3. Hi, it's now the 2nd time that I went up a hill which costed me one battery bar and when I'm down the hill again, the bar is back. Does this thing recuperate, or is this just measuring tolerance? Does anybody know for sure?
  4. Why do you "miss" it? Is it not working at all? In your post you don't write that.
  5. Hi, hard to believe I used the search function, but haven't found any answers: - there are many pictures of the V8 with red LEDs. The specs say, they are RGB. The app also looks like there can be multiple colours. But mine is mainly a blue-ish white, sometimes violet-ish, but far away from plain red. - also the specs say it can play music via the app, but this option is sort of greyd out for me. Is this normal? To be honest, I don't really care. I don't see the protective cover going off the wheel anytime soon (so LEDs will remain invisible) and I hate people disturbing others in public with their music. However, I'm just wondering if everything is normal with my V8. Thx, reach
  6. This is genius!!!!! Works perfectly, thanks! Here is on of the videos. Spoiler: he claims it increases lifetime and corrosion-proofs it. Personally I'm not convinced. Too much effort and even risk for a very questionable result. If water or moisture gets in there, you will have a problem with or without that coating.
  7. Hi, I have seen 2 videos on youtube where a guy paints both the coils and magnets of his EUC's motor with "plastic". Both videos are in russian, so even if the guy explains why he's doing this, I wouldn't understand. Does anybody know? Maybe it makes it more silent? I understand electrics quite well, I just can't figure out why one would do such a thing. Thx, reach
  8. sorry, this thread can be deleted. I eventually found this one, which seems to answer the same issue: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/11165-strange-clonck-sound-from-my-v8/?tab=comments
  9. Hi there, I'm brand new to EUCs, have just learned to go a straight line. I crashed on the first day. It was limited to 15kph, I wasn't going Vmax and had the cover on, so IMO the crash should/could not have caused any serious issue to the wheel. Some hours later I found that, when I try to break a bit harder (for a total beginner) I noticed a very pronounced "knock" noise as well as a corresponding feeling in the pedals. I can simulate this by load cycling as in this video: https://youtu.be/lGfO2kKzqao I don't know if it was always like that, if it suddely came or if was due to the crash, but it's obviously not normal, so I took the wheel totally apart. I found absolutely nothing which could cause such a sound. After seeing how this thing is built, I would say this hard knocking noise must come from the wheel itself, (the part where the pedals are mounted), not the surrounding enclosure, but that's just an opinion. Apart from this knocking the wheel feels perfectly fine (as far as I can tell as a novice). https://ibb.co/xs5cd9F https://ibb.co/pyJG13B I did not take the motor itself apart (due to the lack of a 21mm spanner) but watching some youtube videos, it doesn't seem like there is much in there which could cause the noise. Any suggestions? Thanks! reach
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