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  1. Hard to know whether to go the MC or MTN bike full face helmet route. In California my concern is the MC helmet would be too hot. Though, as I write this, I realize I could just put my MC helmet on and see. The Steelbirds seem very well ventilated.
  2. I guess Lysol and air it out! I didn’t see the price tag..
  3. I just picked up a summer Dainese Jacket that I plan on using. I had been using elbow pads but this has shoulder and forearm armor. It’s all black so won’t be a huge standout and I think will be easier and better protection.
  4. I have been using a cheap pair of knee pads for my commute. I bought a set of Leatt Dual axis but haven’ t used them because they seemed cumbersome to wear on the train etc. I bought a pair of armored motorcycle jeans with knee and hip protection. That seemed a simpler way to go but it seems like some of the forum members think it’s not enough.
  5. I have been following Dainese’s D-air system for a while now. I was going to pull the trigger on a jacket but learned they are soon coming out with an air bag system designed to be worn under your current gear. I am planning on getting this for my MC riding but I think it will work for EUC also. Supposedly available in the USA in the next month. https://www.dainese.com/us/en/smart-jacket.html
  6. Ok, so I’ve threads on helmets, gloves, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and all manner of armored clothing. What about shoes? As I ride more, I am getting foot fatigue. What are people’s preferred foot gear? I have been typically using flat bitten Puma’s or similar shoes since they seem to be grippy. A few times I’ve ridden in dress shoes due to work and that was better than expected.
  7. I cycle also and there is definitely a sub group that acts like the cyclists around them are competitors. What could you possibly be cheating at?
  8. I am pretty new to this but will relate my San Francisco commuting experience with the INMOTION V8. It’s not light (30 lbs) but not too heavy to carry up and down stairs. It thin enough to not be a problem on SRO trains (I just hold it between my legs). I have been happy with it’s performance but don’t have a comparison. I personally, would not want anything heavier for commuting.
  9. I’ve just started trying to ride with my right foot alone. Mostly, to get smoother, faster starts. So far I have limited success by leaning left and using my lower leg to keep the wheel from tilting right. I don’t think I can do this with any amount of speed though. I’ve seen some videos where they recommended “shuffling “ to move you feet around. That caused a lot of wobble!
  10. Got the same email and had the same confusion. Made me wonder what the market for these machines is? Maybe more people have them than I realize.
  11. Thanks Lioku! Seems like it’s me. I’ll try pressing more. I was carving as you suggested but I’ll try wider sweeps.
  12. Still very new to this (2 weeks on street). I live in San Francisco so dealing with hills important. Today went out to practice taking off from a stop and climbing hills. Battery was at 80%. While going up a steep the wheel seemed to not have enough power. It didn’t freeze but slowly came to a stop. Forum members have told me it’s a relatively underpowered wheel for 5’10” 180lb self. I’m not sure if I wasn’t riding correctly or if it not strong enough. If it’s the wheel, I may have to upgrade sooner than I thought - there are a lot of hills around here.
  13. I’m 53, so also one of the older riders. Once I got to the point where I felt I could control the wheel, I took onto the streets. I’ve been riding slowly so that I have a cushion if something goes wrong. The variety and having to deal with unexpected situations is making me a better rider and better able to understand the limitations of the wheel and myself. My big problem right now is taking off from a stop to an uphill road. I live in San Francisco so this is common. Great fun though!
  14. I have a weekly meeting 2 miles away from my office. In the past I have typically taken an Uber. Today I used the V8 and got there 15 minutes faster than usual. Unfortunately, while riding there in a bike lane a car swerved in front of me to snag a space. Instead of stopping or swerving around (both of which I have practiced ), I panicked and bailed. Landed on my feet and everything was fine. However, between that, and the “unexpected bump overpowering the machine “ statement, I wound up riding the sidewalk at 9 miles an hour! Really it was more difficult than the bike lane would have been - a lot more bumps and holes. Regardless, back on tomorrow!
  15. All good points. When I got the V8 , I didn’t realize it was relatively underpowered. I’ve dumped it a bunch of times but as was said, I have been able to run it off pretty easily. I am Ok with wrist guards, a light MC jacket and knee guards. A full face helmet though seems like it would start taking the fun out of it.
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