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  1. I agree it a great helmet. Not strapping though, could greatly decrease its safety.
  2. Kudos to these gloves. Been using them for daily commute for two months. Comfortable and seems like good protection - haven’t fallen on them though.
  3. Been using it on my commute. Very light and comfortable and great visibility. The only negative is it’s more cumbersome than a regular bicycle helmet on the train.
  4. I got the TSG pass and am happy with it but not using it on my commute which involves some time on the train. Dealing with a full face while negotiating stairs. Turnstiles, and strap hanging commuters seems too much. However, most of my riding is my commute so that’s probably where I’ll spill. Still sorting it out. Maybe a helmet bag, I can clip to my backpack when I get on the train.
  5. My challenge now is smooth takeoff. I have been leaning my dominant leg in to start off on one foot but then than leads to wobble and need into readjust feet later. Will try twisting leg instead.
  6. Just purchased a pair. The sizing is confusing. The diagram shows and area to measure your hand but there is no conversion from that number to M or L. I wound up purchasing L as that was the only size left and I have been a large in every other glove I have purchased from other manufactures. Great idea. I hope it fits!
  7. I am pretty new to this but it does seem your feet get tougher. I used to have pain with a 1 mile commute. Yesterday did 10 miles with no problems. Usually, I just use flat leather sneakers. I do use superfeet insoles.
  8. Still new. About 100 miles on my V8. I am finding that I have to inflate the tire at least weekly to maintain the 40 lbs of pressure. I have been over-inflating it a bit to compensate and avoid have to inflate so often. Is this typical for the wheel? Nothing horrid but a little annoying and the ride feel deteriorates as the pressure decreases
  9. The LED side lights are supposed to be adjustable via the app but whenever I try to change the default it doesn’t happen.
  10. Just ordered the same helmet from a US skateboard shop. Looking forward to using it. Not DOT certified but I decided light weight was more important at the speeds I am going. Probably overkill for me but all the talk of face planting on this forum has gotten me a bit paranoid.
  11. Hard to know whether to go the MC or MTN bike full face helmet route. In California my concern is the MC helmet would be too hot. Though, as I write this, I realize I could just put my MC helmet on and see. The Steelbirds seem very well ventilated.
  12. I guess Lysol and air it out! I didn’t see the price tag..
  13. I just picked up a summer Dainese Jacket that I plan on using. I had been using elbow pads but this has shoulder and forearm armor. It’s all black so won’t be a huge standout and I think will be easier and better protection.
  14. I have been using a cheap pair of knee pads for my commute. I bought a set of Leatt Dual axis but haven’ t used them because they seemed cumbersome to wear on the train etc. I bought a pair of armored motorcycle jeans with knee and hip protection. That seemed a simpler way to go but it seems like some of the forum members think it’s not enough.
  15. I have been following Dainese’s D-air system for a while now. I was going to pull the trigger on a jacket but learned they are soon coming out with an air bag system designed to be worn under your current gear. I am planning on getting this for my MC riding but I think it will work for EUC also. Supposedly available in the USA in the next month. https://www.dainese.com/us/en/smart-jacket.html
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