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N00b13 1st EUC advice after reading/watching hours of EUC articles/videos)


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Hi all!

*first post!*

I've decided to take the plunge and buy an EUC after years of wondering what it would be like.

I'm an experienced cyclist/snowboarder (so have good balance) but have never tried an EUC yet. I'm aware the physics will be totally different from both!

The plan is to buy a decent one for getting around my (very hilly) UK hometown without buying a 'learner' wheel first which might die quickly on bigger hills. I was looking at OneWheel but they're too pricey for the XR which tops out at 19mph. Then I looked at the Gotway Mten3 but that looks a little small for serious miles.. Now I'm looking at a Tesla 2 or MSX v3 as potentially the best options. I looked at Kingsong but really didn't like the look aesthetically.   

I like speed, so was planning on buying a fast wheel then using it on restricted /easy modes until I'm confident enough to speed up. I'd like a top speed of 30mph+ ideally. The Monster looks a bit big for me if I'm honest! 

My question is - given my caveats (above) are there any other wheels I should be looking at apart from the Tesla 2/MSX v3, and also where is the cheapest place in the UK to find/import one? I'm considering either speedywheels or ordering straight from AliExpress. Anyone got any experience with these? I can see places on AliExpress that ship from Spain. Is this a viable option?

Thanks all



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If you want 30+ mph then it has to be a Gotway.  I’d go with a 100V Nikola if you have the dollars, otherwise an 84V.  I’m a skier, snowboarder, cyclist and surfer and I’m sure you’ll be addicted as much as me.  Buy as much of a wheel as you can and thank me later.


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13 hours ago, Dzlchef said:

Buy as much of a wheel as you can and thank me later.

Good advice!

The Nikola is like the MSXes little but better brother (not that the MSX isn't great, too, and can be had at nice prices - I'd go for the 84V 1600Wh for the range). 100V 1845Wh Nikola if you can, but 84V isn't bad either.

Speedy Feet is very reputable but the prices are high and he only has the 84V Nikola. Don't know of any other Euro sellers who have the 100V yet, but you can look and see what it costs. Usually for a first time buyer I'd recommend a local seller with support and better warranty, but in this case it looks like Ali makes the most sense. Be aware Ali sellers can also have good support, but it often needs some prying and you'll only get parts to replace yourself (and in more complicated cases where it's not simply a new board you may be left stranded). But repairs (if even necessary) are doable.

The Spain shippers are definitely a viable option, many Ali sellers have Euro warehouses of some kind. It might cost a bit more though than waiting for a China shipment. Depends on the details.

Don't forget about the right protective gear for such a fast wheel (wrist guards, knee guards, full face helmet at least).

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The only uk seller we have (thats any good - so forget about Fat Llama etc) is Speedy.

Ali/Gearbest has been my friend in the uk, but warranty is virtually non existent.

You pays yer money...

Or...Ebay uk has been showing listings from what I believe are Dutch vendors. Bit pricier than Ali etc but still a fair bit cheaper than Speedy. Again, the warranty could be pretty poo but at least you have the protection of Ebay/Paypal.

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