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  1. It's weird and tricky to describe. I didn't think I noticed walking massively 'toes-out' before riding EUC but afterwards the only way I can describe the feeling was it felt like I'd been unnaturally rotating my legs/feet inwards, pointing/holding my toes in that position for a long time. It felt like my legs (at the hip specifically) were now rotated inwards a bit and wanted to point inwards, which I guessed was at war with my usual gait/walk. I could be totally wrong in my guesses. It could well be muscles I've not used activating, suddenly being stressed, spasming and causing havoc elsewhere (like with 'referred' pain) I'm just curious to hear others who have had walking weirdnesses and posture problems/gait changes after starting EUCs to see if there's a 'tennis elbow' for EUC riders
  2. Thanks for your input man! Yeah I'm slowly getting used to relaxing as it's always best in all extreme activities (I ride mtbs since 15, road bike 7 yrs and snowboard 15 years. I'm 40 now) Even when an unexpected hazard happens I try to handle it as calmly (and quickly) as possible without freaking out and freezing up but it's super-difficult on the euc. Getting there slowly but I'm acutely aware of what can happen if you over-estimate your ability from crashing bikes/boards many, many times. I've only decked it and injured myself (bruises) twice since starting 3 weeks ago and both times in high winds/rain which isn't terrible. I can ride fine forwards but not mount elegantly without a wall/rail. Not gonna worry too much about the weirdness in my legs unless it gets worse but I think riding has made me aware of a kink in my spine my doc told me I had (but never noticed) as I don't ever feel I'm fully facing forwards when I'm going dead straight, which is odd! Relaxing is tricky. I got in a weird shaking/wobbling feedback loop the other night where if I hit the slightest bump my legs would shake almost uncontrollably and I'd have to stop or I'd crash. Was fine later but very odd and messed with my confidence, which is absolutely key to riding EUC properly without crashing - more than bikes or boards. If I'm not confident of my (limited) abilities then I feel out of control, go out of control and lose it. It's great mind training. Tyres on the Tesla seem pretty good. Grippy AF in wet/dry so far but I've not pushed it like a pro might. Did lust after the Z10 initially (mainly because of the fat tyre) but it seems too 'safe' for me as it doesn't lean left/right which would freak me out. I'm happy with the Tesla v2 but I'm also aware it's not a toy/beginner wheel and doesn't deal with bumps as well as others. Any tyres you can recommend specifically? Mine is a generic Cheng Shin 16x 2.125 Re: power spikes: I'm not pushing my wheel to limits power-wise. As soon as it beeps I back off/get off, always. I ride it down to 20% before recharging and use a trickle charger to help with battery life/conditioning. Trying to take care of it as best I can. Hitting bumps with straight legs scares the crap out of me if it's significant! That's what started the weird wobble thing..
  3. Hi All, I've been riding for about 3 weeks most nights now and I'm noticing my legs/hips feel weird. I think I'm naturally toes-outwards when I walk and riding my EUC forces me to bring them together more pointing forwards. I'm finding walking feels odd after riding, - I walk slower and sometimes it's more difficult. When I walk my toes seem to want to toe-in more as well. I think I'm either straining muscles in my groin or just using muscles I don't normally use during exercise (I'm a cyclist) while I ride. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it a common thing and does it just take getting used to?
  4. Thanks both! Just kinda looking to hear as much advice as this forum can provide on this so fire away if anyone has any tips/tricks or decent UK sellers for the wheels I'm looking at (MSX/Tesla)
  5. Hi all! *first post!* I've decided to take the plunge and buy an EUC after years of wondering what it would be like. I'm an experienced cyclist/snowboarder (so have good balance) but have never tried an EUC yet. I'm aware the physics will be totally different from both! The plan is to buy a decent one for getting around my (very hilly) UK hometown without buying a 'learner' wheel first which might die quickly on bigger hills. I was looking at OneWheel but they're too pricey for the XR which tops out at 19mph. Then I looked at the Gotway Mten3 but that looks a little small for serious miles.. Now I'm looking at a Tesla 2 or MSX v3 as potentially the best options. I looked at Kingsong but really didn't like the look aesthetically. I like speed, so was planning on buying a fast wheel then using it on restricted /easy modes until I'm confident enough to speed up. I'd like a top speed of 30mph+ ideally. The Monster looks a bit big for me if I'm honest! My question is - given my caveats (above) are there any other wheels I should be looking at apart from the Tesla 2/MSX v3, and also where is the cheapest place in the UK to find/import one? I'm considering either speedywheels or ordering straight from AliExpress. Anyone got any experience with these? I can see places on AliExpress that ship from Spain. Is this a viable option? Thanks all Sam
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