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is it possible the "P" battery for "E+"?


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Hello from Barcelona!
from the last week of August I own my first EUC, a 9bot One E+.
It is a wonder!! I love climbing hills in my neighborhood ... Now, the new P model has a larger battery.
I don't know if there is an open forum with this issue, but I would like to know if the E + model has the same motherboard that the new model P, to acquire new battery that has the new version of Ninebot One.
If you have information, I appreciate the answer.

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There isn't that much difference between E+ and P battery capacities (320Wh vs. 360Wh). 1Rad Werkstatt builds plug & play -type 388Wh custom packs for Ninebots, 

Thanks for your previous post about these guys. I've contacted them and they also provide 828Wh batteries for the KS 800... Which I may eventually get. Either way it's good to know guys who make quality custom batteries. Useful for when battery technology improves and I eventually want to upgrade my existing wheels' tech.

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